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All you need to know about how to crack into the Social Selling business!

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Social Selling

  1. 1. Social Selling B2B Sales is Now a Popularity Contest
  2. 2. What is Social Selling?
  3. 3. It’s… Social Selling is the practice of communicating with businesses via social networks in attempts to get your name to prospects you’re company is interested in
  4. 4. So I Friend them on Facebook…? Not exactly… I mean you can if you want to… However, it’s more important to start a conversation than be Facebook friends
  5. 5. There’s A lot Out There Facebook is good, but there are so many other potential ways to connect with people Don’t limit yourself to just one
  6. 6. Don’t just Awkwardly say “Hi” Would you wanna be friends with this guy? The point is not to just chat it up randomly Hi Stranger! You want to connect to them with purpose
  7. 7. Flirt Business You want to flirt business on social media platforms Tweet or post to a prospect as you would a secret crush
  8. 8. Identify a common area of interest and tweet or post about it on their page/profile
  9. 9. It’s Not Always Straight Forward Sometimes it may be best to just send out a tweet or post not directly to them but on your own page This may attract others to the information that you are posting about
  10. 10. How to Attract “#” (hash tagging) and linking. # Success Hash tagging identifies a specific category that if people search for you will come up
  11. 11. Mock Tweet In this case our prospect is “BigBiz”, they are a company you’re interested in, so we tweeted at them The #’s are topics of which you believe BigBiz will be interested in Link them to content from your company that you think they would want to know
  12. 12. Mock Google+ Post Posting content you believe that your target audience wants knowledge about will also increase your chances of contact Sometimes you don’t have to directly contact a person
  13. 13. Finally…Don’t Be a Stalker Easy does it on the tweeting and posting on peoples profiles Hey wanna be friends!? Too much just makes you seem like you’re desperate
  14. 14. See What Else We Got! For more information on how to “flirt business” and sell into the the big companies check out our free guide “Selling Into the Fortune 1000” Here: http://www.salesquest .com/resources/selling-into-the-fortune-1000/