Demanding of dowry is a curse
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Demanding of dowry is a curse






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Demanding of dowry is a curse Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  A dowry is served as a form of protection for wife against the possibility of ill treatment by her husband and his family, providing an incentive for husband not to harm his wife.
  • 2.  Dowry refers to many goods or property that a woman brings into a marriage. It is paid by the woman’s family to man’s family. In the Muslim world marriage is regarded as a religious duty and MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) went on to say: “Don’t let your child to go with empty handed after marriage, provide something to your daughters “so in Islamic countries parents consider it as their social responsibility to give dowry to their daughters with their own happiness not due to their compulsion.
  • 3. Dowry is the money ,goods or estate that womanbrings to a marriage which is paid by the bridesparents to the groom or his family just because ofthe following reasons. To save their self respect To their own will Establishment of a new household Protect the daughter so she will not listen to any ones words To fulfill the Sunhat of Muhammad (S.A.W)
  • 4.  The kinds of people who asks to a girl’s parents for dowry because a girl is not enough even though she leaves behind her family, home, lifestyles and everything she may have ever known to go live with a stranger. Kinds of people are here. Greedy people Shirker Without morality people Selfish and having lust of money
  • 5.  The shirker, selfish and greedy people demand the dowry in such forms. In cash For getting car House Bikes Foreign tour To start the business Ornaments etc.
  • 6.  Parents, girls and family members are effected if boy’s family demand for dowry, effect is Tension creating situation Age increased(aged) Diversion Cause of social evils Death before age Spoil the minds of others. Suicide
  • 7.  If the dowry is demanded after marriage then the situation is: Threats Tension creating situation Disagreements and quarrels Spoil the whole environment Spoil the household environment Badly beaten Divorce Bad impact on children
  • 8.  If the parents fulfill the demand of boys, parents then the impact is really bad because it is the mother of all the evils. Repetition of demands Generate many social evils Further greediness Temporary happiness Permanent worrying for parents
  • 9. As a pro (public relationofficer), the activities are: Made speeches Seminars Awareness Aware the condition of poor people Documentary Lesson oriented movies must watch Media should highlight these people Punishment
  • 10.  If the punishment is given and government fine then then the situation can b better. After aware the people that demanding dowry is a curse and it is the mother of all the evils people can improve their life if they aware what our holy prophet says: “Do not marry only for the sake of beauty, the beauty may be the cause ofmoral degradation, do not marry for the sake of wealth, may be the wealth becomes the reason of insubordination. Marry on the grounds of religious devotion”  Situation can be better if people follow the direction of MUHAMMAD (S.A.W). Wedding on exact age of women Tension free people Happy life Half evils will be finished.