How to Derive Insight from Your Social Media Data


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How to Derive Insight from Your Social Media Data

  1. 1. Marketing CloudHow to Derive Insight from your Social Media Data
  2. 2. Kraft Brand Buzz Challenge!Tweet the correct rank order to #dfinsight J, O, E, LTweet the letters in the right order "e.g. JOEL #dfinsight
  3. 3. How to Derive Insight from your Social Media Data Tom Webster Jolanta Oliver Neil Crist VP, Strategy Assoc Dir Consumer Relations, Founder, Venuelabs Edison Research Kraft Foods @neilcrist @webby2001 @jolantaoliver
  4. 4. Does anyone tweet about brands besides people who work inmarketing, advertising, PR or Social Media?
  5. 5. Big Data is seductive.
  6. 6. Pre-Iowa
  7. 7. How many of you tweeted about the ads?
  8. 8. What is the number one beer in America?
  9. 9. Three Questions:1. Who are you “sampling?”2. Who aren’t you sampling?3. Where are your customers?
  10. 10. Jolanta OliverKraft Foods
  11. 11. Who uses data @Kraft?Consumer Relations Insights Marketing / Agency Analytics Listening / Product Platform Predictive Monitoring Development Management Analytics Customer Survey Planning & Measure Target Satisfaction Research Targeting Response Issue Customer Deep Engagement Brand Management Dives engagement Workflow Customer Consumer Link to Offline Routing Journey / Map Profiling Sales Competitor Campaign 360° Consumer Intelligence Management Database
  12. 12. Key Metrics Volumetric Consumer Behaviour Consumer AttitudesPosts – ‘Buzz’ CATEGORY BEHAVIORS Sentiment / PassionShare of Voice Usage Frequency EngagementLikes / Fans Form / Flavors InfluenceReach Brands Intent to buyDemographics Occasions Attitudinal SegmentationsGeo-location LIFE BEHAVIORS Hobbies & Interests Employment Entertainment
  13. 13. How we Calibrate Call Center Social Data Quantitative Research Qualitative Research
  14. 14. Campaign Analysis: Reaching the Target Before During 834% change for U35s
  15. 15. 35
  16. 16. Neil CristVenueLabs
  17. 17. Consumer content with geo-location
  18. 18. Consumer content with geo-location• Mobile consumers leaving 4.1 billion activities & messages monthly. •  XX% are at a place of business •  ~5% have photos •  ~20% have distinct sentiment/mood (+/-)• Geo tagged content will surpass non-geo consumer content in the next 24 months.
  19. 19. Cross Signal Calibration is Critical •  Consumer channels >50 per location •  Difficult to anticipate which channels are most active •  True understanding comes through holistic listening across channels •  Profiles are created by consumers •  Traditional social media tools do not surface this content
  20. 20. Location-based is Powerful “Last Mile” of Context “What are my customers saying at the point of purchase?“ “Which of my locations produce the best customer experience?“ “Where can I best invest marketing dollars and reach the right audiences?” “What new channels are my customers engaging with by brand on?” “When our reputation is in trouble, how can I identify the source issue?”
  21. 21. Case Study: Local Marketing ROI250 Location QSR Identifies New Marketing Opportunities “With local listening and •  Franchise Brand, 250 Locations measurement, we found one •  Execute National Campaigns with franchise owner that was seeing local execution by franchisees 4x return on campaigns.” •  Local measurement insures marketing compliance and provide - Steve S., Director of Marketing understanding local ROI •  Found 1 metro area with 4x the return on campaign •  Analyzed and found they did not follow campaign program, but produced a better experience.
  22. 22. Case Study: Staffing, Customer Experience, RevenueNational Convenience Store Operator Identifies Staff Training Issues “We found that staff were not •  Over 900 locations being properly trained, and it •  Found repeated patterns of improper was costing us significant cleaning of pumps revenue every day.” •  Discovered patterns of blocking customer purchases - John J., Regional Manager, West Stores •  Identified facility cleanliness and safety issues •  Identified staff and managers that needed to be let go.
  23. 23. Case Study: Measuring Daily DealsLearned the Short-term and Long-term Impacts of Daily Deals •  90 Locations in 7 states, 3 countries •  Ran Groupon for all locations “There is more to the daily deal •  Sold out, high positive buzz than the day of the deal. We •  On fulfillment, found local customer followed customer sentiment at sentiment issues following 3-4 weeks our stores for weeks after to •  Identified trouble stores, customer discover what customers really miscommunications thought.” •  Net impact to sentiment was more negative long term - Julie T , VP of Marketing and Operations
  24. 24. Tom Webster Jolanta Oliver Neil CristFounder, Edison Research Assoc Dir Consumer Relations, Founder, Venuelabs @webby2001 Kraft Foods @neilcrist @jolantaoliver
  25. 25. Kraft Brand Buzz Challenge!Tweet the correct rank order to #dfinsight J, O, E, L Tweet the letters in the right order " e.g. JOEL #dfinsight
  26. 26. Marketing Cloud Product KeynoteTurn Insight into Action with the Salesforce Marketing CloudWhere: Moscone Center South Main Keynote RoomWhen: Thursday September 20th 1:30 to 2:30 PMCustomer Speakers: David Fischer Babs Rangaiah Scott Monty VP, Advertising VP, Global Media Head of Social Media Innovation
  27. 27. Win A 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid! 1. Attend Marketing Cloud Keynote Thursday 1:30 PM for entry form. 2. Redeem in the Campground by 3:30 PM on Thursday. 3. Get an #awesome Marketing Cloud tee-shirt! 4. Winners announced Thursday at 3:45 PM! Need not be present to win. Image for illustrative purposes only
  28. 28. Learn more at
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