What are the goodness and badness?


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Why some people are good and some bad?

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What are the goodness and badness?

  1. 1. “Everyone wants to be good no matter how bad he is” My dear readers! It is a matter of common observationthat everyone in the world wants to have a respected life anddesires to acquire which he wills but it does not happen in thereal life. Let’s see why and how to achieve the place ofperfectness, the heaven? Whatever actions we perform in life are only the result ofhow we think and thoughts are generated from the seeds ofknowledge either obtained from books or merely environment.Any such change in external or internal environment whichprovokes responses or actions is called stimulus (pl. stimuli). Itis apparent now; the kind of stimulus determines the kind ofaction and if it is persistent then the action adapts the shapeof habit. Let’s understand through these examples.1) In winter when you feel cold you look for warmth and wearwarm clothes. Here, cold is the external stimulus and wearingof clothes, the action. Likewise, in summer your actions arereversed because the stimulus is reversed.2) You drink water when you feel thirst and you eat when youfeel hunger. In both these cases, feeling of thirst and hungerare the internal stimuli and the concerned actions areperformed.
  2. 2. 3) For the thief, stealing the things is good and for the gentlesociety it is crime.4) In the battle the two rivals fight each other, each oneagainst the other and both consider themselves right. It is sobecause the soldier of country A was taught that in killing thesoldier of country is your success and vice versa.5) In the light of 4th example the entire humanity is dividedinto two groups the one who believes in one God (i.e. AlmightyAllah) and sacrifice their own lives to achieve heaven andbeing saved from hell. The other group does not either believein Almighty Allah or follow the way of prophet and specificallyin the present world of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).6) Now let’s see whose stimulus is more accurate! As a Muslimone has to follow The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and TheGlorious Quran. Before talking about how accurate are thesetwo sources let’s see the flow chart of the so far discussionor the mechanism of actions (goodness and badness).
  3. 3. Stimuli Thoughts ActionsSince, there are two types of actions, the good and the bad sothere must be two types of stimuli, the good and the bad!7) The good stimuli are from Prophets sent by Almighty Allahfrom Adam (A.S) to Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and the bad stimuliare from the devil. As human are born ignorant so they needproper guideline as a good stimulus to perform good activitiesso the God sent these holy people called prophet. In the lastcame Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who was born in makkah acultureless place then, his father was died before his birth,his mother died when he was six and the grandfather died ateight, altogether a total orphan but his success is miraculous
  4. 4. that today billions of people follow him today. He left amongus the Glorious Quran which is the most read book in theworld because of passing many years even its a single letter isnot changed. So at the present, The Glorious Quran and theways of The Prophet Muhammad are the only good stimuli forgoodness and the rest is not acceptable for the achievementof heaven as mentioned in these words as;And… here is the summary!Quran Difficulties Heaven LifeIgnorance Luxuries Hell
  5. 5. Quran as stimulus Goodness thoughts The Goodness which leads to heaven…!I hope you have better understood the topic, just implementit in your life and remember me in your prayers.“I fear life more than death because death is not determinedby me but success or failure; heaven or hell is determined bymy thoughts, walks, talks and tasks”
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