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  • 1. www.aerobowls.com Aero Bowls are outstanding value: They are the most technologically advanced bowls ever manufactured Made in AustraliaAustralia and New Zealand Brochure Aero have changed the game with their unique trajectory The Aero Arc Trajectory™ is key to our success in becoming Australia’s leading brand. Only Aero guarantee that every set that leaves our factory is the same regardless of date stamp. Bowlers everywhere have been quick to embrace this technological advancement with over 12,000 sets sold in just 18 months. The iconic Harbour Bridge – an arc that’s the Aero line to the jack
  • 2. Aero Technology Optima It’s a result of precision machining that ensures a consistency unmatched by any other brand. Aero’s machine compensates for the temperature in the factory and shuts down if a tool goes beyond a measured tolerance. The comment most heard when playing with Aero Bowls is: “I can tell where it will finish from half way up the green”. That’s the consistency of an Aero bowl: the result of our exclusive even arc trajectory that comes from using the best technology available. Our players regularly change their sets so as to use the latest colours. They don’t get tied to one set of bowls with the worry that the next set may not be the same. With Aero every set of each model is the same. Dynamic The DYNAMIC is our performance bowl, with outstandingly accurate draw and hold capabilities on quick greens. In the hands of the competitive bowler who demands precision and consistency for every shot in the game the DYNAMIC is a leap in bowls technology and this is an advantage. As with all models, it’s the feel of the ergonomic shape in the hand that allows for a smooth delivery. When to choose an Optima For bowlers who prefer a bowl that takes 15cm - 30cm* more grass than a DYNAMIC, the OPTIMA is a tad more forgiving, yet has all the advanced features of the DYNAMIC. If your greens are not Australia’s best, choose an OPTIMA. If your greens are tift and quick for most of the year choose DYNAMIC. On artificial surfaces either model is suitable. On the draw Both models on the draw will finish without any sign of a hook, cut or deviation from the arc trajectory. The Upshot Our incredibly accurate manufacturing methods have brought a NEW type of upshot into the game. The hold on the upshot with minimum weight is a UNIQUE Aero feature. This is the shot that wins games by trailing the jack gently, removing a bowl, all without damaging the head. A major reason why bowlers are turning to Aero is the accuracy of the upshot. For a starter, upshots can only be played accurately if every bowl in the set is matched and every set of that model is the same. Otherwise how would one know what line to take? Brett Wilkie is an Optima fan while Kelvin uses Dynamic as does Julie Keegan. The Aero Range Dynamic www.aerobowls.com Shannon McIlroy NZ and International Champion, World Bowls Adelaide Medalist. Uses Dynamic size 4, Hurricane shoes and ProBowler bag. Kelvin Kerkow oam Commonwealth Singles Gold, Multiple World and Australian Champion. Universally regarded as Australia’s most accomplished bowler of all time.
  • 3. Aero Precision TurboPro Space www.aerobowls.com The consistency and accuracy of a set is the driving force behind the success of Aero. The consistency & accuracy of Aero together with value for your dollar is the driving force behind the brands success. Our Price Match Promise TurboPro This is our tightest bowl in our range. Specifically engineered and designed to perform on 16 second and faster tift greens. The TurboPro is not a straight bowl, it takes grass allowing very accurate bowling on quick greens. The bowl is easily controllable when the upshot is played with minimum weight. Used on these greens the TurboPro can be made to slide through gaps with incredible precision as the bowl has no hook or cut. Aero’s Harbour Bridge arc is the key to accurate bowling. Space Aero’s widest bowls for Aust and NZ. Designed specifically for greens less than 13 seconds. When used on slow greens Aero’s advanced engineering gives the bowler a bowl that performs just as well as the Dynamic, Optima or TurboPro do on quicker greens. Hold on the upshot, precision on the draw on a slow pitch, and all achieved because of the incredibly accurate manufacturing methods. Ray Pearse, 2 x NSW singles titles uses them on slow greens. Aero and the wind Aero have proven on the green that their bowls will turn back into the wind and take less grass with the wind (not a gale). The reason. Aero’s midway turning point gives the bowl more time to react favourably in the wind. Bowls that turn late with a banana shape or hook are clearly more prone to cross winds as we have all seen. No Aero has this turn, our arc is the Harbour Bridge arc and with Aero you get no surprises, simply a gradual turn and generally one can call the shot when the bowl is half way up the green. www.aerobowls.com Val Smith World Pairs, Singles Champion and New Zealand Champion, changed to Dynamic size 4, Saturn shoes and ProBowler bag. Julie Keegan World Champion and Australian Representative uses size 3 Dynamic simply return your set to Sydney at your cost within 21 days for full refund of purchase. Postage excluded. Just call Aero 1300 13 25 75 (NZ 0800 826 957) *Original receipt required, chipped or severely damaged bowls not accepted, but scratches are ok. Can only be done once and must have been a genuine purchase. We want you to be certain you have chosen the correct Aero bowl. If within 60 days of purchase you want to swap to another Aero model or size you can. We offer a 21 day money back guarantee, Aero’s Exclusive 60 day trial and 21 day money back Guarantee. You’ll never pay more to own a set of the world’s most advanced bowls. Aero will match any genuine advertised price on current date stamp new bowls generally sold in Australia by Taylor, Drakes, Greenmaster or Henselite. In addition you’ll receive a worthwhile gift direct from Aero Headquarters in Sydney. This offer applies only if you order and purchase from any company owned or affiliated store. (See back page for stores).
