How to Set Up Your Small Business Social Profiles


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Around 73% of adults use social networking sites, and they spend 27% of all their time online on these networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are where today's consumers are hanging out. This social group includes many of your customers and prospects, meaning your business simply can't afford to skip having a social presence. If you already have active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and more, consider these tips as potential suggestions for updating your existing social media marketing strategy.

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How to Set Up Your Small Business Social Profiles

  2. 2. Around 73% of adults online use social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more are where today’s consumers are hanging out. Your business simply can’t afford to skip having a social presence. they spend 27% of all their time online on these networks 27%73%
  3. 3. Keep reading for five tips for setting up your business profiles. If you already have active accounts, consider the following as advice for potential tweaks. Choose Your Goals Know Your Audience Choose Your Platforms Choose Your Handles Choose Your Posts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  4. 4. A great way to begin is to decide what your business goals are in the first place. Make them SMART: Choose Your Goals specific measurable achievable realistic timed S M A R T
  5. 5. Identify your audience so you can talk to them in the best way. they are likely very similar to your current customers. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Here’s a tip:
  6. 6. Don’t put all your effort into Facebook if most of your audience uses another platform, like LinkedIn. CHoose your platforms
  7. 7. CHoose your HANDLES Do your best to get the same username on all social media networks you intend to use. Plug possibilities into a free tool such as to see what is available.
  8. 8. CHoose your pOSTS Build trust with your community by showing empathy and interest in them. Be a helpful resource. Don’t just talk about yourself. And keep posts short. Here’s a tip:
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