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Nma live-colin-whaley Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Attribution – a Sales & Marketing Director’s view NMA Live – May 20th 2011Colin Whaley Center Parcs UK
  • 2. Why attribution?Source: Forrester Research: The State Of Consumer Technology Adoption 2005
  • 3. Today’s Presentation Introduction to Center Parcs Our Marketing Challenge Our approach to Online Attribution Where next with Attribution?
  • 4. Introduction to Center Parcs UK Family short break destination 4 holiday resorts in England, each set within 400 acres of forest Over 100 indoor and outdoor activities
  • 5. The Marketing Challenge for Center Parcs 100% direct sell - no affiliate activity Limited spare capacity – 95% occupancy Aggressive sales and profit targets Strict limits on marketing budget It’s all about improving Return On Investment
  • 6. Our reality in 2009Only accurate tracking was ‘last click’, … Limited visibility of the consumer click path Multiple platforms tracking various channels Conversions were not being de-duped Insights were retrospective
  • 7. Was attribution a path worth pursuing? 65% of paths had more than one click or exposure 50% of customers were interacting on more than one media channel before converting The average number of exposures before conversion was 3.2 Average length of consideration period – 17.2 days
  • 8. The way we were… legacy ‘last-click’ model PPC 0% 0% 0% 100%
  • 9. The Vision – increase ROI Attribute revenue across all online channels Minimise wastage and duplication on overlapping channels Optimise online campaign in real-time Have one fluid budget pot (channel agnostic)
  • 10. Multiple touchpoints working together CORE IDEA E-CRM DISPLAY PPC SEO Social We need to ensure our channels are working for each other, not against each other.
  • 11. The right team, the right platform
  • 12. Getting started Initially 5 channels measured: Paid Search (PPC) Display click Display view Organic search (SEO) Paid inclusion Ability to re-process 60 days worth of data to visualise different scenarios Flexibility to apply custom business rules to predictive modelling and optimisation algorithms
  • 13. 5 Step Methodology:1. Analyse touchpoints2. Select channel prioritisation3. Customise weight of each channel4. Customise Distribution across click path5. Analyse and apply insights for optimisation of spendLive November 2009
  • 14. 2009/10 Attribution Model 10% 15% 25% 50%
  • 15. 2009/10 Campaign results 14% decrease in cost-per-click 35% increase in bookings 43% increase in revenue 54% increase in ROI
  • 16. Year 2 – Broadening the model One budget pot across search and display Reduced spending on Paid Search Increased spending on SEO and Display Investment in a Social Strategy
  • 17. Year 2 (2010/11) results Further YOY 19% increase in bookings Further YOY 27% increase in revenue Further YOY 29% increase in ROI
  • 18. And the bigger picture at Center Parcs?Overall marketing costs have been held over 3 years,whilst achieving: Record occupancies in each of the last 3 years Record Revenues in each of the last 3 years Record Profits in each of the last 3 years
  • 19. Where Next with Attribution?
  • 20. Social Media integration How can our Social Media activity be measured within the sales funnel?
  • 21. What is the Connection Between Device Type and Conversion? What effect does device type have on attribution?
  • 22. In Conclusion.. the main lessons learned Keep it simple – take ‘baby steps’ Get all the key stakeholders to collaborate (ensure the client understands!) Be open-minded and channel agnostic Be patient and willing to continually test and learn Stay focused (or lose touch and waste money)
  • 23. Thank you - @ColinWhaley