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Account Based Marketing
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Account Based Marketing


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Tips and tricks on how to get your Account Based Marketing program rolling!

Tips and tricks on how to get your Account Based Marketing program rolling!

Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1. Account Based Marketing:Account Based Marketing: How to get your ProspectsHow to get your Prospects from Potential Friends tofrom Potential Friends to Friends with BenefitsFriends with Benefits
  • 2. What is Account Based Marketing?What is Account Based Marketing? ABM
  • 3. By the Book DefinitionBy the Book Definition Account Based Marketing or ABM, is the practice of marketing toward a specific prospect with a completely personalized marketing campaign.
  • 4. In Simple Terms…In Simple Terms… You are researching and trying to appeal to only one specific client
  • 5. Who Cares?Who Cares?
  • 6. You Should…You Should… According to ITSMA there are five major reasons most companies are practicing ABM
  • 7. Reason #1Reason #1 ABM represents a potentially significant improvement to the existing account planning process
  • 8. Reason #2Reason #2 Adds the “power” of marketing to the account development process Marketing
  • 9. Reason #3Reason #3 Helps companies focus on their most important accounts and opportunities
  • 10. ReasonReason #4#4 Develops deeper relationships with a broader set of decision makers (get to long walk on the beaches level...)
  • 11. ReasonReason #5#5 ABM has a high rate of return
  • 12. So How Do I ABM?So How Do I ABM? ITSMA and DemandBase believe in a five step program in order to make ABM work
  • 13. Step 1Step 1 Align (Be on the same track!)
  • 14. AlignAlign To align means to unite your sales and marketing team as one Together they will make better judgments in choosing accounts
  • 15. Step 2Step 2 Pilot
  • 16. PilotPilot To pilot essentially means trial and error Find out what ABM techniques work and what don’t
  • 17. Step 3Step 3 Build
  • 18. BuildBuild Once you have identified techniques that work expand Pick more accounts that can be profitable with ABM
  • 19. Step 4Step 4 Standardize
  • 20. StandardizeStandardize The more ABM accounts you get the more you need a model Develop a way of pushing out more ABM programs
  • 21. Step 5Step 5 Scale
  • 22. ScaleScale ABM has a great potential for revenue Apply ABM to other fields of marketing
  • 23. Myths About ABMMyths About ABM
  • 24. Sales Calls the ShotsSales Calls the Shots Sales doesn’t have the only or final say Equal partnerships between the sales and marketing team will identify the best accounts
  • 25. You Can Only Handle SoYou Can Only Handle So Many Accounts With ABMMany Accounts With ABM It does take a little more time to go after accounts with ABM Slow and Steady Wins the Race. The more ABM programs you develop the better chances at landing big accounts
  • 26. You Don’t Really Need Info onYou Don’t Really Need Info on Your ClientsYour Clients Because you are giving them the time of day means you can’t skimp out on the research Learn about them!
  • 27. Use ABM on All AccountsUse ABM on All Accounts ABM is designed for the big profit accounts Client A Client B Which one would you choose? The bigger the client the bigger the profit, the smaller the client the smaller the profit
  • 28. Let’s RecapLet’s Recap Align Pilot Build Standardize Scale Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
  • 29. Make an Arranged MarriageMake an Arranged Marriage The Sales and Marketing team need to come together in holy matrimony in order for a successful ABM program
  • 30. Don’t Over Do ItDon’t Over Do It It’s the same as underwear, one size does not fit all ABM works because you are specifically tailoring to a prospective client
  • 31. Supply and DemandSupply and Demand The more you want the more ABM programs you need to develop
  • 32. DO YOUR HOMEWORKDO YOUR HOMEWORK ABM only works if you really KNOW the client Learn everything about them down to their favorite kind of ice cream
  • 33. Always Make ThemAlways Make Them Feel SpecialFeel Special Finally, remember the purpose of ABM is to appear personalized to your client Treat them as if you are their biggest fans!
  • 34. Learn More!Learn More! For more information about Account Based Marketing check out our free “Orange Paper” All You Need to Know…and More! About Target Account Based Marketing here: account-based-marketing/