Accelerating Success in the Cloud - A Foundation Event


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Keynote presentation slides from Foundation event in London on 4th December 2012.

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Accelerating Success in the Cloud - A Foundation Event

  1. 1. Accelerating Success In The Cloud A Foundation Event December 4th 2012
  2. 2. Agenda13.00-14.00 – Introduction to the Marketing Cloud14.00-15.00 – Breaking Through Adoption Barriers15.00-15.10 – BizAcademy Apprenticeships15.10-15.30 – Break15.30-16.00 – Transform Your Organisation with Social Technologies16.00-16.30 – Introduction to Premier Success Plans16.30-16.45 – Foundation Social Impact Award16.45-17.45 – The Safe and Secure Cloud
  3. 3. Introduction to the Marketing Cloud Abboud Ghanem 07824425206
  4. 4. Social Media Has Changed Marketing ForeverThe Largest Shift in 60 Years Old Way New Way Unsolicited Engaging One to many Transparent Untargeted Targeted Static Real Time
  5. 5. People Are No Longer Faceless DataResidential Cell phoneaddresses numbers Email Cookies thataddresses expire in 30 days
  6. 6. People Are PEOPLEAnd Are More Connected Than EverEnormous Opportunity:Listen in real timeBuild & engage connectionsTurn insight into actionBe more targeted than ever
  7. 7. Most Companies Struggle With Social MarketingFragmented Too Many No Unified Data Marketing Systems Ineffective Marketing ResultsMultiple groups Multiple point Campaigns and engaging solutions engagement disconnectedMixed messages Disconnected from the MultipleCustomers only enterprise measurementsee one brand dashboards Inefficient & uncoordinated No customer record or profile
  8. 8. World’s Only Unified Social Marketing Suite Turn insights to actions and connections to customers for life.
  9. 9. Global Social Listening Platform for ARVAL
  10. 10. A Pioneering Journey Social Hub Radian6 Insights Radian6 API / Summary Mobile Dash Board Engage console AnalysisDashboard x 1,000x 10,000x 100,000x
  11. 11. Broadest CoverageOver 400 million conversations per dayAccess to over 470 million sourcesAccess to more than 50 billion posts, dating back to May 2008
  12. 12. Language CoverageMonitor in 17 languages:English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish,Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese,Korean, Turkish, and Polish
  13. 13. World’s Only Insights Partner Ecosystem Powering customer insights… and growing all the time (predictive trending/pre-meme) Insights  Pla,orm  (affinity segmentation & influence) (sentiment for feedback & complaints)
  14. 14. Turn Insights Into ActionVisualize social trends & dataUse social apps & great content toconnectListen & engage globallyMake smarter ad buys & amplifythe message +59% Improved campaign effectiveness
  15. 15. Turn Connections Into Customers For LifeBuild unified social profiles of yourcustomersLeverage social networks for insightIntegrate with Sales Cloud &Service Cloud +44% Increased social sales
  16. 16. Social Content: Create Compelling Social Presences Create flexible social canvasses Use social applets & great content to connect Extend social content to the greater web 80% of US social 80% network users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook
  17. 17. Engagement: Connect with CustomersRespond & connect withcustomers on their platform ofchoiceCreate scale with workflow &integration with CRMGrow your community ofadvocates & fans Social media users 42 who receive great service tell an average of 42 people
  18. 18. Social Ads: Amplify Your ContentManage & execute optimizedsocial ad campaignsTurn awesome content intosocial compelling social adsOptimize ads with demographics& KPI’s+55% Social ads have 55% better recall than traditional ads - Nielsen
  19. 19. Measurement: Track Campaign ROITrack results in one applicationAdapt campaigns in real timeUse data to create newcampaigns with proven results 10% Only 10% of marketers are accurately measuring social ROI
  20. 20. CRM Integration: Align Sales, Service & MarketingBuild social customer profiles ExecutivesRoute social insight across your Salescompany MarketingListen at social scale and speed R&D Service 82% Adult Internet users are reached by social media. Recruiting