  • 4. Aero are made with such exceptional accuracy one can easily see the difference between each of our models. Bowlers when they see this on the green are seeing something only Aero technology can produce. It’s not surprising Aero have changed the way bowls can be played. Any of our range of 7 models have the harbour bridge arc trajectory. Each models’ arc from the TurboPro, our tightest bowl to our widest bowl can easily be seen on the green. This unique feature allows the bowler to play any number of shots with extreme confidence using any set of Aero Bowls. We call it TMC - Total Manufacturing Consistency. Being more Competitive It is only Aero that use machinery that make a complete set at a time, grips, logos, all graphics and the bowl never moves off its plane, thus the accuracy of the bias. Our manufacturing process is totally different to the other bowls manufacturers. Kelvin Kerkow oam and Brett Wilkie Kelvin and Brett chose to join Aero because we could guarantee them consistent bowls. To be at their best the consistency and choice of models sealed the deal. Trajectory Guide The Aero Exclusive Arc with Centre Point Trajectory© is made with incredible precision for dramatically improved wind stability for all shots. Other makes of bowls with a banana shape or flat finish are much more wind affected. Aero Bowls © 2013 (Illustrations not to scale) Mat TurboPro Dynamic Optima Space Aero Even Arc Trajectory© Aero turns approximately at the midpoint between the mat and jack The Aero Trajectory is like the arc of the Harbour Bridge Jack Successful shot making using TMC technology Aero’s unique guarantee Your set will have the same line as anyone’s set of that model including Kelvin’s, Julie’s, Val Smith’s, Shannon McIlroy’s or Brett’s set...we 100% guarantee that. Can this happen with other brands? No, they cannot match the consistency in the manufacturing process we can. Simply look at our guarantee and that of theirs or take a look on the greens to see the inconsistency of other brands. Aero have changed the game forever. Aero Bowls are outstanding value: They are the most technologically advanced bowls ever manufactured www.aerobowls.com Brett Wilkie uses mainly Optima, wears Flex shoes and uses a ProBowler Bag World Champion and Australian Representative Guaranteed in writing when they leave our factory: Every Dynamic IS the same as any other set of Dynamic Every Optima IS the same as any other set of Optima Every TurboPro IS the same as any other set of TurboPro Every Space IS the same as any other set of Space
  • 5. Green speed Slow Medium Fast Quick Space 3 Optima 3 3 Dynamic 3 3 TurboPro 3 Kelvin suggests which bowl to use and where “Knowing you have the world’s most accurate bowls in your hand gives you complete confidence to be able to deliver with total focus on your line and weight” Dynamic Optima TAS Optima Dynamic *For less than perfect or heavy greens NZ SA QLD NSW &ACT Optima Dynamic Port Macquarie NT Due to varying greens Dynamic TurboPro Optima* (incl.NthNSW) Dynamic Optima TurboPro VIC Optima Dynamic Copes with WA’s wind and varying greens Dynamic Optima WA Optima Kelvin Kerkow oam Aero colours Jazz Shadow Crimson Magma (yellow specks) Purplehaze Candy Lava (orange specks) Plum Sunrise Galaxy OutbackOcean Storm EmeraldBrittania Pacific Swannee JaffaDemon Solarflare Matilda These are our current colours subject to stock Aero have over 22 colours available, subject to stock, if we have your choice of colour in stock, delivery is approximately two weeks. We endeavour to hold approximately 300 - 400 sets of ready made bowls and should you choose one of these sets delivery will be from 1 - 3 business days. Aero have limited special edition colours over and above our 22 colours please call for further information. Models are shown in order of suitability and popularity in the states Aero Bowls are outstanding value: They are the most technologically advanced bowls ever manufactured www.aerobowls.comwww.aerobowls.com
