Boosting Your IT Help Desk Productivity and Customer Satisfaction


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In most organizations, the help desk is a small percentage of the overall IT budget, but it represents more than half the perceived value of the IT organization to your business users. Join us to hear how BMC customers increased customer satisfaction and boosted IT help desk productivity with the BMC ServiceDesk on solution.

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  • We offer three distinct yet complementary technology practices, all of which are supported by our strong emphasis on IT specializations: Infrastructure SolutionsApplication SolutionsManaged Solutions Our solutions methodology combined with our experience and expertiseenables our customers to mitigate risk and focus on growth.Based in Santa Ana, CaliforniaOnshore and Offshore Network Operations Center (Santa Ana, and Mumbai (Bombay), India)Onshore and Near-shore Application Development Center (Santa Ana, Mumbai and Buenos Aires, Argentina)Local Southern California Based CompanyCertified as a Minority Owned Business Entity
  • We are not the traditional MSP (Break Fix Company)All our support is via remote system administrationWe have clients from hundred of devices down to couple and every device is managed and monitored 24x7 remotely (servers, disk, networks and processes)So we were not looking for typical software like most MSP look for like Autotask, Kaseya, and Other ticketing system to track hoursIntegrate into our platform and best of breed system
  • Support multiple clients in multiple locationsEase of use and navigation for end user clientsSimplify the day to day use by support personnelReflect Lumen21 branding with end user customersLink the service desk solution and internal systemsReporting is keyMeasure performance against metricsProvide regular updates to clientsRespond to ad hoc client inquiries
  • Based on our Two locations we can access seamlessly without incurring additional costInternal applications we maintain on-premise (Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010, TFS)
  • History BMC and familiarity of the service desk productIntegration into our environmentPut some best of breed pieces together (with SNOW – more geared to internal help desk organization, not necessarily for help desk or managed serviceMore confidence in cloud from SFDC than other alternativesFamiliar User Interface – previous experience with BMC applicationsCost and ease of integration for our business modelAbility to customize and configure to match our requirementsResponsiveness of BMC teamOnboarding program and built in best practices to get our team up and running quicklyProven cloud platform in to ensure availability, security, and performance
  • Placeholders for metrics: MTTR, Communication with customersLimited to what they were able to give the customers beforeDon’t have a lot of pre-metricsCustomer satisfaction is [x%] higherWith the support and integration of self service portal for end usersCommunication within the support team of client issuesSupport team is [x%] more productiveAuto Ticket GenerationAuto Assignment of Ticket NumberAuto Response back to client about the ticketRegular updates on the status of the ticketsAuto customer satisfaction surveyMean Time to Resolution has improved[x%]Working with BMCOnboarding was very fast – we were up and running in [1 week?]Several enhancements already delivered in the product – we signed in May 2010
  • Boosting Your IT Help Desk Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

