2014 are you too nice to close the deal

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  • 1. /ConnectMembers @ConnectMembers Visit Sign up for free today and get a contact!
  • 2. Are you too nice to close the deal? by Connie Kadansky, MA, PCC Helping salespeople get their “ask” in gear!
  • 3. 70%
  • 4. Mindset Process Skills
  • 5. Current Reality Desired Result Point A Point B
  • 6. Superficial Details Facts Opinions Feelings Insights Meaning
  • 7. Mental response to a perceived threat.
  • 8. Yielder Call Reluctance
  • 9. Account Manager Vs. Account Developer
  • 10. Leave appointments without getting firm commitment from the prospect for the next step. Have unanswered questions they are afraid to ask. String out closing the sale.
  • 11. Expectation Belief/Mindset Think Feel Do
  • 12. They’ll be upset that I interrupted them. I hate this.
  • 13. If I’m too pushy, they will not take my phone call.
  • 14. Awareness
  • 15. Assessment Not assertive in making recommendations or asking for the business. No response to “let me think it over” Engages in excessive amounts of visiting or chit-chat
  • 16. Goes off on irrelevant, ‘rapport- building’ and time-consuming tangents. Appears excessively friendly or folksy so as not to sound push or close-oriented Does not take control of the call Does not have pattern interrupts planned out when they are prospecting.
  • 17. Admission
  • 18. Inner Dialogue Change I am frustrated because I am not meeting my goals. CHANGE TO: I am experiencing frustration in this moment, however, frustration is NOT who I am.
  • 19. I am afraid to ask for the sale. CHANGE TO: I am experiencing fear when it comes to asking for the sale. However, fear is not who I am.
  • 20. 1. Answer this ?: What is your current mindset about your ability to close business? Is it serving you or not serving you? What can you do to learn about creating a more open/learner mindset? What is your process? If you don’t have one or are not following one, I beg you to do something about Summary
  • 21. 3. Admit to yourself and your manager/trainer where you are yielding in your prospecting activity and your selling activity? Role-play those specific areas. 4. Monitor your inner dialogue of what you are saying after the words “I am” – if the words are negative – shift to “I am experiencing…”
  • 22. 5. Do the power stance with hands on hips 60 seconds a day.
  • 23. 6. Consultation $197 to take the assessment, personal consult with me and one of the world’s best selling business books:
  • 24. ConnectCon 2014 Las Vegas: The Inner Game of Business: Why Optimists Do Not Fail
  • 25. Questions?
  • 26. Connie Kadansky 602-997-1101