The Art of People Sourcing with @braingain for @datadotcom


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All users of Jigsaw, marketing, sales people, and recruiters, have one goal in common: we search for target professionals. Success of our businesses derives from us calling just the right people at the right time. Those calls are precious, and we do much better if we pre-qualify the professionals we call, get additional data points, and verify their info, including the contact info.

People Sourcing is the cross-disciplinary function about finding target professionals and professional information about them.

This lecture will give you both an overall view and several hands-on tricks that you will be able to use that same afternoon. Presenter Irina Shamaeva will show four “top secret” People Sourcing tricks, namely, ways to convert lists of email addresses into lists of full professional bios. (If you attend you need to promise us not to tell anyone about these secrets.)

Presented by Irina Shamaeva, Partner and the Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search firm.

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The Art of People Sourcing with @braingain for @datadotcom

  1. 1. People SourcingIrina ShamaevaPartner, Chief Sourcer, Brain Gain Recruiting irina.shamaeva @braingain in/irinashamaeva
  2. 2. Ask your questions via Twitter Tweet: @datadotcom #jigsawcontactsOr in the Question’s box on your screen
  3. 3. What Do All Jigsaw Users Have in Common?• We all search for “target” professionals…• … to get on the phone with just the right people at the right numbers• …and it is nice if we have extra info to warm up the call
  4. 4. This is People Sourcing• Recruiters call it Sourcing, Talent Sourcing, Candidate Sourcing – Outside of recruiting the word sourcing has many other meanings• Sales people Call it Name Generation, Data Mining• Marketing People call it Lead Generation
  5. 5. Types of People Sourcing• Sales, Business Development – Look for the correct title, (target) company, location, contact info• Recruiters – Look for the right experience in the last few years; maybe, schools and previous work history• Marketers – Look for demographic info
  6. 6. People Sourcing Steps1. Search2. Cross-Reference3. Contact
  7. 7. Search• Where? – Search engines (Google, Bing) – People search engines, like Jigsaw – Social Networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google- Plus, and Twitter
  8. 8. Search• What? – Resumes – Lists with contact info – Social profiles – Posted content
  9. 9. Cross-Reference• Prequalify the person for calling• Verify the info• Get extra details for making the call warm
  10. 10. Contact• Call• Email• Many ways to interact on Social Networks – Recruiters can send messages and InMails on LinkedIn
  11. 11. Want to Learn Some People Sourcing Tricks?• Please get your questions ready
  12. 12. Here Are Some Sample People Sourcing Secrets• Don’t tell anybody, OK?
  13. 13. How to Cross-Reference Jigsaw Data• … or any lists of emails…• …using Social Networks
  14. 14. Start With a List
  15. 15. Cross-Reference on…
  16. 16. Cross-Reference on…• Look for people to add to circles
  17. 17. Cross-Reference on…
  18. 18. Cross-Reference on…
  19. 19. Q&A and Demos• Also please feel free to get in touch with me – – 510-233-9493 Pacific time••••
  20. 20. Find us anytime: @datadotcom
  21. 21. Thank you!