PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations Survey


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The 2012 Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey showed that there are big gaps between what journalists and bloggers say is important with a news release and what what PR people think is important to journalists.

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PRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Digital Media Relations Survey

  2. 2. Download the full report
  3. 3. Visuals with Releases Increases Views
  4. 4. Images with Press Releases PR Journalists 4% think images are very 52% say images are very important important to journalists 22%think images are important to journalists 28% say they are important 56% add images to releases
  5. 5. Image Galleries in Newsrooms Survey Newsroom Study 56% said Fortune 100: 71% they have an image Fortune 500: 32% gallery INC 500: 14%
  6. 6. Video with News PR Journalists 75% of journalists say they want 43% think video is access to video with a story important to journalists 86% of media websites use video 10% used externally produced 38% think a video video in 2011gallery in their newsroom is important 30% are using externally produced video in 2012 – a jump of 20% in just one year!
  7. 7. Video Gallery in Newsroom Survey Newsroom Study 32% said Fortune 100: 64% they have Fortune 500: 28% a video gallery INC 500: 8%
  8. 8. Embed Codes PR Journalists28% of survey 76% of media respondents websites say they are request supplying videos withembed codes with videos embed code
  9. 9. Embed Codes in NewsroomsA study of company newsrooms shows a very different story Fortune 100: 13% Fortune 500: 6% INC 500: 2%
  10. 10. Infographics 39% of survey Increases views respondents said they don’t add images and graphics because theyIncreases sharing are not necessary 17% of media 54% don’t add them websites use because they don’t haveexternally produced the resources to produce the content infographics wth a release
  11. 11. News and SearchSearching for news is the one factorthat most impacted the news media in the last decadePew State of the Media Report 2011
  12. 12. Search Optimized News ReleasesA study of 500 press 98% of journalists use search to find information releases on PR about companies Newswire, Businesswire, 92% of Internet users use search engines Marketwire andPRWeb revealed that 76% get news online only 14% were 70% of buyers searchoptimized for search online for new industrial product news engines
  13. 13. News Sharing The one factor the will most impact the newsmedia in the next decade will be sharing of news Pew State of the Media 2011
  14. 14. Sharing Options in Corporate NewsroomsFortune 100: 53%Fortune 500: 18%INC 500: 12%
  15. 15. Credible Spokespeople The #1 sourcefor journalists in 59% have executives and2012 is credible subject experts experts and with bios in their spokespeople newsrooms
  16. 16. Conclusion There is a large gap between what journalists and the media want in terms of news contentand what PR people and corporate newsrooms are delivering This means that opportunities for media coverage are being lostOpportunities for news content to be found byinterested journalists, bloggers and the pubic are not being utilized
  17. 17. Conclusions 1. Optimize all news content for search 2. Provide visual material with every press release 3. Make news videos and pitch them to media websites4. Provide embed codes with all images, graphics slide decks and videos Smart PR practitioners will take advantage of these gaps and become a valued resource for digital journalists and bloggers
  18. 18. Get the Full Report• Download the report at•• Download the infographic at•
  19. 19. Sources for the DataPRESSfeed 2012 Online Newsroom and Media Relations Survey PRESSfeed study of 300 Online Newsrooms PRESSfeed study of 500 press releases Additional Sources: PR Newswire Pew State of the Media Report 2011 and 2012 Pew Internet and American Life Project Oriella Digital Journalism Report 2012 Web Influencers Survey D.S Simon 2011 TEKGroup Online Newsroom Survey 2012 ThomasNet Industrial Purchasing Barometer (IPB)
  20. 20. Does Your Newsroom Still Look Like This?
  21. 21. Want it to Look Like This?
  22. 22. Get a free evaluation of your newsroom and a demo of thePRESSfeed hosted online newsroom 626 638 3847