Cloudforce Sydney 2012 - Developing Brand Insights - masterclass


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Carl McLean of OMD (an integrated Communications Agency) presents on Developing Brand Insights using OMD Antenna that leverages the data captured by Radian6.

This was presented during a Masterclass Session held in

the Social Media Lounge at Cloudforce Sydney 2012

( ).
For more info about the Social Media Lounge -->

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Cloudforce Sydney 2012 - Developing Brand Insights - masterclass

  1. 1. INSIGHTS • IDEAS • RESULTS OMD Antenna: Developing Brand Insights June 2012 | p.
  2. 2. OMD Insights | OMD Australia There is a role for Insights at any point in concept or campaign pipeline: 4. Ongoing Brand1. Campaign and 2. Campaign and 3. Campaign and CampaignConcept Development Concept Testing Measurement Tracking Digital Print Radio Cinema Channels: TV OOH | p.
  3. 3. Creating roadmaps for our clients to understand the brandand media environments in which their consumers live OOH Print WoMDigital TV | p.
  4. 4. Insights Focus Diving deep into the lives of consumers to unearth Insights leads to creative ideas and more effective media planning and measurement Each year we spend hundreds of hours with consumers (in person and online), understanding their rapidly changing media behaviours and purchasing patterns. Three-pronged approach: 1. Qualitative 2. Quantitative techniques, 3. OMD Antenna – our social media monitoring tool using Radian6 capturing online conversations about brands, products and marketing. | p.
  5. 5. From the outside, perception is that this is how all bigbrands already play in social…. | | p.
  6. 6. But picture is far more varied…. | | p.
  7. 7. guides our clients through the blizzard of social data At this moment people are tweeting, updating and blogging about your brand. Are you listening?Using Radian6 OMD Antenna scours millions of We translate that data into insights. Crucialblogs, thousands of forums and hundreds of rich difference is we qualitatively analyse it all, givingmedia sites (video, photos) to understand: clients resulting key thematic recommendations that allows them to:• The volume of conversations / your share • Truly understand how consumers feel and talk• The sentiment (positive/negative with examples) about their brand and competitors• Key themes and trends over time • More effectively create and target messages• The source of buzz (which sites) • Measure the amount of online buzz created by• The influencer demographics (who’s talking) a campaign• The competition and how they compare • Quickly respond to queries and complaints • Develop new product and campaign ideas | p.
  8. 8. Antenna projects fall into four types: Influencer Campaign Ongoing Benchmark Identification Tracking Monitoring An in-depth Discovering who Tracking your Monitoring social retrospective is talking about campaign from media activity as look at 30 days your brand in start to finish. it happens to 12 months of the social space. Daily and weekly Daily and weekly mentions. Analyses Twitter, updates and a updates as well Can be used to Blogs, Forums campaign as monthly or build into other and the types of summary report quarterly types of projects conversations to evaluate the reporting that these effects of the people have campaign | p.
  9. 9. INSIGHTS • IDEAS • RESULTS Antenna Examples – Clients in Home and Food Categories | p.
  10. 10. We talk about the ‘why’ in terms of buzz peaks over time: December ‘11 – February ’12 Total mentions: 880 Buzz around X Club “Yet another X white paint campaign question” forum thread Brand 50 drives buzz around competitors and brand Competitors X expects higher profit in 2012 thanks to a resilient home “Yet another X white paint 40 renovation market question” continues to X Club is featured on drive buzz and Shaynna Sunrise and drives social Blaze sparks twitter media through its owned 30 channels discussions 20 10 0 Blogs Twitter Forums Mainstream news Recommendation: X club works – white paint content? Proprietary and confidential. | p. 10 © 2012.
  11. 11. We explore share of media: December ‘11 –February ‘12 Brand Competitors Mainstream Mainstream News News 3% Other 2% Other Blogs 2% Blogs 2% 5% 4% Twitter Forums Forums Twitter 32% 60% 37% 53% Recommendation: With the large amount of mentions in Twitter, there is opportunity for the brand to set up its own channel here and lead conversation. © 2012. Proprietary and confidential. | p. 11
  12. 12. We translate the key content themes to talk aroundrecommendations re: socialTactical suggestions:• What key and engaging content looks like: • Discussion topics: certain types of paints, colours and colour matching and conversations around these • Kinds of polls that most engage • Types of live advice to give • Suggestions on sponsorships and link ups• Numerous examples on the look, feel and tone of Facebook page• Blogger engagement: key influencersStrategic suggestions:• Forums that the brand should own and the conversation on this• Wider role that the brand does and can play in consumers lives – permissibility © 2012. Proprietary and confidential. | p. 12
  13. 13. Brand’s social media “back then” Brand and the wider paint category has experienced a long period of growth of social media activity. Between Nov 09 – Jan 10, we saw just 134 mentions. In the most recent report, the quarter saw our brand its sub-brands hit 754 mentions and 146 mentions for competitors exactly 2 years later. 1000 900 800 146 700 600 5.5x The same period 500 Competitors 2 years ago 400 754 Brand 300 45 54 200 49 264 100 219 134 0 Aug - Oct 09 Nov 09 - Jan 10 Feb - Apr 10 Nov 11 - Jan 12 Most recent When we started monitoring report• Thanks to our brand’s efforts, they have grown their social presence as informed by our ongoing monitoring work © 2012. Proprietary and confidential. | p. 13
  14. 14. Antenna can also act as a key ‘red alert’ tool aswell in tracking campaigns Brand gets talked Excitement about The video is acted about and there is People start the promotion. People start on and taken some confusion noticing the right Spreading the swapping thread down from with another messaging word YouTube promotion 21st Sep 28th Sep 5th Oct 12th Oct 19th Oct Conversation People work out A video is created Boasting prizes grows about an that the to prize suggesting the begins Asian girl in the and start asking TVC is racist TVC on Twitter around for it | p.
  15. 15. Some of the studies we’ve conducted since launchingAntenna in 2010 include... Benchmark reports to understand key conversation topics, sentiment towards the brand and share of buzz Influencer identification to underpin blogger outreach and consumer influencer campaigns Real time campaign tracking Category deep dives to understand consumer segments and their related consumption habits Benchmark reports that form a platform for ongoing monitoring and development of social strategy | p. 15
  16. 16. INSIGHTS • IDEAS • RESULTS Carl Mclean 02 9692 2023 | p. © 2012. Proprietary and confidential. 16
  17. 17. What does Antenna reporting involve?• Benchmarking - snapshot to understand where we stand as a brand.• Ongoing – picture of how a brand is tracking.• Campaign Tracking – whether our brand is generating the right kind of buzz.All three can include elements of the following:1. Red alert updates and response • Email updates and recommended next steps for any activity requiring attention2. Weekly summary • Tracking buzz in real time • Volume and trend analysis for all mentions • Main themes of conversation for keyword focus3. Quarterly reports • Bringing together key metrics and thematic analysis (especially relevant for Marketing teams) • Retrospective report delivered at the completion of the campaign • In depth volume and further metrics analysis for entire mentions • Trend analysis for all mentions • Further in-depth analysis of discussion for keyword focus • Identification of key campaign influencers • Share of voice and identification of discussion types across different mediums • Recommended next steps | p.