  21. 21. Become a Socially Connected Enterprise Cloud . Mobile . Social
  22. 22. Thank you
  23. 23. Sahel CrisisUNICEF CasestudySebastian Majewski @sebmaje 24 24
  24. 24. The Challenge: Information is delivered in knowledge chunks. 25 25
  25. 25. The Challenge: Need for real-time engagement. 26 26
  26. 26. What is Social MediaMonitoring? 27 27
  27. 27. 2828
  28. 28. The Monitoring Approach•  Social media conversations offer the richness of qualitative research and the sample sizes of quantitative research in real time.•  How do we detect digital smoke signals? 29 29
  29. 29. Types of monitoring 30 30
  30. 30. Evidence-based Marketing: 31 31
  31. 31. #SahelNOW 32 32
  32. 32. Topic Trends Launch 3rd package 4th package 2nd package 33 33
  33. 33. #SahelNOW  is  the  most   dominant  hashtag,  followed  Top Hashtags by  #Sahel  and   #malnutri:on.  Hashtags Tweets Retweets Impressions Contributors#SahelNOW 95,764 79,217 446,321,143 46,130#Sahel 15,627 14,025 100,219,121 9,658#malnutrition 3,142 2,938 37,661,578 2,630#FoodCrisis 2,103 1,892 20,053,480 1,552#Chad 1,793 1,601 13,822,846 1,268#UNICEF 2,146 1,626 12,936,053 1,540#Níger 1,453 1,300 11,885,570 1,087#Malí 881 763 9,084,751 699#children 1,403 1,254 8,681,822 1,168#ff 689 593 8,520,371 575 34 34
  34. 34. Most mentioned usernames Selena  Gomez  drove  most   conversa:ons.     35 35
  35. 35. Demographic Insights inform ad strategy We  can  determine  the   gender  in  half  of  the  posts.   70  %  of  the  par:cipants  are   female   36 36
  36. 36. User Tweets Retweetsselenagomez 7 31,182BAP_Bangyongguk 2 1,487anapastor_tve 23 756shakira 1 752Nas 1 643alo_oficial 2 610MiaFarrow 25 423Alyssa_Milano 2 413KatGraham 1 384eddieizzard 1 305bjork 2 258 37 37
  37. 37. Engage with your influencer and target your outreach real-time! 38 38
  38. 38. 3939
  39. 39. hDp://     40 40
  40. 40. Rules are changing:Social Media triggers Traditional Media 41 41
  41. 41. Benchmark: April vs. May March 2012 April 2012 UNICEF 31.9% UNICEF 76.4% 42 42
  42. 42. Thanks for your attention.Sebastian MajewskiImpact and Analysis CoordinatorSocial and Civic Media Sectionsmajewski@unicef.orgVisit: 43 43
  43. 43. Breaking Through Adoption Barriers Deployment & Adoption Best Practices John Durocher SVP, Customer For Life /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  44. 44. Agenda§  Common Framework for Success§  Adoption Methodology§  Lessons from the Street§  Detailed Case Study§  Wrap Up and Q&A
  45. 45. Our Experience has shown us that there are 7 key Domains for Success 1.  Vision and Strategy 2.  Business Metrics 3.  Adoption 4.  Sponsorship and Governance 5.  Roadmap 6.  Process 7.  Technology
  46. 46. Each domain is comprised of several categories Domains Categories •  Vision •  Business & Technology ObjectivesVision and Strategy •  Business Strategy •  Customer Experience •  Technology Strategy •  Segmentation & Channel Strategy •  Business Performance Model •  Business CaseBusiness Metrics •  Key Performance Indicators •  Metrics Tracking •  Organizational Readiness •  Communication •  Stakeholder Involvement •  TrainingAdoption •  Organizational Design •  Continuous Improvement •  Measurement & Reward •  SupportSponsorship •  Executive Sponsorship •  Principles •  Accountability •  Project Controland Governance •  Center of Excellence •  Release Management •  Roadmap/Delivery Plan •  Global Deployment ApproachRoadmap •  Capabilities Value Map •  Product Roadmap •  Align Process with Strategy •  CRM Maturity Model •  Process Ownership and •  Process MetricsProcesses Standardization •  Process Effectiveness •  Process ReviewTechnology •  Implementation Principles •  Security •  Data Strategy •  Environment Strategyand Data •  Architecture and Integration
  47. 47. Let’s talk Adoption… and Outcomes
  48. 48. What is a good adoption rate?A.  80%B.  50%C.  30%D.  20%E.  It doesn’t matter, as long as every user and agent can log in!Answer:While clients range anywhere from 10% – 100%, 70+% is a very good adoption rate for internal users of large orgs, 30% for partners in a B2B model. What is your target adoption metric?
