Working With the Media


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Media newsroom are undermanned and no longer have the resources to produce in depth stories. Brands can earn media by collaborating with the media and helping them to produce great news stories.

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Working With the Media

  1. 1. Working with the Media:How to Increase Your Earned MediaMentions
  2. 2. Think like a publisher!
  3. 3. What Does the Media Want?
  4. 4. ImagesWe live in the age of the“camera in everyone’s pocket”
  5. 5. Phase One: Image Explosion
  6. 6. Train Your Team• Visual content• Images – iphone, smartphone, iPad, apps• Infographics• Video – phone, camera, iPad, edit, distribute• SEO - for images and video
  7. 7. Video Increases Social Media Engagement• Socially-referred video starts have muchhigher completion rates.• Users are more than twice as likely tocomment, share or like video content thannon-video content.• Adobe study 2013
  8. 8. Shrinking Newsrooms• Newspaper newsroom cutbacks in 2012 put theindustry down 30% since 2000 and below 40,000full-time professional employees for the first timesince 1978.• The news industry is undermanned andunprepared to uncover stories, dig deep intoemerging ones or to question information putinto its hands.Pew State of the Media 2013
  9. 9. A PR Opportunity• Journalists and bloggers say that they relymore on outside content than ever before.• Tell your story visually - produce and pitchvisual material that enhances and extends thestory.• Pitch the idea of a collaborative piece that youcan work on with the news outlet.• Provide experts, research and visuals.
  10. 10. Images with embed codes
  11. 11. Video with Embed Codes
  12. 12. • Put in on your website in your newsroomor news page• SEO the news pages• Promote the story (• Use a wire serviceDistribution Online
  13. 13. Average Wire Service fees– PR Web $80 - $369 with visuals– Businesswire $380 + visuals– Marketwire $500 + $75 for video– PR Newswire $1500 with video
  14. 14. Built by journalists for journalistsNow available to businesses/PRNo extra charge for visualsAdd images, video, graphics, maps,slides, formsExcellent SEO features$149.95 a month for 20 releases – no charge forvisualsIntroducing Newswire
  15. 15. Newswire Special Offer
  16. 16. SallyFalkowDigitalPR626 296 6218Questions
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