Chatter Deployment Strategies


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Looking for Chatter deployment best practices? Great—You're in the right place. Join us as we discuss the most effective strategies for rolling out Chatter, highlight customer deployment success stories, and help you avoid common pitfalls. In short, in just 60 minutes this session will ultimately ensure that your Chatter roll out is wildly successful.

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Chatter Deployment Strategies

  1. 1. Chatter Deployment Strategies Administrator TrackAndi King, salesforce.comJan Milden, HoneywellShaun Baker, BMC SoftwareMatt OConnor,
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  4. 4. Andi KingCustomer Success Manager
  5. 5. Session Objectives  Identify key implementation steps for a successful Chatter deployment  Discover unique strategies used by other customers  Identify common challenges and ways to avoid them
  6. 6. “If you build it, they will come”
  7. 7. Key Implementation StepsPlanning Your Chatter Deployment • Define the business problem / opportunities to address1. Use Case Identification • Consider the current landscape when defining use cases • Identify the necessary roles / responsibilities2. Define the Team • Team members should include project roles and ongoing support • Communication planning, sponsor and evangelist engagement3. Change Management • Define user guidelines – dos and don’ts • Determine the approach and media4. Training • Focus on the ‘why’ more than ‘how’, the technology is relatively simple • Develop adoption campaigns and ongoing communications5. Adoption Planning • Adoption requires ongoing nurturing that should be planned for • Define the approach for supporting users and moderating use6. Support / Moderation • Support effort will vary based on number and savvy-ness of users
  8. 8. Jan Milden Senior ManagerIT Business Process Enablement Honeywell
  9. 9. All About Honeywell Company Overview • Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies for areas such as safety, security and energy • 122,000 employees worldwide • Composed of four SBGs: Aerospace, ACS, Transportation and Specialty Materials Salesforce Implementation highlights for SM • SM: 1,300 SFDC Users, Enterprise license • Deployed Chatter Beta in May 2010 • Just completed a major project to convert a key SBU to Salesforce from a legacy CRM system (800 users)
  10. 10. Shaun BakerIT Senior Manager BMC Software
  11. 11. All About BMC Software Company Overview • BMC Software, Based in Houston, TX • $2.07bn/yr Revenue, ~8500 employees • Global Footprint • Development Centers in Houston, Boston, Israel, Pune, San Jose • Global Sales Offices • Large work-at-home Population • Major Datacenters in Pune, Phoenix, Houston salesforce Implementation highlights • 1933 Unlimited Edition Users • 6727 Chatter-Free Users • Salesforce roll-out started 1/27/09 • Chatter roll-out started 3/15/11
  12. 12. Inside BMC Software
  13. 13. Matt OConnorDirector, Collaboration and Social Media
  14. 14. All About Company Overview • 5,300 employees, HQ in San Francisco, CA • Revenue: $1.7 billion • CEO: Marc Benioff Salesforce Implementation highlights • Enterprise wide deployment to > 5,000+ global employees • Almost all major business processes are automated: Sales, Support, Marketing, etc. • Greater than 25% of users contribute daily • Chatter User Influence actively measured and recognized • More than 6,000 groups • Live for 18+ months
  15. 15. Questions & Answers Andi King Customer Success Manager Jan Milden Sr Manager , IT Business Process Enablement Shaun Baker IT Senior Manager Matt OConnor Director, Collaboration and Social Media
  16. 16. Remember, the experts said:  “If you build it, they will come…” DOES NOT WORK. People need a compelling reason to adopt yet another tool.  Leadership by example has been the most effective adoption strategy for Honeywell SM.  Determine what you want Chatter to do for your organization and build a consistent message around that theme.  IT can’t do it all. Engage organizational core- competencies to achieve success.
  17. 17. Chatter Deployment StrategiesAndi King, salesforce.comJan Milden, HoneywellShaun Baker, BMC SoftwareMatt OConnor,
  18. 18. How Could Dreamforce Be Even Better? Tell Us! Every session survey you submit is a chance to win an iPad 2! Watch your inbox at the end of each day for an email from our survey partner, Alliance Tech. Click on the personalized link to be directed to the survey page for the sessions you attended.