  49. 49. Purpose1.  Establish and communicate the baseline performance2.  Determine the messaging and tactics to influence behavior (usage)3.  Continue measuring impact and refine/ adjust metrics4.  Communicate, reward positive results & behaviors
  50. 50. CustomerAdoption Driver Methodology Success Organizational Readiness Continuous Stakeholder Improvement Involvement 85% Adoption Adoption Target 31/03/09 Training Measurements Strategy & & Support Rewards Communication Plan
  51. 51. Lessons from the Street“A look back at success”
  52. 52. Financial Services BrokerHighlights of the Deployment 1.  In Process of deploying to 10k users in 40 countries 2.  Scope included Account, contact, opportunity management, Email Marketing, Blackberry and Outlook integration, Multi-currency & Multi-language 3.  Rigorous change management process using tools built on salesforce’s platform to track and manage requirements, change requests, defect tracking, & deliverablesCritical Success Factors 1.  Sponsorship and Management – commitment required to not only support implementation but drive adoption → no “opt out” 2.  Ownership: This must be a business-led project 3.  Address WIIFM for users: both Sales and Client Executives 4.  Involve Top performers / Influencers who lead by example 5.  Data: Importance should not be underestimated 6.  Communication: Messages from the business on a weekly basis 7.  Training: Role based, segment specific 8.  Adoption: Driving effective adoption needs ongoing commitment and support
  53. 53. Symantec ~3,900 SubscribersHighlights of the Deployment 1.  Deployed to over 3,900 users globally in 3 ½ months from project initiationCritical Success Factors 1.  Strong executive sponsorship – “Decide and Go” Decisions 2.  Three Guiding Principles 1.  Keep It Simple Symantec 2.  What’s in it for the Rep? 3.  All Roads Lead from 3.  Kept to a “Keep it Simple” (KISS) philosophy 4.  Relentless focus on quality data migration and training
  54. 54. ADPHighlights of the Deployment ~6,700 Subscribers 1.  6,000+ users, 10+ business segments 2.  International users within Canada, EMEA and Australia 3.  Consolidated more than 10 systems into salesforce.comCritical Success Factors 1.  Executive Sponsorship 2.  Established Program Management Office (“PMO”) 3.  Established Implementation Standards 4.  End user and management involvement 5.  Developed disciplined training program 6.  Created “buzz” and “excitement” within ADP 7.  Quick Wins
  55. 55. Sun TrustHighlights of the Deployment ~2,600 Subscribers 1.  2,600 users, Commercial and Business Banking 2.  Pilot for 90 days 3.  Surveyed sample of pilot team & built business case Critical Success Factors 1.  Sponsorship from Vice-Chairman to line-level leadership 2.  Measured success against business case 3.  Established Program Management Office (“PMO”) 4.  Strict adherence to the Playbook methodology 5.  End user and management involvement 6.  Strict adherence to training policy - $2,500 fine for failure to show 7.  Created “internal campaign” to evangelize
  56. 56. Lessons from the Street“It’s not always so easy”
  57. 57. Sometimes there are Barriers1.  No unifying strategic vision directly supported by executive management (not all regions, not all product lines)2.  No clearly defined measurable business objectives and success criteria3.  No overall plan to which all stakeholders are being held accountable4.  No overall process definition for collaboration or sales (forward looking versus backward looking)5.  Limited resources to deliver training6.  Additional project investments are needed since not all requirements are met by current implementation
  58. 58. Self Assessment –Ability to Deliver Business Value?Foundational Components Not Yet Emerging Practicing Leading EstablishedStrong Executive/Corporate Vision P Clear Execution Strategy P Customer Centric Approach P Culture of Collaboration P Well Defined and Automated Processes P Clean Data - Trusted Information P Simplified, Scalable TechnologyInfrastructure P Success Metrics, Reports andDashboards P 
  59. 59. Action Plan - Next Steps1.  Establish stakeholder champions across all groups – Executives, Product Line, Sales, Mgmt, Users2.  Industrialize Training – Establish a curriculum, track training and develop refresher courses3.  Define Key Processes – Define Key processes, executive owners, key activities deliverables, participants, metrics and Reporting mechanism. A.  “Product Appeal/Rejection Process” B.  “Early Winning Process” C.  “Customer Focused Process”
  60. 60. Establish Stakeholder ManagementOverview: ActivitiesTo identify all groups of people involved in or impacted by •  Determine the Key Stakeholder and Influencers in thethe initiative (“stakeholders”), and their target change state organization(e.g. awareness, understanding, buy-in, commitment), and •  Develop joint understanding between senior executives,manage their journey to the desired end-point via sponsors, and key stakeholders what they expect to achieveinvolvement and innovative two-way communications. The and their role in making it happen through an Executiveprimary objective is to guide each group toward Workshop.commitment for the change; secondary objective is to •  Define Key Responsibilities for each Stakeholderensure consistency of messages across the project and •  Establish a Steering Committee to drive business change,business. adoption and monitor progress •  Determine key messages and who the senders will be toExec Sponsors & Participants reinforce business value focus.•  Sponsor – Vince Roche•  Responsible – Jim Schmidt•  Interested –Steve Oberlander•  Target Groups: Key Executives, Product Lines, End UsersRequired Inputs: Metrics: Deliverables•  None •  Executive Engagement •  Key Stakeholder Map •  Executive Steering Committee •  Communication Plan Identify Stakeholder Establish the Engage Stakeholders & Groups, Goals & Stakeholder Build Commitment Expectations Management process
  61. 61. Aon Detailed Case Study
  62. 62. Sales Effectiveness Program OverviewOne global pipeline and opportunity management platform and process to increase the level ofsuccessful client acquisition and penetration §  Provides cross business units visibility with consistent, real-time Account information §  Improves effectiveness of the Sales Force §  Builds a foundation for interactive marketing capabilities §  Enables better allocation of scarce resources to the appropriate opportunities §  Supports management in: §  Determining the effectiveness business development and marketing activities §  Forecasting pipeline and communicating with financial markets
  63. 63. Original Implementation SummaryChallenges: –  No visibility into Global Pipeline –  2 distinct lines of business selling different products –  Lack of consistent global sales process and approach to prospects and clients –  More than 30 existing global sales management systems –  Complex IT Environment (Different Infrastructure and Technology providers across the world)•  Solution: –  Focused on implementing only functionality that is required –  SFA and Marketing Automation to over 5,500 users in 80+ countries –  7 languages and 84 currencies –  Replaced/retired over 30 existing pipeline systems –  Along with , partnered with Accenture, Cognos and Eloqua•  Timeline: –  Fall 2005: Project Kick-off –  Winter 2007: completed wave roll-out to remaining ~80 countries
  64. 64. Aon Guiding Principles•  KEEP IT SIMPLE –  Configure based on best practices (e.g., Miller-Heiman sales approach) –  Implement only functionality required – not one item more –  Ensure that the software and underlying processes are user-friendly•  Build momentum early and keep it going –  Develop and reinforce key messages from the top down –  Communicate early and often –  Start small, scale fast•  Minimize costs and investment, maximize value of return –  Retire existing, replaced platforms quickly –  Leverage internal resources where possible•  Provide information to those who need it on a timely basis –  Develop access-rights model that allows industry/product specialists to view relevant data –  Create both push & pull methods of distributing information
  65. 65. Snapshot of Global Deployment Progress Legend SFDC Deployment Complete SFDC Deployment in Progress SFDC Deployment Planned Not Planned for Deployment Metric 2005 2006 YTD Q1 2007 Q2 2007 Q3 2007 Q4 2007 41 # Retired Applications (# of Sales Systems Used 20 28 28 >30 >30 Globally) 5505 # SFDC Users (estimated) 3646 5177 5177 5448 ~5900 (Planned Number of Users) 120 # of Countries 38 52 72 78 82 (# of Countries Aon Operates in)*2006 ARS & ACW Operating Revenue
  66. 66. High-Level Global Deployment / Transition Plan9/06 10/06 11/06 12/06 1/07 2/07 3/07 4/07 5/07 6/07 7/07 8/07 9/07 10/07 MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR MR Netherlands Belgium/Lux Legend “House Cleaning” and Prep for Accelerated Approach Core Team Lead MR Monthly Release Sub-Saharan Africa In Country Lead CP Check Point Wave 1 Ireland Core Team Implements First Country; In Country Leads Remaining Countries Wave 2 Mexico End User Complete Deployment Wave 3 Portugal, Spain* * First Country to Deploy in Wave Wave 4 Austria, Germany* Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Wave 5 Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine Wave 6 Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden Wave 7 France*, Morocco, Tunisia Waves 8a 8a: Italy*, Turkey Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, CP Wave 10 Venezuela Wave 12 Japan Wave 13a & 13b 13a: Hong Kong, 13b: India Canada
  67. 67. Today’s Steady State Environment•  8,000+ users across 3 Business Units from 87 countries•  Global pipeline across all 3 Business Units•  Heavy usage of marketing and lead management capabilities (Eloqua integration)•  3 Tiered Support Model with Managed Enhancement / Case Process Support Model Tier 1 – Regional Sales Operations Teams (~250 Super Users) Ø  Support of daily end user issues: Ø  General questions Ø  Account, User on-boarding Ø  Ad Hoc data maintenance Tier 2 – Global Admin Help Desk (4 FTE) Ø  End user or Super User case escalation Ø  Configuration changes, data loads, scheduled processes Global Business Sponsorship Ø  System Governance: Ø  Enhancement review Ø  Best practices / global standards Ø  Conflict resolution
  68. 68. Lessons Learned – Adoption & Communication §  Ongoing Adoption: The “go-live” date is not the end of the project - the real effort begins the next day - driving effective adoption needs ongoing commitment and supportCommunications: Messages to staffshould come from the business / regions,not the Admin Support Team
  69. 69. Lessons Learned - Business Process §  Process Refinement: Do not underestimate the time required to define business processes required to build user adoption and support sales reporting using§  Ongoing Support Training: Each region’s support team will require time to get trained on and understand new global business processes
  70. 70. Lesson Learned: Executive Sponsorship•  Global CEO, COO and CMO are the executive sponsors•  CEOs and Executive Sales Leaders in each Country are engaged and accountable•  Weekly Executive Steering Group Meeting to review: –  Key utilization metrics & action plans for improvement –  Forecast accuracy of Sales pipeline –  Global Program Issues