  • 6. Aero off the shelf Choose your logo size Aero now stock, subject to availability, around 300 sets for immediate delivery. If your choice of logo is on one of these sets delivery to you is 1-3 days. Of course you can still choose your own logo from our website and your bowl will be made within 2 to 3 weeks and generally a lot less. Aero Zig Zag Grip The Zig Zag is made with such precision that the depth is uniform throughout the grip. It is designed wide and will suit whether your fingers are placed high, low or in the middle of the grip. Aero Plain Rings You’ll hardly notice the rings yet they give a reference so the bowl does not slip. AeroDentations On the green AeroDentations are designed to deflect wind away from the bowl thanks to the turbulent flow effect the dimples cause. Naturally they will give you an excellent grip reference. Choose your precision grip Go to our website to design your own bowl A choice of three different grips on any bowl. Aero precision grips are guaranteed chip proof, something that other manufacturers do not guarantee Standard size logoEL Large size Logo 3. Grip1. Model 4. Colour 6. Paintwork colour 2. Size 00 0 ½ 1 1½ 2 2½ 3 3½ 4 4½ 5 5. Logo and logo size www.aerobowls.com 00 0 ½ 1 1½ 2 2½ 3 3½ 4 4½ 5 Choose your size Aero Sizes No other manufacturer offers such a wide choice of sizes that will give you the perfect grip. The Aero Shape Fits the hand so fingers can be placed in the optimum position for control.Heavy and X Heavy available (XH in limited colours) There is no easier way to order bowls for both the Dealer and Public. All are subject to availability. Zig Zag and Aero Dentations are our registered designs.
  • 7. ComfitPro premium products (W32 x H38 x D23) UltraGlide LX Large size luxury bag Multiple Compartments Bottle holder Top quality pull handle Pro Bowler Moulded durable base for extreme strength yet lightweight never touches the ground so frayed edges are a thing of the past) Golf bag shoulder strap Multiple pockets Hurricane and Flex (mens) Sports shoe specifically designed for bowls 3-piece outer sole with non slip base Guaranteed more comfort than any other make of bowls shoe including Asics, Taylor or Henselite or your money back* Reactive and Saturn (mens/ladies) Value priced, quality bowls shoe Non slip sole Outstanding midsole support *14 day wear trial money back guarantee: Must be a genuine purchase. Original receipt required Saturn Reactive Hurricane Flex (W42 x H35 x D31) (W46x H36 x D26) UltraGlide CX Fits in 99% of all lockers Double wheels and top quality pull handle Moulded durable base for extreme strength yet still lightweight Compartments for clothing and accessories Base never touches the ground Available in Purple, Blue, Maroon & Green All bags complete with two two bowls bags ComfitPro Bowls Dri A unique blend of materials make this the only true Bowls Dri. Dries your bowls in seconds and leaves a grip. Colours subject to availability. Aero Pro Marker Quality white chalk spray made in Australia Monkey Grip A carnauba based wax that shines, cleans and gives one a phenomenal grip in wet or dry conditions. 100% money back guarantee. Grippier and lasts longer than competing tubed products. Bowls Australia Approved Aero Bowls are outstanding value: They are the most technologically advanced bowls ever manufactured www.aerobowls.comwww.aerobowls.com
  • 8. Authorised Stockists Aero Bowls Australia’s leading brand now exported Worldwide Queensland Kelvin Kerkow’s Aero Bowlsworld Burleigh Heads ph: (07) 5535 0110 Julie Keegan’s Aero Bowlsworld Club Kawana ph: (07) 5437 8886 Fred Fern Woolloongabba ph: (07) 3391 5222 Bowls @ the Bay Point Vernon ph: (07) 4194 2782 Illawarra Bowls Shop Urangan ph: (07) 4125 5385 Elliot Heads Bowls Shop Bagara ph: 0427 122 736 Sportscene Cairns ph: (07) 40311333 A2Z Bowls Aitkenvale ph: 0402 079 064 A2Z Bowls Suburban B.C. Townsville ph: 1300 606 184 Cutheringa Bowls Club West End Townsville ph: (07) 4771 3742 Team Ingwe Cairns ph: (07) 4059 0334 SA Jack High Bowls (SA) Glandore ph: (08) 8371 0459 Sportscene Port Lincoln ph: (08) 8682 1873 The Bowlers Den Klemzig ph: (08) 8266 5756 Vaughans Shoes Loxton ph: (08) 8584 7364 Gawler Caddieshack Gawler East