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How To Grow Your Business 50% In 2010   Albert
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How To Grow Your Business 50% In 2010 Albert


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  • Here is your first lesson for the day! There is absolutely NO Charge! I need you to cross out “Think It Over” because that is NOT going to be an option. You need to do that with your prospects, and if you are not doing that, that is how you take a lot of pressure of yourself. So cross out Think It Over. At the end of my time with you, you are going to be asked to make a decision, YES or NO, which says should spend any more time together, and I’ll fill you in on that later.
  • Here is what I need you to do….Answer the following question…I (my salespeople) could sell a lot more if only I (they) could…… Take the first thing that comes to mind. It can be as many as you want…Some responses are: -Shorten sales cycles -Close More -Get in front of more prospects -Stop people from shopping -Qualify people better
  • I need you to answer one more question…In round numbers, in the last 12 months, how much has whatever issue you put down cost you in money? Ballpark, round numbers, it’s your number, no one's gonna check it…but I need you to how much this problem has cost you issue you in the last 12 months. Now Ask… What things have you tried to do to make these issues better? Work with them a little on these things to… Try to get a little more pain out and get agreement with yes’ and head nodding… Let me help you with understanding what is going on out there….
  • You don’t have Price Problems when you get… THE COST OF THE PAIN ON THE TABLE. All of this follows a general pattern…. 1. ________________ is a part of it 2. ________________ is a part of it 3. ________________ is a part of it 4. ________________ is a part of it 5. ________________ is a part of it All of these things are a part of it……
  • The Prospects System has 4 steps. First step is they lie to the salesperson about what is going on…(look for buy in) Now it’s not that they are bad people, so why do you think they are doing it? They don’t trust you…Now how many of you were brought up to be in sales? No hands/not many just as I thought. What kind of things do salespeople do to create distrust? They lie, talk too much, etc Competitors teach alternative event close…”Should I come and see you on Tuesday at 4 or would Friday at 3 be better for you sir”?” Now we’ve been taught that’s a professional sales move, the problem with that is there are 11,621 people in this town, using that move 5 times a day. So now I put someone in Pain by using that move. So really they are protecting themselves, because they know sales people are trained to handle objections, so they lie about what is going on in step 1. Step 2…There is enough expertise in this room to solve the business problems of a lot of the people you call on. You can raise their productivity or lower their cost no matter what you do because you’re good at it, and you offer something of value to the marketplace. Step two in there system is they get you to cough up your expertise and they have to get a quote out of you to get a better price from their current supplier. Step 3…Now they have what they wanted in Step two, but may need you to do more for them, so they lie to you about what is gonna happen next. They will hang hope in front of you, so in case they need more work from you, you will gladly come back, and the salesperson is walking around thinking “I GOT ONE”, but in their system we are nearly done. Unless they need you to do this again then they will probably give you the Humanitarian & Public Service Award. (Story) Step 4…Then you’ll move to Step 4 which is where they don’t answer and they don’t return your calls, you get their Voicemail, and how many of you have seen this system at work out there in your prospects? ALOT OF THEM! Why do they use it? IT WORKS! What are they after? They are after your expertise, your information, they are after Step #2.
  • This is called UNPAID CONSULTING! Now I happen to make my living as a Consultant, and I’ve got to ask you the question… What would the business prognosis be for me? What would my forecast look like if I did not get paid for dispensing my expertise? What would you say would be the long term prospects that I’m gonna stay in business? ZERO! How good is it for salespeople who don’t get paid? Same way…
  • So understand that their system is engineered to turn you into an UNPAID Consultant, and as the sale is progressing nicely, you will get a lot of pressure to turn to the right and follow their system. AND YOU WILL DO IT!….Unless you have a System of your own to follow. Let me suggest what a system that will protect your interest might look like….
  • Here is what we need to understand… -Business is not won or lost in presentation! -Business is not won or lost when they don’t answer or don’t return any of your phone calls! -Business is won or lost when the decision is made, right here, at this intersection as to who’s system is gonna prevail!!! Now, the careers of so many salespeople have ended and there are so many of them dead in the business because of what’s happened here that we thought we had to give this a name…and what we call this is…WIMP JUNCTION!
  • That’s right…WIMP JUCTION! Because the minute you follow the prospects system, you not only don’t get the business, you WIMP on your own personal goals and commitments, you WIMP on your income, you WIMP on your family, and you WIMP on the very reasons you are in sales to start with. So the issue becomes…You…well.. you know …you have been on calls when it’s has happened! What does it look like? What does it feel like? It’s when you get back in the car and you say they got me again, and I don’t know what to do with it, or their on the phone and they get you, and you don’t know what to do with it, or worst of all, you do all the work and then you find out nothing is gonna happen. That’s what WIMP JUNCTION looks like. So my message to you is, if you don’t have a system that you are going to follow, trust me…they are very good, you will default, you will get to WIMP JUNCTION and follow their system. They have been using it for over 5,000 years of recorded history. It’s a great system. They are very skilled at it, and they will use it unless you figure out a way to protect your self interest. So, I would suggest, get the Pain, get the Money, and get the Decision Process on the table, THEN do your Presentation.
