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Day1 research stream_1545_microsoft_shoppers_microsoft_advertising

  1. 1. New Shopper JourneysThe Important New Role of Digital Media
  2. 2. Study Implications QuestionsHighlights for agencies & Answers Beth Uyenco Caroline Vogt Global Research Director Head of Global Insights Microsoft Advertising Aegis Media
  3. 3. The study: research overview Qualitative:• Interviews and shopper observations across six countries (including UK and France) Quantitative:• Online surveys in 17 countries • Covering the ‘Big five’ in Europe• 19,000 shoppers • 5,365 in Europe • Italy , Germany, Spain, UK, France • Sectors: groceries and personal care, home electronics, fast food, clothes, shoes and accessories
  4. 4. More InformationMore complex decisionsMore opportunities to influenceGreater expectations
  5. 5. Insights 1 The shopping journey is far more complex than ever before
  6. 6.  Purchase decisions are no longer linear, they’re more dynamic than ever
  7. 7. WOM feedback loopNeed Post Research PurchaseState Purchase In-store research ‘Pre-tailing’ Retailing ‘Post-tailing’
  8. 8. Three core shopping journeys emerge 1 Research purchase Research journey Longer path to purchase Greater The shopper did some research prior to buying effort 2 Habitual purchase Habitual journey Shorter path to purchase An item the shopper normally buys Minor effort 3 Impulse purchase Impulse journey Short path to purchase A spontaneous, unplanned purchase Little or no effort9 Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  9. 9. Three core shopping journeys emerge Home Clothes, Shoes Groceries & Fast Food Electronics & Accessories Personal Care 6% High 12% Research purchase 68% 21% Longer path to purchase Greater effort 52% 39% Habitual purchase 66% Effort Shorter path to purchase Minor effort 40% 42% 14% Impulse purchase Short path to 18% 22% purchase Little or no effort Low "Thinking about the last time you bought, which statement best describes your actions?"10 Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  10. 10. Insights 2 More reliance on different forms of digital media
  11. 11. Internet means consumers are able to get moreinformation in the same amount of time
  12. 12. Digital a vital source for product research In Home Electronics category: 66% of research-led shoppers used the internet for information-- more than twice television and nearly twice the recommendation of family and friends.
  13. 13. More important than posts on social networks for Research Journeys Mobile phone Mobile phone Mobile phone Mobile phone 59% 44% 54% 40% Home phone Email Home phone Home phone 59% 42% 48% 40% Email IM Email Email 54% 36% 46% 39% Text Home phone Text IM 36% 36% 36% 21% IM Text IM Text 29% 35% 30% 21% Social network Social network Social network Social network 24% 31% 27% 16% Q: Which of the following did you use to discuss (with family/friends)? Base: Researchers Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  14. 14. For people researching online, retailer-owned digitalassets are top sources % of researchers who have researched online 12% 68% 6% 21% BOUGHT MEDIA OWNED MEDIA Search Engine Search Engine Retailer Website Retailer Website (46%) (47%) (28%) (59%) Price Comparison Price Comparison Online coupons Brand website (41%) (44%) (26%) (36%) Retailer Website Brand Website Search Engine Search Engine (33%) (37%) (25%) (33%) Brand website Retailer Website Brand website Online shopping (31%) (36%) (25%) website (33%) Online shopping Online shopping Online circular Price Comparison website (22%) website (35%) (23%) (22%) Q: B1b Which of the following online sources did you use whilst researching or shopping? Base: internet research buyers Home Electronics (n=1148), Fast Food (n=40), CSA (n=214), Grocery (n=114) Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010 15
  15. 15. Insights 3 Post-purchase behavior is significant to influencing shoppers!
  16. 16. Your mission no longer ends at the sale Pre-tailing Purchase Post-tailing 38% Discussed purchase In all home electronic journeys 31% Recommended 21% Search engines product 17% Recommended 20% Price comparison sites the retailer 17% Brand websites 14% Talked about the 16% Customer reviews shopping experience 16% Online shopping sites 4% Posted a review 14% Expert reviews online 3% Blogged about 6% Blogs/forums the experience 2% Posted these digital channels were experience on consulted social networks Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  17. 17. Insights 4 Marketer opportunity to leverage Paid, Owned and Earned media
  18. 18. Paid media drives consideration and preferenceIn Home Electronics Category: % of people who changed their mind about a Brand after research Paid: 58% Owned 54% Earned: 34% Source B1c., B4 Home electronics. Those who changed their mind after research 1) about the brand
  19. 19. Most appealing features sites can offer?Those that help them make smarter decisions ITALY Sends discount coupons to your mobile phone that can be 59% 71% redeemed in store Allows you to compare prices at 56% 65% stores in your local area Finds in-store promotions in your local area 48% 59% Locates certain products or brands in your local area 44% 52% Finds local restaurant in your areas and allows you to make reservations 41% Source: QE6 Please tell us how appealing you find each of the following services? Top two boxes (net) from 5 point scale Base: All respondents (n=5000) Source: New Shopper Journeys Europe 2010
  20. 20. 1 Post-purchase behavior is significant to influencing 3 Marketer opportunity More reliance shoppers! 4 to maximize owned, 2 on different bought and earned digital media media
  21. 21. Carat’s Five Applications
  22. 22. #1: Beyond Carat and into Aegis brands - Multiple client groups, multiple markets
  23. 23. #2: New digitally centric strategic communications frameworks The overall understanding of the new shopper journey and the insights itself are giving us the tools to define and propose complete convergence communication strategies targeting the shopper, focus on converting brand image into real sales. Basically, this is allowing us to speak to the brands about performance marketing on a holistic strategic approach, based on the shopper knowledge, combining on line and off line. • Head of Planning, Spain “The insight and analysis has helped us create the strategic framework for a Home Electronics client and identify opportunities currently being overlooked by their existing communications strategy” • Deputy MD, UK Carat
  24. 24. #3: Digital experiences heavily contribute to purchasing decisions How important would you say each of the following were in your final decision:  Website  experience 6.1 Consumer review/expert opinion 5.8
  25. 25. #4: Paid media still counts! A good source of Online sources used information/inspiration?
  26. 26. #5: The Research Effect opens up new branding opportunities What changed as a result of research Buy Brands in-store considered or online
  27. 27. questions?