ph: (08) 85231830 Premier Sports Berri ph: (08) 85823899 Riverland Premier Sports Berri ph: (08) 85866865 Sportscene Port Pirie ph: (08) 86331788 Sportscene Tonkin’s Victor Harbour ph: (08) 85521766 Sportspower Kadina ph: (08) 88211498 ACE Mobile Lawn Bowls Shop Happy Valley 0488 116 672 ACT Bowls Warehouse O’Conner ph: (02) 6249 8061 Andrew Howie (AERO Rep) ph: 0449 004 484 ph: 1300 132575 andrew@aerobowls.com NSW Aero Bowlsworld – The Entrance The Entrance Bowls Club ph: (02) 4332 7366 Wayne Turley & Claire Duke’s Aero Bowlsworld Taren Point ph: (02) 9522 2640 Raymond Terrace Bowling Club Co-Op Ltd Raymond Terrace ph: (02) 4983 1647 Bowls at Belmont ph: (02) 4947 0522 Catalogue and Club & Sports Warehouse Adamstown ph: (02) 4969 4030 Park Beach Bowls Shop Coffs Harbour ph: (02) 6651 8998 Ettalong Bowls Shop (John Roberts) Ettalong ph: (02) 4341 1910 FBC Bowls Shop Forster ph: (02) 6554 6155 Richard Girvan Nelson Bay ph: 0449 138 119 Hunter Bowls Castle Hill ph: (02) 9634 5888 Jackies Bowls Shop Burwood/Manly ph: (02) 9744 1970 Kootingal Bowls Shop Kootingal ph: (02) 6760 3200 Merrylands Bowling Club ph: (02) 9682 8024 North Mead Bowling Club ph: (02) 9630 2875 Ken Wallis - Turramurra Bowls, Turramurra ph: (02) 9988 0199 Warilla Bowling Club Warilla ph: (02) 4295 9595 Windang Bowls Club Windang ph: (02) 4296 4044 WTS Promotions Wallsend ph: (02) 4951 2095 East Maitland B.C ph: (02) 49337533 Hastings Bowls Centre Port Macquarie ph: (02) 65834857 Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety Batemans Bay ph: (02) 44726990 Lithgow City B.C ph: (02) 63513375 Maitland City B.C Rutherford ph: (02) 49391200 Mannings Sports Gosford ph: (02) 43251617 WA Aero Bowlsworld – Perth 7a 30 Erindale Rd Balcatta WA 6021 ph: (08) 9240 6777 Victoria Brighton Bowls Club (Resting Toucher) East Brighton ph: (03) 8520 9600 Complete Bowls Specialist Ballarat ph: (03) 5332 3700 Lillydale Sporting Goods ph: (03) 9735 0311 Riverina Bowls & Leisurewear, Echuca ph: (03) 5482 1388 Border Bowls Mulwala ph: (03) 5743 3112 KC’s Bowlswear Shepparton ph: (03) 5821 1556 Bendigo Jack High Bowls Shop ph: (03) 5442 2199 Bowls Express Rosebud ph: (03) 5986 4946 SportFirst Wodonga Wodonga ph: (02) 6024 1166 Doncaster Sporting Gear East Doncaster ph: (03) 9848 7387 Robinsons Sportscene Hamilton ph: (03) 5572 2736 Sportfirst Swan Hill Swan Hill ph: (03) 5032 3042 The Bowls Shoppe Essendon ph: (03) 9375 4820 Warrnambool Bowls Club, Warrnambool ph: (03) 5561 4586 Aero Bowls World Gippsland Mirboo ph: (03) 56681660 Tasmania Springer Bowls Supplies Launceston ph: 0400 974 308 Hobart Bowls Centre ph: (03) 6278 3417 NZ Dealers Aero Bowls ph: 0800 826 957 C + C Traders Ltd Alexandra ph: (03) 448 6666 Eric Allison Christchurch ph: (03) 383 0223 ph: 021 627 671 Bowls Specialists Limited, Lower Hutt ph: (04) 569 3791 Paritutu Bowling Club Taranaki ph: (06) 758 0662 Henderson Bowling Club Auckland ph: (09) 836 3253 Birkenhead Bowling Club Auckland ph: (09) 480 7493 Neville Turnbull Levin ph: (06) 3678089 Ces Bell Napier ph: (06) 8453112 Trevor Mills Gisborne ph: 0274 320 589 Lynne & Gordon Hamilton Papamoa ph: (07) 5747477 Gary Braithwaite Hamilton ph: (07) 8561163 Aero Bowls Pty Ltd AUS 1300 13 25 75 NZ 0800 826 957 info@aerobowls.com www.aerobowls.com Unit 16 Harcourt Business Park Harcourt Parade Rosebery NSW 2018 Australia Products subject to availability. We reserve the right to change, discontinue or add products at our sole discretion. © 2013 The entire contents of this brochure is subject to copyright. No part, including key phrases and descriptors can be reproduced without permission from Aero Bowls. www.aerobowls.com Dynamic | Midline OPTima | Slightly wider arc than Dynamic Kelvin Kerkow oam Multiple World Champion The Dynamic is not wide, not tight but is technically a mid- line bowl while the Optima has a line just outside of the Dynamic. For the bowler who prefers a bowl that takes less grass but still has a very good turn choose a Dynamic, perfectly suited for all greens, artificial or grass. For the bowler that simply prefers a bowl with a little more grass choose the