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Taller de comparativos_y_superlativos_2014 (1)


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  • 1. Forma un equipo de 7 estudiantes y realiza todos los ejercicios que se muestran a continuación, ¡suerte!  COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE LAURA GREEN HANNA JONES RACHEL TYLER GRETA SIMON AGE: 20 AGE: 21 AGE: 25 AGE: 30 HEIGHT: 1.65cm HEIGHT: 1.67cm HEIGHT: 1.70cm HEIGHT: 1.68cm WEIGHT: 54 Kg WEIGHT: 50 Kg WEIGHT: 55 Kg WEIGHT: 55 Kg SALARY: 1000$ SALARY: 1200$ SALARY:2000$ SALARY: 2000$
  • 2. 1. Laura's hair is longer than Hanna's, but Rachel's hair is longest. 2. Hanna is younger Greta, but Laura is youngest of the girls. 3. Rachel earns than Greta. 4. Greta is more beautifull than Laura, but Rachel is the most beautifull of the girls. 5. Laura is Greta, buy Hanna is . 6. Rachel's eyes are biger than Greta's, but Hanna's eyes are the bigest. 7. Greta looks prettier than Laura, but Hanna seems to be prettiest. 8. Greta's clothes are ugliet than Hanna's clothes, but Rachel's clothes are ugliest. 9. Greta is nicer than Hanna, but Laura is the nicest of the girls. 10. Hanna's salary is smaller than Rachel's, but Laura's salary is smallest. 11. Laura's salary is smaller than Hanna's. 12. Laura's salary is the smallest. 13. Laura is shotter than Hanna, but Rachel is the tallest of the girls. 14. Rachel is fatter than Hanna, but she is slimmer than Greta. 15. Hanna is Laura, but Rachel is .
  • 3. MAKE YOUR OWN COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES SENTENCES: This book is cheaper than that magazine.__________________________________________________ Paris is more interesting than los Angeles.__________________________________________________ Saidriana is taller than her sister._________________________________________________________ A car is farter than a bicycle._____________________________________________________________ This book is the most expensive.___________________________________________________________ You are the lallest.______________________________________________________________________ This house is the most confortable._________________________________________________________ Jeams is the least nice neighber in the area.__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 4. Now, choose the correct answer: a) I think Hanna is .................. Laura. a best student X a better student than best student b) I think that Greta ........................Rachel. isn't as attractive as X is most attractive as is the most attractive c) In my opinion, Laura is ........................of the girls. the most clever X the cleverest more clever than
  • 5. d) As I see it, Greta's job must be ................. the more difficult as difficult as X the most difficult e) I think Hanna must be ........................the rest of the girls. X funnier than the funniest more funny
  • 6. Comparing people... Compare the following people: Bob Homer Alice 28 years old 39 years old 9 years old 55 kilos 80 kilos 33 kilos 1.50 mt 1.55 mt 1.20 mt Bob is Younger (YOUNG) than Homer. Homer is Older (OLD) than Alice. Alice is Slimer (SLIM) than Bob. Bob is Shorter (SHORT) than Homer. Homer is Fatter (FAT) than Bob.
  • 7. Alice is Shorter (SHORT) than Homer. Homer is Uglier (UGLY) than Alice. Homer is Slower (SLOW) than Bob. Bob is Tidier (TIDY) than Homer. Alice is More Beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) than Bob. Alice has got Longer (LONG) hair than Bob. Homer can play the guitar Better (GOOD) than Alice. Alice can run Faster (FAST) than Homer. Alice draws Worse (BAD) than Bob.
  • 8. Bob is More Intelligent (INTELLIGENT) than Homer. Homer is a More Interesting (INTERESTING) person than Bob.
  • 9. Now, compare the following people: Harry Garfield Sponge Bob 32 years old 10 years old 6 years old 75 kilos 60 kilos 3 kilos 1.90 mt 0.57 mt 0.20 mt ex: Harry is older than Garfield. (OLD-YOUNG) Write ONE word per gap Garfield is older than Sponge Bob. (YOUNG-OLD) Sponge Bob is fatter than Harry. (FAT-SLIM) Harry is taller than Sponge Bob. (SHORT-TALL) Garfield is shorter than Harry. (SHORT-TALL) Garfield is funnier than Harry. (FUNNY-BORING)
  • 10. Sponge Bob's eyes are biger than Harry's. (SMALL-BIG) Harry is stronger than Garfield. (STRONG-WEAK) Garfield is more beautiful than Harry. (BEAUTIFUL-HORRIBLE) Bob Sponge is better at sports than Garfield. (GOOD-BAD)
  • 11. WORLD RECORDS: Complete with the superlative form of these adjectives: long, small, large, big, cold, fast, high, And these nouns: lake, animal, country,mountain, desert, river. The Vatican is the biggest country in the world. The blue whale is the largest animal in the world. The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. The Nile is the longest river in the world.
  • 12. Sahara is the smallest desert in the world. Russia is the longest country in the world. The great wall of China is the biggest wall in the world. Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in Africa. Antarctica is the coldest place in the world.