  71. 71. Lesson Learned: Clearly Defined Scope•  Set clear direction and maintain focus on the achievement of specific business objectives•  Deploy a globally consistent solution allowing for geographical variances where necessary•  Implement a release management process to implement “out of scope” requests in a timely manner
  72. 72. Lesson Learned: Quick Wins build Momentum•  Initial BU was live in three months with 1,200 users•  Develop consistent processes, tools, training & communications that are leveraged for each deployment•  Sales professionals want to know “What’s in it for me?” –  Gather success factors and lessons learned to continually refine the deployment approach –  Articulate long-term vision for SFDC
  73. 73. Lesson Learned: Quick Wins build Momentum Accelerated Deployment Approach --- Weeks ---0 10% 1 20% 2 30% 3 4 60% 5 80% 6 90% 7 100% 8 Finalize Build Finalize Finalize Deploy Transition Prepare Organize Inputs Solution Solution Data Solution Solution Milestones • Executive • Deployment • Signed-off • N/A • Signed-off • Train-the- • “Go Live” • Transition Commitment Kick-off Solution Configured Trainer • Conduct Open Items to Deploy Meeting Design Solution • Signed-off Training and Solution • Signed-off • Signed-off Document • Signed-off Data (i.e., • Migrate Data Work Plan – Country/BU • Signed-off Training Quality) Deployment Specific Country/BU Materials begins after Comm. Plan Training all dates and Plan resources • Signed-off are approved Data Mapping Manage and Resolve Issues Estimated “In-Country” Resource Commitment (Resources Needed from Both Business Units in Each Country) • Business & IT • Business & IT • Business & IT • Business & IT • Business & IT • Business & IT • Business & IT • Business & IT Executive Executive Executive Executive Executive Executive Executive Executive Sponsors* Sponsors* Sponsors* Sponsors* Sponsors* Sponsors* Sponsors* Sponsors* • Country/BU • Country/BU • Country/BU • Country/BU • Country/BU • Country/BU • Country/BU • Country/BU Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Project Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager • Business • Business • Business • Business • Business • Training & Analyst Analyst Analyst Analyst Analyst Comms • Training & • Training & • Training & • Training & • Training & • Data Comms Comms Comms Comms Comms Migration • Data • Data • Data • Data • Data Migration Migration Migration Migration Migration Low: <4 hours/resource Medium: =10 hours/resource High: >10 hours/resource * Time commitment is always 1-2 hours/week for each Sponsor
  74. 74. Overall Lessons Learned §  Executive Sponsorship: Significant commitment is required from Global and Regional Sales Leadership to no only support the implementation, but drive ongoing adoption §  One Solution / One Process: is a global initiative, each region must continue to think this way to meet overall program objectives §  Ownership: This is not an IT project but a sales and marketing effectiveness and management project. §  Plan for the Future: Phase 1 – Global pipeline, but what can we anticipate for Phases 2, 3, etc?
  75. 75. Thank you
  76. 76. BizAcademy Apprenticeships Why BizAcademy? Philip Kenley /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  77. 77. Transform your Organisation with Social Technologies Liliana Osorio /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  78. 78. Safe HarborSafe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-lookingstatements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptionsproves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including anyprojections of subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans ofmanagement for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services ortechnology developments and customer contracts or use of our services.The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering newfunctionality for our service, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results andrate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, risks associated with possible mergersand acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, andmotivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limitedhistory reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information onpotential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for themost recent fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2011. This document and others are available on the SEC Filings section of the InvestorInformation section of our Web site.Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available andmay not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based uponfeatures that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
  79. 79. Connect with Your Customers in a Whole New Way Your Customer Cloud . Mobile . Social
  80. 80. Transform How YouCollaborate with Chatter Your Customer Cloud . Mobile . Social
  81. 81. Hierarchical Structures Limit the Flow of Ideas and Information “Only 14% of employees in today’s companies are highly engaged” - Gary Hamel, Professor, London Business School
  82. 82. A few interesting stats…•  Knowledge workers currently spend 20% of their time looking for the information they need to do their jobs. That’s 1 day a week. Source: Forrester•  Between 80%-90% of the information that organisations have spent hundreds of billions collecting in IT systems over the last 30 years is inaccessible by most workers. Source: Gartner
  83. 83. The Social Divide – Employees and Companies Your employees are social. What about your company?Real timeTransparency / lowbarriersReachAccessibilityUsabilityReturn on contributions
  84. 84. What if Teams Could Leverage Each Other To Bridge the Knowledge and Execution Gap?What if all the knowledge you need to be successful at your job, was right next you?