  • Problem… NOTICE…Divulging your expertise is Step 2 in The Prospects System, it is Step 6 in Our System. You are going to get a lot of pressure to cough it up early. It is at that point that you will be WIMPING! Understand also that you can not go back and get it once it is lost. Relax and enjoy the ride, and understand that this is the last time it’s ever gonna happen and look at it as part of your education. You lost it back in Step 2.
  • OK, Its time. I need you to take out your business card and you’re either gonna circle Yes or No… We have already crossed out Think It Over, let me tell you what a Yes looks like. A yes means you have a problem that you are willing to invest a morning session to come and see our Program, and then sit with me for 15 minutes, after the session to discuss moving forward with the Program that best fits what WIMP JUNCTION looks like for you, and it’s “Money On The Table”. We take Credit Card, Cash or Check.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Grow Your Business 50% in 2010! Presented by: Albert Bellington “ Since attending your training I have already Closed the two largest accounts in my lifetime. My earnings from these two accounts alone represent over 50% of my last year’s earnings.” (Ralph Fratus, Jr., LUTCF, Designed Benefits Group) Strategic Partners:
    • 2. Sandler Training Institute at a Glance Founded: 1967 Commercialized: 1985 Training Centers 220 Globally Industries Trained 200+ People Trained 500,000+ 5 Year Average Growth 35% Entrepreneur Magazine Rating #1 (2005, 2006. 2007. 2008 2009, and 2010!) 2009 Hour Training in Our Facility 407 ISO 9000 Certified Course Provider Our Mission: We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations measurably increase their sales and client development performance by “ growing closer to their true potential ”. We achieve this goal by applying our proven methodology to the sales process vs. the traditional approach still used by most organizations today. We feel the most important step in the process is helping our clients recognize that a change in attitudes and behaviors must be ongoing, reinforced and supported and requires a commitment and investment of time, money, risk of failure and a belief in themselves.
    • 3.
      • ALBERT A. BELLINGTON - Biography
      • Albert Bellington, Executive Vice President of Sandler Sales Institute, brings over 15 years of direct sales and sales management experience to the firm's clients. He provides an experienced, hands-on approach to all audiences who are, seeking to improve their overall sales and sales management processes, increase the overall number of sales, increase territory management and efficiency, along with enhancing recruiting accuracy and client development. During his career, he has worked with a variety of companies and industries and successfully increased their profitable revenue and client development through the implementation of personal and organizational behavioral changes. As a Certified Sandler Trainer, he provides innovative public seminar training courses through a variety of effective methodologies. In addition, with his vast embodiment of sales training with industry leaders like Xerox Corporation, and IKON Office Solutions, he has been blessed with the best training and mentoring possible, and has been successfully transferring his knowledge to sales reps and managers, in all facets of business, for many years. Many of the sales reps he has mentored have become very successful in business and have gone on to be leaders in the companies they are employed at today.
      • He is a graduate of Adelphi University School of Business, where he majored in Business Administration, with Sales Management as his focus.
    • 4. Mark Panciera
    • 5.
      • FIRST BORN (50% U.S. Presidents)
      • • Perfectionist (needs mother’s approval)
      • • Conscientious
      • • Overachievers, workaholics (50% U.S. Presidents)
      • • Reliable “Word is bond”
      • • Critical
      • • Serious
      • • Relate to older people
      • • List Maker
      • • Takes Great Notes
      • • Squeeze toothpaste at bottom
      • • Fold money in like denominations
      • • Hang on to selling possibilities
      MIDDLE CHILD • Mediator • Avoids conflict • I ndependent • Many friends • Extreme loyalty to peer group • Holds cards close to vest • Doesn’t open up easily to others • Can break relationships easily YOUNGEST (Only 2 U.S. Presidents) • Manipulative • Entertainer • Charming • Show Off • Have a good time • Risk Taker • Innovative and experimental • Easy going • Open minded • Lose a lot of sales because of their “need for approval”
      • ONLY CHILD
        • • Worse than First Born
        • • My friend is married to one (he gets up at night to go to the bathroom and she makes the bed)
      NOTE: First Borns run for mother’s approval – Last Borns run for crowd approval Recommended Reading: “The New Birth Order” by Kevin Leman BIRTHING ORDER
    • 6. Take out a Business Card and write Yes, NO, and Think It Over. (Handout) Then cross out “Think It Over”!
    • 7. Definition of Sales
      • “ Bernie Cronin, Managing Partner, Sandler Training Institute”
    • 8.
      • Improving Your Attitude, Behavior, and Technique
      • We believe there are 3 elements that determine success in sales:
      • ATTITUDE
      • BEHAVIOR
      • ATTITUDE is the top point of the “SUCCESS TRIANGLE”. Why is Attitude on top? Your attitude drives everything. People will only perform in a manner that is consistent with how they see themselves conceptually.
      • BEHAVIOR. Without behavior nothing happens. Prospects don't just knock on your door ready to buy; you have to actively engage them.
      • TECHNIQUE. Ultimate success is determined by how well you perform when in front of prospects. Using a consistent approach to quickly qualify prospects and efficiently move through the buying process will improve your performance.
