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Lead Chemistry-- The Formula to Fuel Your Funnel
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Lead Chemistry-- The Formula to Fuel Your Funnel


Published on

In this webinar you will learn the secret elements to creating constant, predictable conversion, including discussions on buyer personas, data accuracy and content strategy. …

In this webinar you will learn the secret elements to creating constant, predictable conversion, including discussions on buyer personas, data accuracy and content strategy.

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Published in: Education

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  • SS – Thanks Alexis. I’m Stacey Steiger, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Sales Engine International. Sales Engine is an integrated marketing services firm. Our offerings span from marketing automation technology to lead management services with a special focus on content strategy, development and campaign execution. Sales Engine became an INC 5000 member in 2012, continuing a pattern of rapid growth that we attribute towards our homegrown methodology that helps us successfully FIND, CONNECT WITH, AND ENGAGE prospects on behalf of our clients.I’m excited today to be sharing with you many of the lessons learned as we have worked to increase lead conversion rates both for our clients, and within our own marketing programs. MR - And I’m Maribeth Ross, VP of Marketing here at NetProspex, a B2B data services company. Our two companies recently developed a partnership and as we got together to discuss our marketing strategies, it became clear we had several things in common that helped us achieve incredible revenue growth, so we decided to develop a webinar to share what’s worked for us to help other marketers achieve the same growth.
  • MB takes over - “Ask yourself, “who buys from my company?”, then back it up with data (a year’s worth is a good starting point).Extract data from your CRM to determine what contacts from which companies are making buying decisions, as well as who influences the decision to buy. You can look at titles, company size, industry vertical and location, mixing demographic and firmographic information. Once you have that, you’re ready for step 3.”
  • MB – The next step involves taking a good hard look at your database. You know the types of contacts you need to target, now you need to determine how many are necessary to meet your revenue goals. We have created a waterfall calculator, available on our blog, if you search “waterfall calculator”. Here you input your MGR goal, along with your average deal size, then add your typical conversion rates from the previous year at each stage of the funnel, and it will tell you how many touches you will need to reach your goal. If you find your database isn’t large enough, you can consider alternative data sources like purchased lists, adding email subscribe requests to new places like email signatures, or rent lists to be sent from publications or associations that your target buyer’s trust. MB then transitions Step 3 to SS
  • MBData – We all know data decays at a rate of 2% per month. Analyze and examine your data every six monthsRelevancy – The same thing is true for your messaging. Amplify – You spend a lot of money and time on your content. You want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Consider extending the life of your content through Retargeting, marketing automation, and CTA Optimization. As an expert in these topics, Stacey will now speak to these points.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Elizabeth is Making a Pretty Cover SlideOur presentation will begin shortly. #LeadChem
    • 2. Welcome!• To join the audio portion of this webinar: Call: +1 (702) 489-0007 Access code: 563-483-439• Please use the Q&A function of the meeting window (found under “Tools” menu)• To follow our presentation on social media, please use #LeadChem #LeadChem
    • 3. Today’s PresentersMaribeth RossVice President of Marketing at NetProspexMaribeth Ross joins NetProspex with over 15 years ofexperience as a B2B marketer and industry thought-leader. She has experience developing award winningprograms and sales enablement tools in organizationsboth large and small, and has a keen understanding ofleveraging data to drive demand.Stacey SteigerVice President of Marketing and ProductManagement at Sales EngineStacey is responsible for every facet of marketing atSales Engine, including strategy, demand generation,corporate marketing and product marketing. She hasover 12 years of experience in the development of web-based products and is certified in Agile ProductDevelopment as well as the Pragmatic MarketingFramework.
    • 4. Agenda• Reveal our six-step scientific method for fueling the marketing funnel• Share tools to help with your own experiment• Q&A #LeadChem
    • 5. The Scientific Method#LeadChem
    • 6. HypothesisIf… we identify our ideal buyer, build adatabase with those specific contacts, andthen create marketing programs tailored totheir persona, we can boost conversionrates without increasing spend. #LeadChem
    • 7. Our Method1. Take a look into the microscope (identify the buyer)2. Build the periodic table (build your database)3. Learn the chemical properties (develop the persona)4. Map the protons, neutrons, and electrons (create persona-specific content)5. Conduct continuous experiments (perform data and content maintenance)6. Create a chain reaction (execute) #LeadChem
    • 8. Step 1: Take a Look Into the Microscope Company Titles SizeIndustry GeographyVerticals #LeadChem
    • 9. Step 2: Build the Periodic TableAvailable #LeadChem
    • 10. Step 3: Learn the Chemical Properties I have to…keeps me prove … to My biggestup at night. challenge is … my boss. #LeadChem
    • 11. Questions to Define the Buyer’s Journey: What Do They Need and When?A Solution toMy Problem Feature Comparison Checklist Benchmark Study #LeadChem
    • 12. Step 4: Map the Protons, Neutrons and ElectronsBuying Persona Persona #1 Persona #2 Persona #3DemographicsPsychographicsHigh % challengesSolutionconsiderationsWhy you? #LeadChem
    • 13. Build Targeted Campaigns Into Editorial Calendar #LeadChem
    • 14. Step 5: Perform Data and ContentData Quality Maintenance • ChecklistContent RelevancyMessage Amplification #LeadChem
    • 15. Step 6: Create a Chain ReactionMarketing Automation Is Essential to:• Effective Segmentation• Consistent, repeated delivery (cadence)• Evaluating response #LeadChem
    • 16. Repeat PerformanceRepeating your message:• Nurturing• Retargeting• PPC, Social Media & More #LeadChem
    • 17. In Review: 1. Take a look into the microscope (identify the buyer) 2. Build the periodic table (build your database) 3. Learn the chemical properties (develop the persona) 4. Map the protons, neutrons, and electrons (create persona- specific content) 5. Conduct continuous experiments (perform data and content maintenance) 6. Create a chain reaction (execute)Download tools to help with these steps in ourLead Chemistry Kit at #LeadChem
    • 18. Q&A#LeadChem