  85. 85. Networked Enterprises have an Agile Knowledge Network Knowledge networks that help all your employees gain insights and through them: agility, efficiency and improved execution Traditional Companies! Networked Enterprises Slightly connected silos Empowered employee networks Pockets of information Collective knowledge from Network IQ Slow to achieve alignment Agility promotes innovation Static Evolves with your business
  86. 86. Chatter Transformation, not Collaboration Social Intelligence Social Process Social CommunitiesRaise the IQ of every employee Marry structured and unstructured Build communities with data employees, partners & customers Collaboration on records Private, secure external collaboration Follow people, objects, files (context) Files / Profiles / Groups Recommendations Messenger Feed Trends Triggers & Apex Discovery Similar Files Criteria-based feeds Mobile Influence Approvals SSO Smart Search Customer Groups Over 150,000 active networks including: 100,000+ 94,000+ 55,000+ 50,000+ 20,000+ 18,000+ 14,000+ employees employees employees employees employees employees employees
  87. 87. Give Employees Chatter on the Devices They Love iPhone BlackBerry AndroidiPad & Honeycomb
  88. 88. Social Processes Make Companies More Effective 39% Faster finding information 34% Increased 31% employee Increased 29% 25% 26% engagement employee Increased Reduction in Less connections idea meetings email generation MarketTools, Inc. survey of 5,500 customers, May 2012Creative campaigns Post-merger Video production and R&D prioritization Competitive intel integration publishing
  89. 89. Create Branded, Social Experiences20,000 physiciansFollowing publications and disciplinesCollaborating on research projectsPrivate, branded community Watch the video:
  90. 90. Dartmouths Tuck School of BusinessCreating Career Connections using Chatter •  Students participate in groups based on their career interests so they can engage in conversations specific to those interests •  Search companies, resources and people grouped into “Playlists” •  Timely career updates company information and “Inside Scoops” •  Students receive company updates in real-time, based on the Playlists they follow
  91. 91. Connect with Your Customers in a Whole New WayConnected ConnectedCustomers Products Connected Connected Partners Employees
  92. 92. Introducing Chatter CommunitiesCreate private, branded communitiesConnect with customers, partners,and employeesTrusted security and sharing
  93. 93. GE Capital Creates a Social Community Organic Adoption Far Exceeded Expectations: “It Just Feels Right” Huge benefits in finding & institutionalizing expertise, experience Share competitive intelligence, industry knowledge Chatter-based community portal:
  94. 94. Suggested next steps
  95. 95. EExplore use cases NNavigate roll-out GGet sponsors AActivate usersSix Steps for Chatter Engagement GGauge success E Evolve
  96. 96. Thank you
  97. 97. Introduction to the Premier Success Plans Carlos Cabrera Premier Success Manager Stephane Maurin Success Account Manager /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  98. 98. •  Get Faster Response To Your issues•  Call our Support line•  Access Developer Support•  Receive Administration help•  Train all your users based on their roles•  Be prepared for the releases
  99. 99. Personalized services, technical All the benefits of Premier, Online tools and support support and online training plus administration services to get you started to build and sustain success to accelerate your success CUSTOMER SUCCESS CUSTOMER SUCCESS CUSTOMER SUCCESS§  Self-service resources including Help §  Best practices to drive user adoption §  Best practices to drive user adoption site, knowledge base and community & productivity & productivity §  Release readiness programs §  Release readiness programs §  Assigned success resource* §  Assigned success resource* SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT§  Online case submission §  24x7 toll-free phone and online §  24x7 toll-free phone and online§  2-business day response §  1-hour initial response for critical issues §  1-hour initial response for critical issues §  Premier developer support §  Premier developer support TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING§  "Getting Started" online catalog §  Unlimited access to online Premier §  Unlimited access to online Premier training catalog training catalog §  Role-based learning paths §  Role-based learning paths §  Customizable training templates §  Customizable training templates ADMINISTRATION §  A team of certified experts to maintain your Salesforce solution*with 200+ CRM users or $50,000 in annual Premier Success fees
  100. 100. Success Resources, Support and Training for All SuccessPrograms and Customizable Resources Training Fast 24x7 Global Role-based Support Training Developer Support
  101. 101. Get Fast Expert Response with 24x7 Global Support1-Hour Initial Response for Critical Issues 365x24x7 Phone Coverage600+ Technical Experts 13 Locations 11 Languages
  102. 102. Build Custom Apps Faster with Developer Support Developer Support §  Apex and Visualforce best practices §  Error troubleshooting for up to 200 code lines §  Performance analysis
  103. 103. Increase Productivity with Training for All Roles100+ Online CoursesIncluding our mostpopular instructor-ledcourses delivered in anonline, self-paced format:§  Administration Essentials§  Building Applications Using and Visualforce§  Apex and Visualforce Controllers
