Jigsaw.com VIP Rainmaker program details


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What is this VIP Rainmaker program all about? What is all the buzz and excitement about earning Rainmaker status? Learn just what this means and why you’ll want to join this exclusive club.

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Jigsaw.com VIP Rainmaker program details

  1. 1. What is this Rainmaker program all about?
  2. 2. Meet the Community Engagement TeamJigsawGal JS_Community
  3. 3. Who are Rainmakers?
  4. 4. •! Jigsaw.com’s most active members•! Most elite member tier on Jigsaw.com•! Very small % of all members•! Jigsaw.com is their #1 tool•! Sales & Marketing professionals•! Excited & passionate about Jigsaw.com
  5. 5. Add & update to earn Rainmaker status! 500+ Rated Data Contributions! Add contacts that are purchased within 30 days! Update contacts! Add & update companies!!!!
  6. 6. We take the Rainmaker program very seriously andconsider Rainmakers part of our Data.com family
  7. 7. What it means to be a Rainmaker Special site features xxx Add & update to become a Rainmaker
  8. 8. Just for Rainmakers!!
  9. 9. What it means to be a Rainmaker Special site features Contests xxx xx Add & update to become a Rainmaker
  10. 10. Rainmaker-only promotions Win big prizes for doing what you do best
  11. 11. What it means to be a Rainmaker All expense paid conferences & Special site features Contests events xxx xx Add & update to become a Rainmaker
  12. 12. Top contributors receive all expense paid trip to annualRainmaker conference in Las Vegas!!3rd Annual Rainmaker event coming in June, 2012.Will you be on that invite list?
  13. 13. VIP Rainmaker Roadshows = Mini Rainmaker Events Our mission •! Travel all over the country to meet Rainmakers in person •! Expose you to product changes on Data.com •! Gather your feedback •! Rainmaker program awareness •! Enjoy a wonderful free dinner together ! ! !
  14. 14. Let us know where you live and we’ll let you know London when we’re coming to your city Sept 13 2nd annual Boston Rainmaker event – Jan 27 1st annual Las Vegas Rainmaker event – May, 2011 San Francisco October, 2010 Philly April 5 ChicagoOrange Denver Sept 20County New YorkOct 13 Nov 9 April 6 New York Dec 1 Anaheim Jan 25 Miami Atlanta Oct 6 June 23http://jigsawrainmakers.com/rainmaker-roadshow-location-survey/
  15. 15. See for yourself how much fun we have! Click Next to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHWoCiPIfwM
  16. 16. More ways to get involved?
  17. 17. Data Contributions – Keep doing what you do best! Add Contacts UpdateContacts
  18. 18. Share your expertise in The CornerDiscuss Share Learn Ideas The Corner •! Idea Exchange •! Support Center •! All Things Sales •! Data Zone ! ! !
  19. 19. Share your product suggestions in the Idea Exchange 35 New features from member ideas! Ideas Search by zip code & area code Search by email address More saved searches Preferred sort order in ‘My Contacts’ Improved update contact ow for existing contacts Bad email advance warning when adding contacts
  20. 20. O er peer-to-peer support in the Support Center
  21. 21. Share best practices in the All Things Sales forum
  22. 22. Talk to us in the various Data.com social channels Like Share Re-tweet Tweet LinkedIn
  23. 23. Host a sponsored Data.com user group in your city Section Divider Page - 2 •! Collaborate and connect •! Network and share ideas •! Rally together to champion an idea •! Mentor future Rainmakers
  24. 24. Become a Data Defender •! Data Quality Protector program •! Lock members compromising data quality •! Clean records •! Special account plan to support your e orts •! 47 Data Defenders •! 900+ Locked Accounts ! ! ! !
  25. 25. Be a Data.com Hero! “Data.com helps me sell more”
  26. 26. Data.com Advocate Share success story Represent Share photo Data.com Public Referrals Relations
  27. 27. Participate in Three or More and become an MVP! Data Evangelist The Corner MVP Criteria User Social Group Media Data Defender
  28. 28. Data.com MVP Program recognizes and rewardsexceptional individuals for their leadership,knowledge and ongoing contributions within theData.com community.
  29. 29. MVP Bene ts•!Paid trips to Rainmaker events/exclusive MVPgatherings•!Highlighted achievements at The Corner and atRainmaker Events•!An accolade for your resume and Jigsaw.com pro le•!Elevated status internally – access to teams•!MVP swag to represent your new status in style http://jigsawrainmakers.com/jigsawmvp/
  30. 30. Data.com MVP Inaugural Class 2011Will you be inducted in the next MVP class in 2012?
  31. 31. Calling all Mavens!Add & Update to become a Rainmaker
  32. 32. Keep your nger on the pulse with what we are up to and where we are going next
  33. 33. Check jigsawrainmakers.com for more program info http://jigsawrainmakers.com/
  34. 34. Upcoming VIP Rainmaker Roadshows http://jigsawrainmakers.com/roadshow-schedule/ New York City | December 1st Dinner, Drinks & Discussions With the Data.com team Dos Caminos on Park 373 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10016RSVP today: http://jigsawrainmakers.com/newyorkcity/
  35. 35. 3rd Annual Rainmaker Event – Viva Las VegasTop data contributors will be invited to receive afull paid trip to Vegas in June, 2012!
  36. 36. Stay plugged in with your monthly Insider newsletter
  37. 37. Follow us. Like us. Talk to us. facebook.com/datadotcom @datadotcom community.jigsaw.com
  38. 38. Additional events & webinars you may be interested inhttp://about.jigsaw.com/press/events-and-conferences.html
  39. 39. Questions?Don’t hesitate to contact us Tweet @datadotcom Hashtag #jigsawvip jennyb@salesforce.com kyeigh@salesforce.com