IF2204 Personal Finance MODULE SPECIFICATION - IF2204 ...


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IF2204 Personal Finance MODULE SPECIFICATION - IF2204 ...

  1. 1. IF2204 Personal Finance MODULE SPECIFICATION - IF2204 - Personal Finance Introduction This document outlines core information regarding a module. The information is regularly reviewed by the University and should be read in parallel with the relevant programme specification. Module Title Personal Finance Module Reference Code IF2204 Home School Cass Business School Home Department UG Programme (Cass Business School) Module Credits 15 Module Level Level HE2 Module Rationale None Educational Aims This module develops students' understanding of how people make decisions about their own finance and how they view financial products, especially those directed to reducing risk. For those students interested in working in the financial services sector, the course will provide insights into the way people view and react to the products they might be involved in developing or marketing. The course takes as its starting point the widespread recognition that levels of financial literacy within the population are low. It also acknowledges that policy-makers are stressing higher levels of personal responsibility, especially in matters such as health care and pensions. Thus, the promotion of financial education has become a priority. This course is one of the few of its type run at a UK university. Indeed, the Cass Business School was one of the pioneers in offering such a course. Moreover, the course is designed to take account of the international nature of the student body taking business, insurance and finance courses. Thus, it deals with matters at a relatively general level rather than in a UK-specific fashion. Outline Content The course will cover: Explanations of saving and borrowing across the life-course The social, economic, and regulatory environment within which financial services operate Sources of financial information and advice Personal financial planning Banking and debt management Savings and investments Risk asessment Crisis management Protection insurance Personal taxation Education fee planning Pension plans and retirement options Inheritence and bequests Page 1 of 4 16 September 2009
  2. 2. IF2204 Personal Finance Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module, a student will be expected to be able to: Cognitive/Intellectual Skills Ability to analyse different personal finance products from the viewpoint of the consumer and from the provider's perspective Ability to choose between alternative personal finance solutions Knowledge and Understanding A good understanding of UK personal finance products An appreciation of the UK tax system Appreciation of comparatives with non-UK systems Understanding of the retail Banks Subject Specific Skills Report writing skills, individual analysis Research ability of product offerings Transferable Skills Communication Team working Presentation Use of IT to research Understanding of market segmentation Page 2 of 4 16 September 2009
  3. 3. IF2204 Personal Finance Learning and Teaching Methods Lectures, Group team work, Presentation MODULE TEACHING PATTERN Contact Self Total Student Teaching Component Type Hours Directed Learning Study Hours Hours Hours Classes Tutorial 10 0 10 Lectures Lecture 20 120 140 Totals 30 120 150 Module Relationships Pre-requisite Relationships Co-requisite Relationships Non-requisite Relationships Assessment Methods Coursework and Exam Module Pass Requirements Module Pass Mark 40 Page 3 of 4 16 September 2009
  4. 4. IF2204 Personal Finance Module Assessment Minimum Qualifying Assessment Component Assessment Type Weighting Mark Pass/Fail coursework Coursework 30 40 No exam - 2.25 hours Exam (Unseen) 70 40 No Indicative Reading List Personal Finance, George Callaghan,Ian Fribbance,Martin Higginson. Published by Wiley, ISBN 0-470-02855-6 Sorting out your Finances for Dummies, Melanie Bien. Published by Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-69515-9 The Saturday ''Personal Finance'' section of the Financial Times and the ''Money'' sections of the quality weekend press. HESA Codes Code Description Price Group 27 Business and Management Studies D JACS Codes Code Description Percentage (%) N300 The study of financial systems, regulations and reporting. 100 Page 4 of 4 16 September 2009