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Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV)

Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV)






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    Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Presentation Transcript

    • Case Study on PTV
    •  Station established at Lahore  In1967 television centers were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad .  Television centers we reestablished in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.   On February 18, 1982 Main Color TV Center was inaugurated at 58Shahrah-e-Quaid-eAzam with Two Production Studios,, The main project of the Academy was approved in 1981 with an estimated cost of Rs.33.9million from the Government,
    •              Admin & Personnel Department Information Technology Department Training Academy Department Security Department Current Affairs Department International Relations Department Engineering Department Marketing Department Program Department Public relations Department Finance Department News Department Sports Department
    • To entertain the people of Pakistan. To keep its viewers in touch with changing circumstances of world.  To increase the literacy rate.  Teachings to people of all religions with the help of religious programs.  To bring social and cultural awareness in the people.  Political and social security  Provide information about science and technology.  
    •           1964 Television service in monochrome started. 1967 Two production studios added at Rawalpindi & Karachi. 1973 National microwave network commissioned linking TV centers. 1974 Quetta/Peshawar centers commissioned. 1976 color transmission started.1987 federal TV centre at Islamabad commissioned. 1992 second TV channel for education commissioned. (One TV station at Islamabad & 16 rebroadcast stations). 1996 local area transmission from four (4) stations started and extended to 03 more stations. 1998 transmission of PTV world programs started.1998 up to 06 production centers (Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, and Islamabad-I & Islamabad-II). 35 rebroadcast stations in operation for ptv-1. 16 rebroadcast stations in operation for ptv-2 PTV-1: area covered: 38%population covered: 86.48 % PTV-2: area covered: 24.19 %population covered: 55.83 %
    •       PTV Home online PTV Home Live Streaming PTV News PTV sports Pakistan Television Academy Pakistan Television Foundation Housing Scheme
    •      PTV is a Government owned organization as it holds all paid up shares of the organization. The television broadcasting is the business of PTV. It has its main offices at Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta. PTV has 8 departments in it. It is the national representative of Pakistan in the field of telecasting. All international and national debated, conversation, addresses, parliament meetings and all party conferences are all communicated through PTV. PTV is the leading channel in the field.
    • Political  PTV strategies are set by the managing director. Managing Director is allocated by the present government whenever the government changes the managing director is changed. The organization is though bound to perform as the present government wants it. PTV has to follow all the policies, decision of the government.
    •  The situation affects PTV a lot as it’s is government owned organization so as the economical situation of the country decreases the funds that are available to PTV decreases.
    •    PTV is influenced by different standards of society like life style, religious values, social norms, pattern of life etc. PTV is used to promote the society’s image. PTV is a family channel so it has to limit its programs to the level that is seen in families of society in real.
    •    latest and best available technology. It is using 3Dtechnology. It is not currently using DTH.
    •    Business Volume Product/Service line Competitors
    •  There are last five years business volumes of Pakistan Television Corporation:
    •    News Entertainment Sports
    •  “Public relation is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”
    •  Daily Press clippings and reports.  Arrangement of Press Conferences.   Issue of Press releases. Build national and international relation. Reply of False Stories, Propaganda & Criticism and at the same time appreciation of positive articles and items in the Press.  Co-ordination with the Press Artists, Producers and PTV Officials.  Release of PTV Advertisements. 
    • Try these steps to take to reach out to viewer in a sensible, effective way.  Stories need more than just plots and settings. They should have characters, conflict, and themes, too  Monitor Editorial Opportunities  Set Up Event Interviews  Use PR Focused Tools  Promote the culture, norms and values  Family base production  Launching news channels  New dramas and entertainment programs 
    •        Social media Newsletters Brochures and catalogues Speaking engagements Sponsorships Employee relations Exhibition
    •     PTV uses these PR techniques to enhance the progress: Use the social media like Face book Twitter Arrange the education base lecture Quiz programs for students Promote the peace Discussion on Holy Quran and other occasional religious programs  Special tributes to legendary bodies  Poetry’s programs  Many other Occasional programs on National and International events    
    •  Strengths of PTV  PTV operating more than 50 countries of world, that increase its viewer ship and also increase the market value. PTV Home is considered as a family channel . PTV is the defender of cultural and ethical boundaries of society  
    •    PTV mostly used the old technology. Huge size of the organization is also a week point of PTV. Due to own by government PTV bound under the government policies and has lack of freedom.
    •    Due to have strong networking PTV has opportunity to easily launched new services. PTV has opportunity to grape these advertisement and increase competition. PTV has highest ratio of coverage in Pakistan, so PTV has an opportunity to share its maximum transmission to maximum peoples for the purpose of extension.
    •    Turnover of old employees due to attractive packages offers by competitors is a big threat for PTV. Low rate of advertisement offer to customers by competitors is also threats for PTV. Taxes on broadcasting sector are increasing day by day and that is destructive for the PTV in shape of low profit.
    •    PTV becomes the leading television network. One TV set the public have to see is high in rural and urban. Pakistan Television Corporation also has an academy to train people about electronic media and new technology and that role play in education sector.
    •      There are some suggestions and recommendations which I refer to PTV for good career plan PTV has two main sources of revenue. consider the latest innovation Talents must be selected on the basis of their devotions Try to create competitive environment