878% Better Than Cold Calling: How Marketing Can Drive Appointments


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Nurture marketing has gained significant traction in recent years, but marketers often struggle to tie the success of nurture efforts to closed deals. A recent study between Sales Engine and our partner, ebQuickstart, revealed an impressive connection between lead scoring and appointment setting. In this webinar, we discuss how we were able to obtain results nearly 9X better than cold calling and we'll share strategies that can help you do the same.

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  • If Phil Mickelson were 124% better, his average drive would be 369 yards.
  • If Philhit the ball 321% further, his average drive would be 957 yards,
  • If Phil hit the ball 878% further, his drive would be 2616 yards, and depending on his short game, Phil could complete the course at August in under 40 strokes.
  • What would happen to your sales if you…
  • Speak to the fact we knew we were warming the entire database but needed to measure the impact of that warming affect.List the things we do to build & warm the database:eNewsTargeted campaignsSocial MediaPPCWebinarsVideos
  • Leaving all other things constant
  • 878% Better Than Cold Calling: How Marketing Can Drive Appointments

    1. 1. 878% Better than Cold Calling How Marketing Can Drive Appointments Presenters: Paul Rafferty CEO, Sales Engine International John McLellan VP, Business Development, ebQuickstart July 21, 2011
    2. 2. For Today‟s Presentation• To join the audio portion of this webinar: Call: 1-877-739-5903 Access code: 266-675-404• We will start promptly at 1:00 PM EST• Your phones are muted. Please use the Q&A function of the meeting window. (found under “Tools” menu)
    3. 3. About today‟s speakersJessica Chan: ModeratorPaul Rafferty: Presenter Paul Rafferty is the Founding Partner of Sales Engine International and Chief Executive Officer. Paul is a richly experienced Senior Sales Executive whose unique insights and "steady hands" are greatly valued by all Sales Engine clients. Prior to founding Sales Engine, Paul spent 20 years with a Fortune 500 company, rising from Field Sales Rep to Regional VP of Sales and finally National VP of Sales Operations with responsibility for a sales organization exceeding 600 people.John McLellan: Presenter John McLellan is Vice President of Business Development at ebQuickstart. John is an award winning sales professional with 20 years of experience in sales/marketing positions in the software and data communications industries. He has held senior sales and management positions with both start ups and large publicly traded companies.
    4. 4. Who is Sales Engine International?Sales Engine International is a B2B sales acceleration company.Clients come to us to help them FIND, CONNECT with, and ENGAGEtheir prospects. We implement and relentlessly execute a salesacceleration engine on behalf of our clients. Our engine consists ofworld-class marketing technology, award-winning creativeservices, and the strategic direction of senior sales and marketingexecutives. www.salesengineintl.com
    5. 5. About ebQucistart•Founded 2006•Headquartered in Austin, TX•Long-term relationships with clients won month after month•Delivers on average 8 to 12 high quality leads per month•List Development, Lead Generation, Inside Sales
    6. 6. What if Phil Mickelson performed at 124% capacity?124% better = 369 yards average drive
    7. 7. 321% capacity?321% better = 957 yards
    8. 8. 878% capacity?878% longer = 2616 yards
    9. 9. 878% better at top of your funnel? Suspects Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Qualified 878% better LeadsThan cold-calling Opportunities Wins
    10. 10. AgendaThe case-studyConclusions – Forecast appointments based on scored leads – Build strategies for telesales process to maximize the results of integrated nurture marketing – Report effectively on results to show ROIQ&A
    11. 11. The Case Study – Lead Scoringis 878% better than Cold Calling • Sent eNewsletter to 18,000 recipients • Directed inside sales reps to IMMEDIATELY follow up after launch • Split their calling into groups based on lead score, click activity
    12. 12. The Case StudyCold - No lead score, no Opens or ClicksRating #3 – Lead score >0 points – Merely opened email(s).. But NO „clicks‟Rating #2 – Lead score >100 points – At minimum, clicked through on one outbound campaignRating #1 – Lead score >1,000 points – Opened & clicked on campaigns for several months and visited web site
    13. 13. Conclusions- 878% better than Cold Calling % Conversion Compared • Phone conversations to Cold Calling Results1000% with 1,216 leads900% 878% – 495 cold leads800%700% – 721 scored leads600% • % Leads converted500% – Cold = .6400%300% 321% – Rating #3 = .7200% 124% – Rating #2 = 1.9100% – Rating #1 = 5.3 0% Rating 1 Rating 2 Rating 3
    14. 14. Conclusions | Game ChangerFunnel Stage Cold Rating #3 Rating #2 Rating #1 Leads 1000 1000 1000 1000 Conversion % 0.60% .7% 1.9% 5.3%Opportunties 6 7 19 53 Conversion % 25% 25% 25% 25% Wins 1.5 1.75 4.75 13.25Average win $ $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 Total $ $75,000 $87,500 $237,500 $662,500
    15. 15. Reality Check• So Lead Scoring is 878% better than Cold Calling, but still…• Only 1-5% of all conversations turn into appointments…• And…85% of B2B Sales Calls go to Voice Mail• Will your Sales “Closers” pursue these???• Or do you need a different role??
    16. 16. Conclusions | The Middle Reliever• When only 1-5% of all conversations turn into appointments… we need a Demand-Gen or “Inside” rep• Starting Pitcher = The Map• Middle Reliever = Demand Gen or “Inside” Rep• Closer = Top Tier Sales Pro
    17. 17. Barriers to Rapid Growth • On Boarding – Lead generation often a “stepping stone” On Boarding – On average, 3-6 months before lead funnel is impacted – High turnover • TrainingAdapting Training – 5-6 weeks investment to get new employees trained • Management – HR, internal processes, training, Management quota/goals measurement • Adapting – New Markets = Risk
    18. 18. How ebQuickstart Process Promotes Success On Boarding • Salaried, career lead in Three generators committed to long- Days term relationships • I.T. is our core competency- Chances are we‟ve had a First Qualified project or product that touchesAdjustment Leads come your product or project within 7 days • Five years experience knowing the metrics for a successful project Management • Whatever your endgame is-we to Quota and Metrics can get you there faster and for less cost
    19. 19. Lead Nurturing50 clients using Lead Generation ServicesFinds that clients who engage in some levelof nurture activity consistently shows similarresults: Nurture activity leads to more appointments
    20. 20. Conclusions | Size sales & marketing Net new scored leads/mo • Measuring the scoring1,200 activity & warming1,000 over answers big 800 questions 600 – How big does my database need to be? 400 – How many campaigns 200 do I need to run? – How many reps do I - need?
    21. 21. Thank You for AttendingIf you are interested in meeting with Sales Engineto learn how you can Find, Connect with andEngage your prospects, contact PaulRafferty, CEO, prafferty@salesengineintl.comIf you would like to learn more about ebQuickstartcan help you deliver more qualified leads to yoursales reps, contact John McLellan, VP of BusinessDevelopment, john.mclellan@ebquickstart.com
    22. 22. Get the MapIf you would like to receive a copy of the SalesAcceleration Map, email:alexis.borucke@salesengineintl.com