  104. 104. Reduce Time to Value With Customizable Training We Give You You Customize the Raw Training Materials Templates Storyboards Demo Scripts
  105. 105. Increase User Adoption with Success Services Welcome Call and Role-Based Learning Premier Success Paths, Training PlansGetting Started Toolkit and Analytics Drive Ongoing Business Value with Success Programs and Resources Release Readiness Usage Metrics & Programs Benchmarks
  106. 106. Expand Your Expertise with CommunitiesPremier Success Chatter groups for release readiness knowledge and best practices sharing with other customers
  107. 107. Success Resources, Support and Training for All Adds Admin Services SuccessPrograms and Administration Resources Services Fast 24x7 Customizable Global Training Support Developer Role-based Support Training
  108. 108. Increases Productivity A team of Salesforce-certified experts helps maintain your Salesforce solution Key services: §  User, role and profile management §  Reports and dashboards creation §  Business process automation with workflowsFreeing you up from day-to-day administration tasks to focus on your strategic objectives.
  109. 109. Expands Your TeamExpand your team’s capacity•  We’ll handle the routine updates to your configuration•  See complete list of services in Premier Success datasheetHow does it work?•  Take online Admin Essentials Training –  Included with Premier! –  Learn the basics, so we speak the same language.•  You provide business requirements –  Using templates•  The Admin team updates your system –  During local business hours
  110. 110. Grow Your Success with Salesforce Success Unlimited Online 24X7 GlobalResources Training Technical Support
  111. 111. Thank you !Carlos Cabreraccabrera@salesforce.comStephane
  113. 113. •  Customer since 2010•  Uses: Partner Portal, Apex Triggers, Visual Force Pages, Workflow, Google Maps•  Results –  Able to offer more tailored, flexible service –  Decrease in annual costs –  Ability to rapidly reach new geographies and users –  ALLEVIATING HOMELESSNESS
  114. 114. And the award goes to…BROADWAY
  115. 115. Data Security in the Cloud Graham Rowe Director of technology, EMEA /Salesforce.comFoundation @SFDCFoundation
  116. 116. Everything seems to be “Cloud” these Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  117. 117. ...and every web data breach has become a ‘Cloud Security’ issueFor many aspects:Cloud Security is nodifferent than WebApplication Security All the normal OWASP web security vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross sitescripting, cross site request forgeries, etc., equally apply to applications running on the cloud as they do to applications running in house or on conventional hosting Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  118. 118. Cloud Security remains the key Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  119. 119. …and you should be asking questions Who has access to my data? Is information backed up sufficiently (and securely)? Is access to data controlled effectively? Can compliancy be maintained? Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  120. 120. Do Your Due Diligence•  Identify and classify data –  What data supports the business processes –  Be pragmatic –  Don’t over protect / inhibit business benefit•  Understand compliance requirements –  Does it allow you to meet your regulatory obligations –  Do you have customer contractual obligations to consider –  SOX, PCI-DSS compliance•  Where is data stored –  In which country(ies), issues with data privacy –  In which service, SaaS->PaaS->IaaS•  How is data durability handled –  Robust data centre redundancy –  Business continuity and disaster recovery Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  121. 121. Do Your Due Diligence•  What security and controls are in place to secure data –  ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System –  SSAE16 – third party audit of controls –  Transparency of security measures at each level –  Can you test the network / application security•  How is data isolated –  Logical/physical separation of customer data in multi-tenant environment –  Robust authentication and application security model•  Cloud vendor stability –  Financial stability and track record –  Operational stability, scalability and transparency –  A business partner you can trust – trust but verify Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  122. 122. It comes down to establishing a level of Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  123. 123. What is trust? Trust means having … Page Response Times (ms) ISO 27001 Certified SAS 70 Type 2 Certified SYSTRUST CertifiedGSA moderate level ‘Authority to Operate’ Innovative Security Features Highest Highest Highest Security Reliability Performance Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  124. 124. Salesforce: Under the Covers
