Social Media Mapping Merrimack College


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Social Media Mapping - research your audience and map your social graph. This gives you the data you need to produce great content that engages your stakeholders.

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Social Media Mapping Merrimack College

  1. 1. Social Media MappingVisualize your organization’s digital landscape for effective online engagement Sally Falkow APR
  2. 2. Value of Listening Customer Insights R&D New Markets Brand Positioning CompetitiveIntelligence
  3. 3. Create a DashboardNETVIBES
  4. 4. Customers/Clients• Where are they?• Who is talking• What are they saying?• Who are they connectedto?
  5. 5. Rapportive
  6. 6. JournalistsTwitter Bio SearchMuckRackCision JournTweetsLinkedIn
  7. 7. Twitter Bio Search
  8. 8. How to do the Bio Search
  9. 9. BloggersGoogle SearchTop/Best (Category) BlogsEngage 121Little BirdBlog rolls
  10. 10. Competitors What are they doing? What are people sayingabout them? Where are they activeonline? What have they done thatwas successful? Any gaps or threats?
  11. 11. Influencers
  12. 12.  Opinion Leaders 1 in 10 Online Influencers 3 in 10 Amplified voices Fans Influencers Followers Friends
  13. 13. Evangelists Know yourPassionate Fans Spread the Word Protect theBrand in a Crisis
  14. 14. Brand AmbassadorsNurture yourevangelistsMake them part ofthe teamCreate BrandAmbassadors
  15. 15. Mizuno - The Mezamashii Run ProjectIt is no secret that i am an Asics or Nike Running shoe man.I rarely deviate or try different Brands. A few months ago I triedthe MIZUNO – WAVE RIDER 15 and I was very impressed withthe shoe. It totally changed my impression of the Mizuno Brand.I prefer the shorter runs rather than the long ones! Ive alwaysbeen a Nike girl, but since your posts and lots of runningexperience, Id love to get my hands on a pair of Mizunos and getback on the path!This is a blog I like to visit regularly and I got to know thatRunning Shield’s favorite shoe brands are Asics and Nike. Thus,it was a bit of a surprise for me to read him writing about Mizuno.My Mizuno shoes arrived in time for me to test them out. Youknow, on one of the toughest marathon courses in the country.And you know what? They were awesome. So I tested themAGAIN on a trail half marathon the next day. Im pretty muchmaking them my new trail shoe.
  16. 16. OpportunitiesNew MarketsR & DProduct LaunchesGapsCompetitors’ mistakes
  17. 17. Hennessy
  18. 18. DetractorsComplainersOrganized attacks
  19. 19. Digital Crisis Report 79% expect a major crisis within 12 months More than half think it will be online Only 54% have a plan 49% of those with a plan still have gaps Less than half (45%) know who their influential customers are
  20. 20. Progressive Insurance Case of under insured driver policy Blog post Facebook posts Invited to Today Show
  21. 21. Social Media Threats 76% could have been avoided (Altimeter Group)
  22. 22. Content StrategyWhen you know what people aresaying, what they think and feel,who they are connected to andwhat they are interested in, you cancreate and publish content that getsresults.
  23. 23. Takeaways1. Set up a cross-discipline social media team2. Map your social graph3. Discover who is in your graph4. Identify the influencers in each node of the graph5. Listen to the conversations6. Analyze the information7. Set goals based on what you find8. Publish great content9. Build a supportive community online10. Measure what matters
  24. 24. Q and A Blog: Facebook SallyFalkowDigitalPR Twitter: @sallyfalkow Email: Website: