2007-2008 Arapahoe Business Department
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2007-2008 Arapahoe Business Department






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2007-2008 Arapahoe Business Department 2007-2008 Arapahoe Business Department Presentation Transcript

  • 2007-2008 Arapahoe Business Department AHS Business Department It's all the buzzzzz! AHS
  • Benefits of Business Classes
    • Obvious application of concepts to everyday life
    • A sound background in computers & technology
    • Jump start on core business requirements for college
      • Accounting, Marketing, Business Law, Finance
    • Business Certificates of Proficiency
      • Stand out on college applications and resumes
  • Business Certificates of Proficiency
    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Business Technology
    • Business Management
  • Certificate Requirements
    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    * Eligible electives include all Business and Marketing courses except BT1 Accounting I (Full year) Personal Finance Advanced Business Technology 2 Marketing (Full year)
    • One of the following:
    • Advanced Marketing
    • Sports & Entertainment
    • Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    One Business or Marketing Elective* AHS
  • Certificate Requirements
    • Business Technology
    • Business Management
    * Eligible electives include all Business and Marketing courses except BT1 Accounting I (Full year) Professional Employment Training Advanced Business Technology 2 One Business or Marketing Elective* Advanced Business Technology 2 Desktop Publishing One Business or Marketing Elective* AHS
  • DECA An Association of Marketing Students
    • 10-12 grade
    • Co-curricular marketing club
    • District, State & National competitions
    • Role plays and written manuals
    • School wide events
      • Homecoming BBQ, DECA Dodgeball and more!
  • FBLA Future Business Leaders of America
    • Open to all grades
    • District, State and National competitions
    • Over 50+ business competitive events
      • Accounting, computers, public speaking, team events, and much more!
    • Social activities and community service focus
  • Computer Classes Adv Bus Tech Desktop Publishing Class Grade Level Days Credits 9-12 *Must have taken BT1 or passed Proficiency Exam MWF or TR 3 or 2 9-12 MWF or TR 3 or 2 AHS
  • Accounting/Finance Classes Personal Finance Accounting I Class Grade Level Days Credits 10-12 Cannot take 2 nd semester without 1 st semester MWF 3 11-12 MWF or TR 3 or 2 AHS
  • General Business Business Principles Business Law Class Grade Level Days Credits 9-10 Fall & Spring TR 2 10-12 Spring Only MWF 3 AHS
  • Career Planning Community Employment Experience (CEE) Professional Employment Training (PET) Career Connections Class Grade Level Days Credits 9-10 TR 2 10-12 TR 2 11-12 *Must have taken PET and enroll in a related class to your job while in the program N/A 5, 7 or 10 AHS
  • Marketing Marketing Advanced Marketing DECA Store Sports & Entertain. Marketing Entrepreneurship Class Grade Level Days Credits 10-12 TR 2 11-12 *Must have taken Marketing MWF 3 10-12 Fall *Must have taken Marketing or Business Principles MWF 3 10-12 Spring *Must have taken Marketing or Business Principles MWF 3 10-12 *Can only apply if you are in a marketing class MWF or TR 3 or 2 AHS
  • Business Department It's all the buzzzzz! AHS
  • Advanced Business Tech 2
    • No more keyboarding
    • A “MUST HAVE” class to be prepared for college!
    • Project based class
    • Word
      • Advanced formatting
      • Tables
    • Excel
      • Spreadsheet formatting
      • Mathematical formulas
      • Advanced charting
    • PowerPoint
      • Effective design and communication of ideas
      • Tables and charts
  • Desktop Publishing
    • Get to use your creative side!
    • Use Microsoft Word and Publisher
    • Create professional publications
    • Brochures, newsletters, business cards, and more
  • Accounting I
    • Essential for future:
      • Business Majors
      • Consumers
      • Entrepreneurs
    • Learn accounting cycle and the vocabulary of business
    • Computer Application
      • Quick Books
  • Personal Finance
    • Class fills fast – great info for college!
    • A “MUST HAVE” class to be prepared to be financially independent
    • Opportunity to earn $1,000 scholarship for college
    • Saving, budgeting, investing, credit cards
    • Buying cars and houses
    • Microsoft Money software to track your finances
    • Planning for your future
  • Business Principles
    • Economic resources and systems
    • Entrepreneurship and small business
    • Business ownership and operations
    • Leadership and management
    • Consumer rights and responsibilities
    • Write a business plan for a business of your choice
  • Business Law
    • How courts work – civil & criminal
    • Laws for minors and consumers
    • Contracts
    • Legal implications of business decisions
    • How laws reflect society
  • Career Connections
    • Explore ways to choose a career based on what you like
    • Learn the skills and abilities you will need for future jobs
    • Research specific careers of interest to you
    • Identify opportunities for after high school
  • Professional Employment Training (PET)
    • Help identify possible careers
    • Research colleges and training programs
    • Explore workplace dynamics
    • Employment skills
    • Resume, applications, interviews
  • Community Employment Experience (CEE)
    • Must have taken or be currently enrolled in Professional Employment Training (PET)
    • Must take a class related to your job
    • Receive one hour of credit for every 30 hours of work
      • 5, 7 or 10 credits
      • Can only enroll for a total of 2 semesters
    • On-the-job work experience, evaluations and visits
  • Marketing
    • Role of promotion in business operations
    • Advertising, merchandise display, publicity
    • Promotional mix
    • Product branding, packaging, labeling, and positioning
  • Advanced Marketing
      • Market research
      • Starting and managing a business
      • Entrepreneurial risks
      • Retail merchandising
      • Create your own product to sell in the DECA store!
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
    • Product and price decisions
    • Market research and outlets
    • Branding, imaging & licensing
    • Sports & entertainment promotion
    • Sports & entertainment planning & careers
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Challenges and rewards
    • Managing market strategies
    • Business processes
    • Managing finances of a business
    • Expansion of existing clientele
  • DECA Store
    • Must be enrolled in a marketing course
    • Must complete an application
    • B average student and excellent attendance
    • On-the-job retail training
    • Inventory and cash register balancing
    • Merchandise ordering and display design