The politics of Henry VIII


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The politics of Henry VIII

  1. 1. The politics of Henry VIII Laura Jiménez - Mireia López - Coral Martí - Laura Vera
  2. 2. His politics Henry based his politics on the alliance with Spain to fight against France because they discussed who Flandes, Calais and Scotland belonged to. United Kingdom and Spain won the battle in Pavía in 1525. In 1521 Henry VIII wrote the “Assertio Septem Sacramentorum”
  3. 3. The problems begin Henry wants to break the marriage with Catalina of Aragon, because they didn't have any boy. He solicited the permission to break his marriage, but the Pope didn't agree. After that, he changed and he had more lovers to find a heir. Henry VIII had an illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, and Henry VIII decided to name his son duke of Richmond. The problems began when Catalina was kept out of the politics. He wanted to get the divorce. After that, she opposed to the divorce but Henry solicitated to the Pope the anulation of her marriage with Catalina.
  4. 4. The split up In 1529 the church forbode Henry to get married again. The 23 May of 1533 the archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer cancelled the marriage of Catalina and Henry and he could get married again, now with Anne Boleyn, his lover. The wedding with Anne Boleyn forced him to break with Rome. The parliament adopted a document called "Act of Supremacy" (November 1534), which declared independence of the Anglican Church under the sovereignty of the king. There were certain opponents, including Thomas More and John Fisher. But Henry VIII could not stand this opposition. Both Thomas More and John Fisher were cruelly executed in 1535. The discrepancies continued.
  5. 5. The Reign During the reign of Henry VIII there were more lies and truths. In 1536 and 1539 the government began to secularize the monasteries and confiscate the proprieties of the Church. In the home politics, Henry VIII wanted his reign to become a modern state, sovereign and integrating the feudal organism of the territories in real administrations.
  6. 6. Back to Church   Henry VIII was a man of principles. He confronted with the Pope for a simple love affair.Henry VIII never failed to recognize many of the benefits of religion.   During his reign, the anglican system was no more than religious. On the one hand,it made the links with Lutheranism possible and, on the other hand, it held its ties with Catholicism.
  7. 7. His last years In his last years, Henry took part in foreign affairs and he started one of the biggest seafleets in England. The English people today remember him as “the king of six wives.”
  8. 8. THE END