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Are you tired of pitching leads that don’t close? Are you frustrated by chasing leads that put you off and never result in a deal? Do you have a CRM system that is filled with prospects who haven’t said “no” yet, but deep down you know aren’t going to be sale?

If you’re in sales, then your answer to the three questions above is most likely yes. How would you like to change that?

In this session, presenter Mike Brooks will give you word-for-word scripts for the 3 things you MUST ask every prospect.! If you ask these questions during the qualifying call, you’ll eliminate the objections that are causing you to lose sales and chase unqualified leads.

You and your team will learn the tools to finally separate the buyers from the non-buyers and take control of the sale – and your sales career – once and for all.

Presented by Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales.

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3 things you must ask every prospect for @connectmembers by @top20 percent

  1. 1. “3 Things You MUST Ask Every Prospect!” Visit our Website: www.MrInsideSales.com Email: Mike@MrInsideSales.com
  2. 2. What You’ll Learn Today * Why Most Prospects DON’T Close – And What to Do About It * How to Avoid the Biggest Objections by Prospecting Correctly * The 3 Things You MUST Ask Every Prospect!
  3. 3. Most Prospects DON’T Close * What’s Your Closing Percentage? * Out of 10 Leads – How Many Close? * The National Average is 2 out of 10! * That Means You’re Pitching, Chasing, and Losing 8 out of 10 Prospects!
  4. 4. Why is This Happening? * Most Companies Teach You to: Fill Your Pipeline! * It’s a Numbers Game, Or is it? * 8 and 5 to Stay Alive! * Most Leads Don’t Close Because they aren’t Qualified!
  5. 5. Unqualified Leads = Objections You Can’t Overcome Those 8 out of 10 Leads? You can’t close them… Your manager can’t close them…. I can’t close them!
  6. 6. The Solution? Qualify for the Three Most Important Deal Killers of All: 1 – You don’t know who the real Decision Maker (DM) Is 2 – You don’t understand the sales process they go through to make a decision 3 – You don’t fully understand the time frame for making the decision
  7. 7. What You MUST Ask about the DM What doesn’t work: “Do you make the decisions on this?” “Besides yourself, who else is involved?” “How much influence do you have?” “What has happened when you’ve taken these things to him/them before?”
  8. 8. What You MUST Ask about the Sales Process What doesn’t work: “When should I get back with you?” “What happens next?” “Tell me about that process?” “How are you involved in that process?”
  9. 9. What You MUST Ask about the Time Frame What doesn’t Work: “When are you looking to make a decision on this?” “After you get sign off from Corporate/Boss/etc, how long before you move forward on something like this?” Best of all: “If you like what you see in the demo, is there anything that would prevent you from moving forward on this in the next two weeks?”
  10. 10. Summary You can’t close an unqualified lead! Leads always get worse…. By Qualifying on the 3 MUST Ask questions Upfront = You’ll get more Qualified Leads and You’ll Close More Sales… Here’s a way to Close Even More:
  11. 11. Get the Best Scripts Available Anywhere! • Cold calling scripts • Closing scripts • Rebuttal scripts (Over 130 pages!) A $550 Value!! NOW JUST $49! http://mrinsidesales.com/completescripts.htm PLUS: Over $500 Super Bonuses from Top Sales Trainers!