A Strategic Plan for Profitability On One Sheet Of Paper by @lauraposey for @datadotcom


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“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

We all know that having a bullet-proof plan is one of the keys to success. Deciding ahead of time what you’ll do, when you’ll do it and how you’ll do it will make you more effective and ensure that you reach your profitability goals.

But the thought of actually writing a plan seems too hard for most people. It’s easy to procrastinate because of all the other things on your plate. Or maybe you’re just not sure how to do a plan and make it work.

In this interactive presentation, participants will actually complete their Simple Strategic Plan during the event so they walk away ready to implement their ideas when they return to the business.

Participants will experience fast results from this process including:
• The ability to double sales quickly
• Increased focus on profitable activities and investments
• Significant decreases in wasted time and money
• Everyone in the organization being able to row in the same direction
• Reduced stress and faster decision-making

Are you ready to watch your team hit its true potential? Get them focused and watch them be more profitable than ever before!

Presented by Laura Posey, Chief Instigator of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group.

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A Strategic Plan for Profitability On One Sheet Of Paper by @lauraposey for @datadotcom

  1. 1. How To Plan Your Entire Year On One Sheet Of Paper
  2. 2. Why Plan?• Sets the course for growth• Aligns resources• Reduces waste• Foundation for other plans and processes
  3. 3. The Wealth Curve 1% 5% 94%Bottom Middle Top
  4. 4. Another View100 people dividing $1,000,000Group Money People ShareBottom $10,000 20 $500Middle $50,000 60 $833 Top $940,000 20 $47,000 Top Middle Bottom
  5. 5. Which check do you want?$500 $833 $47,000 The difference is planning and execution.
  6. 6. One Page Planning
  7. 7. Values• Culture• Beliefs• Decision- Making
  8. 8. Vision• What are you ultimately building?• Highest vision you can see• What makes you happiest?
  9. 9. Long Term Targets YOUR VISIONMoney LONG TERM TARGET NOW Time
  10. 10. Short Term Goals YOUR VISIONMoney LONG TERM TARGET Short Term Goals NOW Time
  11. 11. Areas Of Focus• Building blocks to targets• Large areas of the business• Examples:• Staffing• Systems and Processes• Marketing• Relocating office• Product development
  12. 12. Key Measurements• Weekly• Simple• Graphable
  13. 13. Annual Theme• Inspirational We Are• Focus Bamboo!• Visual• Repeatable
  14. 14. $500 $833 $47,000 1.Determine your vision •Create a plan •Use a system to get it done
  15. 15. Annual Quarterly Weekly
  16. 16. My Gift To You• Free ebook• 14 chapters from great authors such as • Jack Canfield • Les Brown • Mark Victor Hansen • Mehttp://bit.ly/MASJigsaw
  17. 17. Questions?