      • Of all three points on the SUCCESS Triangle, Attitude is the most important. As we focus on this, we hope you will begin to see areas for improvement. And, this awareness will help maximize your sales performance.
      A T B $UCCE$$ Why a Triangle? What Type?
    • 9.
      • A TTITUDE (I - 10) How You Feel
        • I/R
        • Self Image
      • Self Concept
      • Self Worth
      • Self Confidence
      • Self Talk
      • Self Doubt
      • T ECHNIQUE (Submarine) How You Act
        • OK/Not OK
      • Asking Questions
      • Active Listening
      • Reversing
      • Colombo
      • Negative Reverse
      • Dummy-Up
      • Disturbing Questions
      • B EHAVIOR (R - 10) What You Do
        • Dials
      • No’s
      • New Contacts
      • Appointments Booked
      • Face-to-Face
      • Closed File Calls
      • Clear Future
      • Referrals
      • SOLD
      • How to Manage Yourself Effectively:
      • Guts
      • Humor
      • Getting Your House In Order
      • Creative Prospecting
      • $UCCE$$
      Rule: “It’s not how you feel that determines how you act; its how you act that determines how you feel.” Quote: “What you say is overwhelmed by how you behave.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
    • 10. The Deserted Island Exercise: Step 1 : Imagine yourself on a deserted island. The sky is clear. The wind is calm. The sea is smooth. You will be on the island for only 15 minutes. Also, imagine that you have arrived on this island without roles - roles such as husband, wife, salesperson, golfer or engineer. Step 2: With this in mind, rate the You that is left; a You without roles. In other words, what is the value you place upon yourself devoid of all your roles in life. Step 3: On a scale of 0 to 10, indicate this rating; 0 denoting a low self-value and 10 denoting a high self-value. You can also decide to place your rating somewhere between 0 and 10 (circle one). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Step 4: After you have determined this rating, write a description, in 25 words or less, of how you see your "role-less" self. Step 5: Now state the one or two words that define your description - sort of like writing a definition first and then the word which stands for the definition - a Webster's Dictionary in reverse. ATTITUDE
    • 13. 5 Positive Results from a Sales Call
      • __________
      • __________
      • __________
      • __________
      • __________
    • 14. 5 Positive Results from a Sales Call
      • Yes
      • No
      • Lesson
      • Clear Future
      • Referral
    • 15. I (my salespeople) could sell a lot more if only I (they) could……
      • _______________________________
      • _______________________________
      • _______________________________
      • _______________________________
      • _______________________________
    • 16. In Round Numbers…. How much have these problems cost you over the past 12 months? $_____________
    • 17. You don’t have Price Problems when you get… THE COST OF THE PAIN ON THE TABLE. $_____________ In Round Numbers…. How much have these problems cost you over the past 12 months?
    • 18. In EVERY Selling Situation, there are 2 Systems at work…
      • The Traditional System:
      • Qualify
      • Present
      • Handle Objections
      • Close
      This is the system Corporate America teaches its salespeople and has been doing so for 50 years.
    • 19. In EVERY Selling Situation, there are 2 Systems at work…
      • The Prospect’s System:
      • Lie #1 – about what’s going on
      • Expertise/Quote – so they can shop you
      • Lie #2 – they may need you to do more work later on
      • Run & Hide – VM, OTL, OOT, OOS
      This is the system Corporate America uses to buy and has been in use for 5,000 years of recorded history!
    • 20. In EVERY Selling Situation, there are 2 Systems at work…
      • The Prospect’s System:
      • Lie #1 – about what’s going on
      • UNPAID CONSULTING – so they can shop you
      • Lie #2 – they may need you to do more work later on
      • Run & Hide – VM, OTL, OOT, OOS
      This is the system Corporate America uses to buy and has been in use for 5,000 years of recorded history!
    • 21.  
    • 22. This is where you will determine if you will fall into their system or follow your own system.
      • Our System:
      • Bonding/Rapport
      • Upfront Contract
      • Pain
      • Budget
      • Decision
      • Presentation/Close
      • Post Sell/Referrals
      In Our System: You get Pain, Budget, & Decision, before you Present/Close!
    • 23. Get the Pain, get the Money, and get the Decision Process on the table, THEN do your Presentation. Wimp Junction ®
      • Our System:
      • Bonding/Rapport
      • Upfront Contract
      • Pain
      • Budget
      • Decision
      • Presentation/Close
      • Post Sell/Referrals
    • 24.
      • The Prospects System:
      • Lie #1
      • Lie #2
      • Run & Hide
      • Our System:
      • Bonding/Rapport
      • Upfront Contract
      • Pain
      • Budget
      • Decision
      • Presentation/Close
      • Post Sell/Referrals
      Wimp Junction ®
    • 25. $10,000 TIME FOR PRIZES!
    • 26. 10 Reasons Handout THANK YOU! Albert Bellington Executive Vice President   1000 West McNab Road, Suite 315 Pompano Beach, FL 33069 (954) 701-6472 (Mobile) (954) 781-9647 (Office)          (954) 781-4396 (Fax)   QUESTIONS?