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5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter
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5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter


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Internet of things is more than a buzzword. It has the potential to change everything about the way we do modern marketing.

Internet of things is more than a buzzword. It has the potential to change everything about the way we do modern marketing.

Published in: Technology

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  • 2. The internet of things (IoT) may sound like a buzzword, but in reality...
  • 3. It’s a technological revolution that will impact everything we do.
  • 4. It’s a wave of new possibilities that is destined to change the face of technology as we know it.
  • 5. what exactly is it? so...
  • 6. IoT is THE GLUE between techonolgies using wireless communication
  • 7. And not just smartphones and computers… IoT refers to everyday devices that are able to automatically exchange information over a network.
  • 8. cars, refrigerators, cattle, etc WE’RE TALKING
  • 9. You can outsource tasks like having your sprinklers check local weather before turning on or locking your doors with your tablet.
  • 10. marketing? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH
  • 11. IoT lets you easily exchange one of the most valuable commodities in any business… 1
  • 12. ...sales data!
  • 13. Connected devices can collect data and supply it back to you in real time, without the need for humans to direct and monitor the interaction.
  • 14. This allows you to create informed marketing strategies and improve ROI on future sales.
  • 15. provide useful feedback instantaneously. AND YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BE ABLE TO
  • 16. So you’ll know quickly if a product isn’t living up to expectations or if adjustments need to be made.
  • 17. instantly analyze your customers. IoT WILL WORK WITH YOUR CRM TO 2
  • 18. We’re not talking just collecting and organizing customer data...
  • 19. We’re talking data analysis with actionable results regarding your consumer base!
  • 20. You can quickly understand where your client is in the buying journey…
  • 21. ...So you can make every second count towards nurturing them and closing the deal.
  • 22. know when they’re dying. DEVICES AND PRODUCTS 3
  • 23. Smart devices perform their own diagnostics.
  • 24. This means you’ll always know when it’s time for a repair or replacement well before it’s needed.
  • 25. Smart-enabled devices could even place orders for replacement parts or refills themselves.
  • 26. your social media as well. YOU CAN COMPLETELY AUTOMATE 4
  • 27. When Facebook and Twitter first hit the scene several years ago, most marketers were less-than convinced that these new“social media”sites would be worth targeting.
  • 28. Well, we all know how that turned out…
  • 29. To date, 74% of brand marketers report a noticeable increase in traffic after investing just 6 hours a week in social media marketing efforts. 20,000 40,000 20,000 40,000 10,00010,000 VISITS
  • 30. The IoT is already optimized for use with social media.
  • 31. are regularly generated by devices themselves. AUTOMATED POSTS AND RESHARES
  • 32. Next, new online communities will be developed that center around users of particular devices.
  • 33. IoT devices, when coupled with social media, will allow marketers to identify and take advantage of new emerging trends.
  • 34. In 2014, the impact of connected smart devices will add $1.9 trillion to the global economy, $ $ $ $ $ and disrupt every aspect of business. - Gartner
  • 35. (click through rate) IMAGINE A 100% CTR 5
  • 36. All these factors point to one final goal…
  • 37. Smarter, more relevant marketing!
  • 38. Objects are now being fitted with sensors and given constant network accessibility.
  • 39. This is changing the face of advertising for both marketers and consumers.
  • 40. will no longer rely on… MARKETERS
  • 41. ...banner ads or pop-ups...
  • 42. ...based on a cookie from a website someone visited on Tuesday.
  • 43. most IoT devices won’t even be able to process or display such crude ploys. AFTER ALL,
  • 44. The age of interruptive, irrelevant ads will finally come to the end.
  • 45. AND IN IT’S PLACE...
  • 46. ...A whole new world where advertising is beneficial and 100% relevant!
  • 47. Advertising that aligns with interests, behaviors, and IoT devices they already own.
  • 49. Imagine a light bulb is dying in your“smart”home.
  • 50. note of the need for a replacement… THE HOME COULD NOT ONLY MAKE A
  • 51. It could also send you a coupon for a new bulb on your phone.
  • 53. … If it could tell you how many hours the bulb had left before burning out.
  • 54. This type of marketing would reach the consumers when it matters most.
  • 55. And it would save marketers from wasting thousands of dollars on irrelevant advertising.
  • 56. Marketers would need to have a detailed understanding of their consumers in order to take advantage of the new opportunities being made available.
  • 57. But those who are able to make the transition will find that the IoT allows them the opportunity to stop being marketers…
  • 58. …And to finally start being valuable business resources!
  • 59. the Internet of Things isn’t going anywhere IN CONCLUSION
  • 60. There is expected to be 75 billion connected devices by 2020.
  • 61. becoming smarter WITH BILLIONS OF THINGS
  • 62. ...Don’t let your marketing strategy fall behind.
  • 63. Think about how you currently interact with your products and apps.
  • 64. Start thinking about how your marketing can leverage smart devices.
  • 65. gives a new meaning to the old adage... THINK ABOUT HOW THE IoT
  • 66. not harder. WORK SMARTER.
  • 67. Download the e-book to see 100 ways Salesforce users run their business from their phone. Get the e-book ›