    1. 1. Eduardo Don Jr., CEO, Lumen 21<br />Chad Haftorson, Principal Product Manager, BMC<br />Boosting Your IT Help Desk Productivity and Customer Satisfaction<br />
    2. 2. Reduce IT CostsHow do you get the most out of every person, asset, project, and activity?<br />Improve Quality of ServiceHow do you meet the performance expectations of your organization?<br />Manage RiskHow do you define and control risk?<br />Increase Business ImpactHow do you ensure IT investments and operational decisions are aligned with business priorities?<br />Demonstrate TransparencyHow do you track cost and activities in your organization and share that with stakeholders?<br />Expectations have never been higher<br />
    3. 3. Change Mgmt<br />Best Practice Process<br />Asset / Inventory<br />Incident Mgmt<br />Self Service<br />ServiceDesk on<br />Knowledge Mgmt<br />Problem Mgmt<br />Mobility<br />Low Price Point & Activation -> Start with minimal investment <br />Easy to use Service Desk -> Speeds response time & improves productivity<br />Change and Problem Management -> Minimize downtime<br />Personalized Self Service -> Improves user experience <br />Inventory Management -> Increases asset visibility & reduces cost <br />Built-In Best Practices -> Complete Implementations in days <br />Industry leading Service Desk and Platform -> Low Risk<br />What is BMC<br />
    4. 4. BMC ServiceDesk on Force.comBest in class functionality and design<br />Built on platform<br /><ul><li>World class availability, scalability, and performance
    5. 5. Robust common services
    6. 6. Proactive collaboration through Chatter</li></ul>Simple UI, Navigation, and Personalization<br /><ul><li>Display key items on dashboard
    7. 7. Create Quick Views for personalized queries</li></ul>End User Self Service<br /><ul><li>Broadcasts
    8. 8. Global Search
    9. 9. Personalize</li></ul>Incident Management<br /><ul><li>Save time with templates
    10. 10. Inform with broadcasts</li></ul>Inventory Management<br /><ul><li>Gain visibility into assets
    11. 11. Map relationships</li></ul>Includes Alignability Process Model<br /><ul><li>Minimize training
    12. 12. Start out of the box</li></li></ul><li>BMC ServiceDesk on Force.comUp and running in days<br />Incident Management<br /><ul><li>Save time with templates
    13. 13. Inform with broadcasts</li></ul>Inventory Management<br /><ul><li>Gain visibility into assets
    14. 14. Map relationships</li></ul>Change Management<br /><ul><li>Minimize impact to business
    15. 15. Automated and planned process</li></ul>Collaboration and Reporting<br /><ul><li>Reduce resolution times
    16. 16. Manage the business</li></li></ul><li>Lumen21 Solutions<br />From IT design, development, and deployment to ongoing IT management, Lumen21 is the IT expert companies trust to make IT work for their businesses and drive results. <br />
    17. 17. About Lumen21, Inc.<br /> What do we offer?<br /><ul><li>Infrastructure Solutions
    18. 18. Application Solutions
    19. 19. Managed Solutions </li></ul>Lunmen21 Methodology: Based on our experience and expertise<br /><ul><li>Mitigates risk
    20. 20. Focuses on growth.</li></ul>Where are we?<br /><ul><li>Based in Santa Ana, California
    21. 21. Onshore and Offshore Network Operations Centers
    22. 22. Onshore and Near-shore Application Development Centers</li></ul>Certified as a Minority Owned Business Entity<br />
    23. 23. Lumen21’s Challenge<br />Lumen21 is not the traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP)<br />All services delivered via remote system administration<br />Clients range from hundreds of devices to just a few<br />Every device or process is managed and monitored 24x7 remotely<br />
    24. 24. Service Desk Requirements<br />Support multiple clients in multiple locations<br />End user oriented<br />Simplified support<br />Branding<br />Service desk linkage to existing processes<br />Reporting<br />
    25. 25. Why Service Desk in the Cloud?<br />Availability and performance of the application<br />Remote access from anywhere for support personnel and end user clients<br />Minimize maintenance and capital costs<br />“Eat our own dog-food” – we sell services in the Cloud<br />Also host Exchange and SharePoint services for client-facing applications<br />
    26. 26. Why BMC ServiceDesk on<br />Previous experience with BMC applications<br />Cost and ease of integration<br />Ability to match our requirements<br />Responsiveness of BMC team<br />On-boarding program <br />Built in best practices<br />Proven cloud platform in<br />
    27. 27. Other Solutions We Considered<br />Altiris<br />Existing, in premise solution<br />Maintenance and configuration was getting too expensive<br />Autotask, Kaseya<br />Much more focused on simple ticketing<br />No ties to configuration items<br />Weak on self service<br /><br />Overwhelming User Interface<br />Significant customization required<br />especially to support end user clients<br />
    28. 28. Our Business Has Improved<br />Customer satisfaction is 20% higher<br />Self service portal for end users<br />Communication of client issues<br />Support team is 30% more productive<br />Auto Ticket Generation<br />Auto Assignment of Ticket Number<br />Auto Response back to client about the ticket<br />Regular updates on the status of the tickets<br />Auto customer satisfaction survey<br />Mean Time to Resolution has improved 30%<br />Working with BMC<br />On-boarding - up and running in a little over a week<br />Enhancements already delivered in the product<br /> – we signed in May 2010<br />
    29. 29. Questions<br />And the winner is…..<br />For more information<br /><br />Visit our booth in the Expo<br />