  125. 125. Multi-Tenancy Makes Cloud Computing Possible Single-Tenant Multi-Tenant (On-Premise or Hosted) 100,000+ Companies 100,000+ Companies App 2App 1 App 3 App 1 App Server App 3App Server Database App ServerDatabase App Server OS App Server Database OS Database Server Database OS Server OS Storage OS Server Storage Server Network Server Storage Network Storage Storage Network Automatic Upgrades Network Network Pay-as-you-go Elastic 100,000+ App Stacks One App Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  126. 126. Geographically Distributed Infrastructure Production Data Center (CHI) Japan Production Datacenter (TYO) Production Data Center (ASG) Production Data Production Data Center (SJL) Center (WAS) Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  127. 127. Horizontal Scalability “POD” Architecture •  A “POD” is a multi-tenant stack designed and allocated for a set of customers. •  Add new PODs quickly and easily as needed •  Performance benefits achieved through optimal ratio of subscribers to individual “POD” capacity. NA1 Pod Database Multi-Tenant stack for a Application Server Cluster set of customers API Server Search Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  128. 128. Pod Architecture further enhances availability Application Application Server Database Cluster Server Database Cluster NA0 API Server AP1 API Server Pod Search Server Pod Search Server Application Application Server Database Cluster Database Cluster Server NA1 API Server EU1 API Server Pod Search Server Network Pod Search Server Services Application Application Server Database Cluster Database Cluster Server NA2 API Server CS1 API Server Pod Search Server Pod Search Server Storage Application Server Database Cluster Services Application Server Database Cluster NA3 API Server EU2 API Server Pod Search Server Pod Search Server Backup Application Application NA4 Server API Server Database Cluster Services NA* Server Database Cluster API Server Pod Search Server Pod Search Server Application Server Database Cluster Monitoring Application Server Database Cluster NA5 API Server Services EU* API Server Pod Search Server Pod Search Server Application Server Database Cluster Application Server Database Cluster EU0 API Server AP* API Server Pod Search Server Pod Search Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  129. 129. Proven Scalability and Performance Delivering over 65 Billion Transactions a Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  130. 130. Datacenter Replication•  Near real-time replication Production Data Center (CHI) Japan Production Datacenter (TYO)•  Validated disaster recovery Production Data strategy Center (WAS)•  Secure encrypted point to point data replication Production Data Center (SJL) Production Data Center (ASG)•  Weekly Backup Schedule- Multiple Full / Multiple Incremental Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  131. 131. Information Security Management System§  Policies structured around ISO27002 framework Guidelines Policies§  Board and executive commitment to security Procedures governance Standards§  Security awareness and targeted training conducted Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  132. 132. Infrastructure Security Controls Transmission security Database security • SSL 128-bit certificate • Customer passwords are stored in • SSL session terminates on load DB using one-way hash balancers/SSL off loaders • DBA access restricted • SSL v3/TLS with no weak • Field level encryption supported ciphers Network security Data center security • Firewalls • 24x365 on-site security • Intrusion detection systems • Multiple levels of biometric • Deployed at multiple points scanning • SIEM • CCTV • Controlled Access • Controlled Access Host security Multiple Datacenters • Linux and Solaris systems • Geographically-dispersed, • Hardened platforms mirrored data centers • No Microsoft • Disaster recovery • SIEM • Controlled Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  133. 133. Operational Security Controls Operational Security Security monitoring • Background checks • Security event management & • Private management network correlation deployed • Systems/devices configured for least privilege Vulnerability Incident handling Assessments • Detection • Internal • Response • External • Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  134. 134. Customer Controlled Security Features Sophisticated sharing model Login History log CRUD and field level security Setup Audit Trail log Authentication options Object history tracking Security Health Check Trusted Networks Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  135. 135. Customer Controlled Security Features Sandbox environments Data Residency Option Encrypted Custom Fields APEX callouts/outbound & Apex encryption messaging Portal Health Check User permissions Report CAPTCHA for reports & Security Health Check export Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  136. 136. Industry Standards and Certification§  AICPA Service Organization Control (SOC) Reports §  SOC 1 Type 2 (SSAE 16): (Formerly SAS/70) §  SOC 2 Type 2: Detailed Trust Principles report §  Security, Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy §  SOC 3 (SysTrust): Trust Services Report§  ISO27001 Certification §  Encompasses full domain set §  Covers individuals, processes and policies and IT systems of both Internal Systems and the application.§  TÜV Privacy Mark §  Independent verification that complies to German Data Privacy laws.§  PCI-DSS §  Customers May store Payment card information in Encrypted custom Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  137. 137. Transparency - •  Live System Status •  Alerts •  Security Best Practices •  Report phishing •  Privacy Overview •  Historical Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  138. 138. Just because its “Cloud Computing”… does not mean it is insecure… …in many cases it may be even more Confidential – May only be provided to third parties under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)