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Lessons from the Pitcher's Mound on Sales Team Development

Lessons from the Pitcher's Mound on Sales Team Development



Sales team development is essential. To get top performance from your sales and marketing organizations, today’s companies need to deploy their resources in the correct “roles”. In “the good ...

Sales team development is essential. To get top performance from your sales and marketing organizations, today’s companies need to deploy their resources in the correct “roles”. In “the good 'ole days” of selling, one talented sales professional ran the entire sales cycle (prospecting, qualifying, presenting, closing). In this webinar, Paul Rafferty, CEO of Sales Engine International uses baseball to teach his lessons on sales team development.



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  • Speak to the fact we knew we were warming the entire database but needed to measure the impact of that warming affect.List the things we do to build & warm the database:eNewsTargeted campaignsSocial MediaPPCWebinarsVideos
  • Questions:Do you see companies changing their sales models due to this paradigm?What are the biggest failure points for companies trying to implement this 2.0 model?What is the economic impact of moving to this new model?

Lessons from the Pitcher's Mound on Sales Team Development Lessons from the Pitcher's Mound on Sales Team Development Presentation Transcript

  • Lessons from the Pitcher’s Mound on Sales Team Development January 26, 2012
  • Today‟s presenterPaul Rafferty, CEO Sales Engine International
  • Ask your questions via Twitter Tweet: @datadotcom #jigsawcontactsOr in the Question‟s box on your screen
  • About Sales Engine International
  • Agenda• Baseball 1.0 vs. Baseball 2.0• Sales 1.0• Sales 2.0• Demand Generation Stages & Process• Building a Team for the Sales 2.0 World• Case Study
  • Baseball 1.0 vs. Baseball 2.0
  • Polling QuestionCy Young holds the record for most CompleteGames pitched in Major League Baseballhistory (749).How many does the current ACTIVE leader have: a) 347 b) 125 c) 66 d) I don‟t like baseball or sports analogies!
  • Answer: 66Roy Halladay
  • Why the Big DifferenceCy Young at 749 vs. Roy Halladay at 66 – Was Cy “Super Human” – Are we getting weaker?Or, are we approaching things differently – Adjusting to what we learn? • Statistics? Matchups? Change Momentum? – Has the economic landscape changed? • TV Contracts? Bigger Staffs? Specialization?
  • Accelerating Change Games Games % GamesYear Started Completed Completed1904 2496 2186 87.6%1914 3758 2067 55.0%1924 2462 1198 48.7%1934 2446 1061 43.4%1944 2484 1123 45.2%1954 2472 840 34.0%1964 3252 797 24.5%1974 3890 1089 28.0%1984 4210 632 15.0% The game has1994 3200 255 8.0% changed2004 4854 150 3.1%
  • SO What‟s the Point• Circumstances have changed• Must revisit “long held” assumptions• Build a Model for the “New Normal” “You cant do todays job with yesterdays methods and be in business tomorrow”
  • The Sales World We Grew Up In
  • The World of Selling has Changed- 85% of Cold Calls Go to Voice Mail- 80% of B2B Buyers “Find” the Sellers
  • Polling Question #2How would you describe your currentsales model? a) Sales Rep Pitches “Complete Game” b) Inside Sales  Feeds Outside Sales c) Integrated Marketing Inside Sales/Nurture  Feeds “Closer”
  • Demand Generation Stages •SEO / PPCSuspect •Events • Campaigns •Fit Score >X MQL •Interest Score (Marketing >Y Qualified Lead) •Total Lead Score >Z SQL •Budget •Authority (Sales Qualified •Need Lead) •Timeframe •Sales Stage; or Opportunity •Opportunity Scorecard •Won •Lost – Win/Loss Competitor •Lost – No- decision
  • Today‟s Starting Pitcher Integrated Marketing • Prospect Database • Rich Content • Marketing Automation • Execution • Lead Scoring
  • Goals of the “Starter”
  • Today‟s Middle RelieverNurture Resource:• Converts MQL‟s…(Marketing Qualified Leads)• Into SQL‟s (Sales Qualified Leads)• Key Success Factors: – Defined Process – Situational Fluency – Patience & Persistence
  • Timing is EverythingTiming is everything • 100x more likely to „connect‟ with lead within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes • 21x more likely to „convert‟ leads contacted within 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes • 7x more likely to have “meaningful conversations” w/decision makers” in 1st hour • Only 37% of companies respond within hour
  • Today‟s “Closer”Sales Executive:• Rich Industry Experience• Problem Solver /Adds Value• Highly Compensated• Large Quota and Pressure• Focused on the “Now Deal”• Not “wired” to nurture
  • Demand-Gen Engagement Process Lead Suspect score >X Campaign response, MQL Yes Trigger event, etc.(Marketing Qualified Lead) Sales Contact Call Ready No record Yes SQL Opportunity(Sales Qualified Lead) recordOpportunity • First “Stage” of sales process; or • First action in “Opportunity Scorecard” Win/Loss
  • Baseball 1.0 & Sales 1.0
  • Baseball 2.0 & Sales 2.0
  • Starter / Nurture Case Study • Sent eNewsletter to 18,000 recipients • Directed inside sales reps to IMMEDIATELY follow up after launch • Split their calling into groups based on lead score, click activity
  • Starting Pitcher– Metrics • No lead score Cold • No opens or clicks • Lead score = LowMQL #3 • Merely opened email(s).. But no „clicks‟ • Lead score = MediumMQL #2 • Clicked through on 1+ outbound campaign • Lead score = HighMQL #1 • Opened & clicked on campaigns for several months and visited web
  • Conclusions 878% Better Than Cold Calling % Conversations convert to Appointment1000%900% 878% • Phone conversations with800% 1,216 leads700% – 495 cold leads – 721 scored leads600% • % Leads converted500% – Cold = 0.6%400% – MQL #3 = 0.7% 321% – MQL #2 = 1.9%300% – MQL #1 = 5.3%200% 124%100% 0% Rating 1 Rating 2 Rating 3
  • Sales Engine‟s Growth in Sales Opportunities / Month
  • Sales Engine‟s Growth in Sales Opportunities / Month
  • Baseball 2.0 & Sales 2.0
  • Map OfferIn the survey at theconclusion of today‟spresentation you will havean opportunity to request acopy of the SalesAcceleration Map.
  • Find us anytime: @datadotcomhttp://data.com/facebook
  • Questions• Thank you for attending.• We will now begin the Q&A portion of our presentation.
  • About today‟s speaker