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  • 1. Vicky Chen ( 每日中文書訊請上以下大苹果網站查詢 部落格 : 網址 : 《馬多夫騙局》 MADOFF Corruption, Deceit, and the Making of the World's Most Notorious Ponzi Peter Sander 前美國那斯達克主席、股市傳奇人物馬多夫如何主導 史上最大的金融騙局 Paperback 256 pages 出版社:The Lyons Press /Globe Pequot Press (03/24/2009) 分類:Non-Fiction ISBN 13: 978-1-59921-811-3 審閱資料: 部份章節電子手稿 2008 年底,在金融風暴中爆發了華爾街有史以來最大的弊案,前美國那斯達克 主席、 「馬多夫投資證券公司」創立者、股市傳奇人物馬多夫被控以「龐式騙局」詐 騙了超過 500 億美元。以短期暴利做誘餌,拿後來投資者的錢支付先前的投資者, 類似老鼠會的「龐式騙局」不斷誘騙獲利者持續將獲利投入。
  • 2. Vicky Chen ( 許多有錢人如美國職棒大聯盟紐約大都會隊老闆彭爾彰都是他的受害者,英國 最大銀行集團匯豐銀行、西班牙最大的桑坦德銀行以及法國最大的巴黎銀行,也 深受其害。其中市值最高的匯豐銀行損失高達 10 億美元。 Peter Sander 從馬多夫的求學時期開始追蹤,將揭露這個曾獲同儕選為最喜愛、 最尊崇的避險基金經理人,當過美國那斯達克主席的風雲人物,如何打造這個 世紀騙局,以及馬多夫騙局所引發的超乎想像的嚴重後果。 Review “If you had said to me that Bernie was going to be chairman of the NASDAQ and make all this money, I never would have believed it possible." -- Fletcher Eberle, Far Rockaway High School classmate and swim team co-captain “The will to believe something that is convenient to believe is strong in all realms.”-- Kurt Anderson, novelist and host of public radio’s Studio 360 About the Book In December 2008, with financial crisis sweeping America and the globe, Bernard “Bernie” Madoff, a leading Wall Street figure and former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market, reportedly made a stunning admission: For years he’d bilked thousands of investors worldwide—from wealthy individuals and hedge funds to charities, synagogues, and colleges—to the tune of $50 billion. Overnight, the term “Ponzi scheme”—a fraudulent investment strategy that pays returns to early investors with money invested later by others— became synonymous with Madoff’s name. In the first comprehensive account of this epic scandal, Peter Sander traces Madoff’s rise from schoolboy to Wall Street trader, from money maker to money manager. His gripping narrative
  • 3. Vicky Chen ( examines how Madoff built his brand by infiltrating influential circles, how the scheme came unraveled, and how Madoff—a Jew whose arrest has been called “fodder for the bigots”—ironically wreaked grievous damage to Jewish organizations in particular. Sandler asks: How did Madoff convince so many sophisticated investors to part with their fortunes without asking questions? How did he elude regulators for years? And how can we, as prudent investors and citizens, avoid such a debacle? Also included: - A chronology of events - A list of victims and how much they lost - The full text of the now famous 2005 report by financial fraud investigator Harry Markopolos warning the Securities and Exchange Commission of Madoff’s dealings 【關於作者】 Peter Sander 是的財經作家與金融顧問。曾著有 18 本書,如《城市排名和等級》 (Cities Ranked and Rated)、《價值投資 》(Value Investment for Dummies)和《短線交易完全手冊》(The Complete Idiot's Guide to Day Trading Like a Pro)等。活躍於各平面與電視媒體如 NBC Today、CNN、Fox News 等。曾為 Market Watch 與 撰寫專欄。 About the Author Peter Sander is a professional writer, researcher, and consultant in the fields of personal finance, general business and location reference. His 18 book titles include The 250 Personal Finance Questions Everybody Should Ask, Green Christmas, The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Living on a Budget, Value Investing for Dummies,
  • 4. Vicky Chen ( Everything Personal Finance and the Frommer’s R Cities Ranked & Rated series. He has developed over 200 personal finance columns for Market Watch and, and has appeared on NBC Today, CNN, Fox News, and a variety of radio and print media. Education includes an MBA from Indiana University and completion of Certified Financial Planner (CFPR) education and testing requirements. Experience includes 20 years as a marketing program manager for a Fortune 50 technology firm and over 40 years of active investing. He lives with his wife Jennifer Basye Sander and two sons in Granite Bay, CA. 【 Outline】 Madoff: Corruption, Deceit, and the Making of the World's Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme. Headline quote: “The will to believe something that is convenient to believe is strong in all realms.” - Kurt Anderson, novelist and host of public radio’s Studio 360 Introduction - Starts with text from site, builds out with size and scope of scandal, questions around Madoff’s motives and other questions it raises, book’s approach to answering them Chapter 1: Ponzi, and Other Wall Street Schemes - Michael Milken, Kenneth Lay, Nick Leeson, others ?? Who was Ponzi? What was his scheme? Other famous Ponzi schemes Chapter 2: Queens Kid Makes Good - Birth, early life, where he came from, childhood, education, early career. becoming a Wall Street trader Chapter 3: Building the Madoff Brand - From market maker to money manager, the evolution of BM Securities, from making money to managing other people’s money,
  • 5. Vicky Chen ( early investigations, Harry Markopolos, others. “Wall Street Pioneer” – electronic trading, day trading, front running, paid for order flow, option strategies Chapter 4: Blind Trust: Recruiting the Best and the Brightest - How he infiltrated wealthy circles, Jewish circles, international circles. Sales pitch and tactics, feeder funds (“Follow the Feeder”), what the statements did and didn’t reveal Chapter 5: One Step Ahead of the Regulators - The 8 investigations, Harry Markopolis, what SEC did and didn’t do and why, what Congress had to say, what it might lead to. Chapter 6: “It’s All Just One Big Lie” - Confession, arrest, indictment, early criminal case, Chapter 7: Collateral Damage - Who he ruined, how much, what victims had to say, suicide story, direct investors, feeder funds, how much everyone will recover. Impact on Jewish community, charity/foundation community, investment adviser profession and community. Chapter 8: Chosen Again - A deeper examination of Jewish community involvement and impact. Quote: Laura Goldman, Tel Aviv money manager to Palm Beach Post “Jews had more faith in Bernie Madoff than they did in God”) Chapter 9: The Psychology of Trust - What makes an investment crook tick, why they do what they do, how and why it works Also, the psychology of investors who follow blindly, why it works, how to avoid it
  • 6. Vicky Chen ( Chapter 10: The Madoff Legacy - “If it’s too good to be true,” what you as investor should do, how to avoid or reduce risks of investing scandals - Long term impacts of Madoff scandal Appendix A: Chronology Appendix B: Victims: who and how much Appendix C: SIPC detail, what it covers, what it doesn’t Appendix D (TBD): Text of 17-page Markolis letter to SEC attempting to expose Madoff Appendix E: Sources of additional info, websites, etc.