Islam, science, success and wisodm quotes by sajid ali talpur


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Islam, science, success and wisodm quotes by sajid ali talpur

  1. 1. Islam, Science, Success and Wisdom QuotesQuotes By: 1 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  2. 2. 1. I fear life more than death because death is not determined by me but success or failure; heaven or hell is determined by my thoughts, walks, talks and tasks…!2. Don’t make life fun just run, run and run until you get your work done otherwise you will have none in the Day of Judgment under sun…!3. People are bad enough to tease you but I am sure you are good enough to forgive them…!4. I do not own any business but the entire world is my own where Almighty Allah is to be felt and Muhammad (s.a.w) to be followed…!5. We have to strive being single skeletal muscle with the two smooth and cardiac as ideals which never tire to strive…!6. Exams are not the obstacle of our course; instead they are like the myelin sheath for the rapid conduction of impulses…!7. The protein is not deliberately ranked first the reason is the more you work the higher you will be…!8. Tungsten is not illuminating until given voltage; you are not beautiful until skilled…!9. If your small brain can dream to achieve big, then why can your big body not do small to let it come true…?10. Don’t just pass life, just pass in life…!Quotes By: 2 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  3. 3. 11. Don’t let luck decide your future; also the hard work is useless unless the destination and the planned path to achieve it are determined…!12. There is no way to turn over a new leaf other than turning your ways to the Prophet(s.a.w)’s life who himself being orphan introduced the world such a rich God (Almighty Allah), that the billions follow him today…!13. The future will take revenge if you spoil the present…!14. Don’t hate people in lieu turn them good since all the fungi and bacteria are not harmful if we have the skills to turn out antibiotics from them…!15. The nature of the nature is same for all of us, only those who contemplate became extraordinary in discovering Physics…!16. The difficult work in life is to maintain equilibrium in life by hard work in life…!17. Almighty Allah is the greatest justice who gave the exact hours to each of us yesterday. How the case is taught when Gluteus maximus is supplied by inferior gluteal vessels and Gluteus minimus is supplied by superior gluteal vessels…!18. The greatness does not lie in arrogance instead in the humbleness as for every monocyte to become macrophage diapedesis is required…!19. Truth is always valued! The book of Keith L. Moore was awarded as the best book just because he added Quranic verses in it…!Quotes By: 3 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  4. 4. 20. It is difficult to please different people of different thoughts but it is easier to please one God (i.e. the Almighty Allah) by equality with different people of different thoughts…!21. Don’t proud and deceive yourself of being perfect; instead, continue struggle until you achieve the destination (heaven) because only one amino acid replacement out of 574 in the hemoglobin leads to sickle cell anemia…!22. According to Charles Darwin “to live on earth is to struggle for survival” but I want to struggle for heaven where there is no struggle for survival instead the existence with successes…!23. To immediately get at the gate of heaven after death and to turn the fate best make Muhammad (s.a.w) ideal at any rate and leave the rest…!24. Every action has reaction; yes exactly if you can not please your books how will you be pleased…?25. The girls are like enzymes in the lysosome, very precious till inside the membrane but very destructive when getting out of the membrane of hijab…!26. Don’t fear ups and downs in life because if foot had not been adapted to arches it would have not been able to walk on uneven surfaces…!27. The life of years is converted into days when deprived, depressed and despaired but that of days is converted into years when dreamed, determined and devoted…!Quotes By: 4 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  5. 5. 28. Solving the problems is the solution of problems than increasing the problems by worrying on the problems…!29. If peace is wanted in the world then weapon supply should be restricted to armed forces only it should not be extended to a common man as the body defenses well until the function restricted to WBC and if not then you are no more away from cancer…!30. Neither take rest nor be the time waste because life is the test and only heaven is the rest…!31. In the case of Tibialis anterior and Tibialis posterior one becomes extensor the other becomes flexor. It indicates that you are the result of your surrounding you adapt. That’s why be with books and good to shine yourself…!32. Consider yourself and globe member and family respectively, Lamellae and vertebrae respectively…!33. To shine your face make nimaz (salah) base because life is race and in this case to fasten the pace don’t create mess…!34. Don’t proud because death is your around, you are on the earth of abroad you will be thrown in the grave by a crowd who will leave you alone with the soil and worms for you to surround…!35. Life is too short so swiftly come into Islamic fort because there is no route of any other sort and after death we have to stand in in the biggest court…!36. The soul and nafs are indirectly proportional to each other but the body remains constant…!Quotes By: 5 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  6. 6. 37. Live like artery and vein which always run in opposite directions but still stay together…!38. Don’t walk your feet for eat by cheat otherwise you will have a seat in the hell as a treat…!39. I am the great fan of the greats for their great character of the greatness and the greatest of all these greats in the greatness of my knowledge is the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) who taught us the greatness of Almighty Allah by his great character of the greatness…!40. Learn, practice and preach…!By the same Author: Success tips by Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur Chemistry definitionsQuotes By: 6 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
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