Optima. Both models have an almost identical trajectory,one simply takes more grass than the other. Aero players Julie Keegan and Claire Duke would use Optima and at times Dynamic while Brett uses Optima and Kelvin uses Dynamic. Opposition models with a banana shape tend to have a little curl on them when coming to a stop. This inaccuracy costs bowlers shots. The Aero Arc Trajectory© allows the bowl to turn around mid point between jack and mat and this gradual turn makes Aero less wind effected on the narrow side while less grass can be taken on the wide side. No Aero bowl has any trace of a hook . Whether you choose a Dynamic or an Optima you will have a bowl with a consistency in manufacture that was simply unknown before Aero. Aero is available in over 15 colours and a full range of sizes including half sizes, with an ergonomic profile for the perfect fit for both Ladies and Men. $495 Standard logo $535 Giant EL logo Brett Wilkie World Champion and Australian International The most consistent bowls everWhichever aero model you choose we guarantee youa matched set and we guarantee every set of thatmodel is the same when they leave our factory.As bowlers, you know full well this was not the case with other makes, one only has to take a look on the green to see the differences in the same models. No bowl is made with such consistency as an Aero Bowl.With over 150 years of combined professional experiencebehind our bowls and more innovation in the last two years than over the last two hundred years we are making what every bowler thought was impossible...matched sets and every set of that model the same. consistently made bowls means consistently accuratebowling. aero exclusive 60 day trialAt Aero we want you to have absolutely the right bowl for your game and your local conditions. That’s why if, within 60 days, you wish to change to another Aero model you can.* This exclusive 60 day trial, combined with our 21 day moneyback guarantee*, makes purchasing a new Aero risk free!*Conditions: Cracked or chipped bowls will not be accepted.Original receipt required. Can only be changed once.Must be a genuine purchase. aero 21 day moneyback guaranteeWe guarantee the set you receive is a matched set and that set will be the same as any set of that model when they leave our factory. Whatever the date stamp the line of that model will not change.Every purchase of a new set is covered by our return warranty. Don’t like the bowls, simply return them for a refund.**Conditions: Cracked or chipped bowls will not be accepted.Original receipt required. Can only be changed once.Must be a genuine purchase. Time now to upgrade to Resting Toucher East Brighton 03 8520 9600 Complete Bowls Specialist Ballarat 03 5332 3700 DiREcT from aero Bowlsworld Head Office 1300 13 25 75 (local call cost) Pay by credit card or EFT Direct Bank Deposit tocomfitPro BSB: 012 003 acc: 252637462 Riverina Bowls & Leisurewear Echuca 03 5482 1388 KC’s Bowlswear Shepparton 03 5821 1556 Bendigo Jack High Bowls Shop Bendigo 03 5442 2199 Bowls Express Rosebud 03 5986 4946 SportFirst Wodonga Wodonga 03 6024 1166 Doncaster Sporting Gear East Doncaster 03 9848 7387 Robinsons Sportscene Hamilton 03 5572 2736 Sportfirst Swan Hill Swan Hill 03 5032 3042 The Bowls Shoppe Essendon 03 9375 4820 Warrnambool Bowls ClubWarrnambool 03 5561 4586 ©2013 The entire contents of this advert is subject to copyright. No part, including key phrases and descriptors can be reproduced without permission from Aero Bowls. aero Bowls: 1300 13 25 75 info@aerobowls.com www.aerobowls.comAero VIC w Ad APRIL 2013.indd 1 28/03/13 12:05 PM The game has changed Only one Bowls Manufacturer can offer a full range of sizes including half sizes for the perfect fit in the hand. The only brand that offers you a perfect set with a guarantee that every set of that model is the same. GOld COasT sTOre Kelvin Kerkow’s aero Bowls World 1/11 Kortum Drive BURLEIGH HEADS QLD (07) 5535 0110 PerTh sTOre Bowlsworld Factory Outlet 7/30 Erindale Road BALCATTA WA 6021 (08) 9240 6777 CenTral COasT sTOre at the Greens Bowling Club Warrigal Street THE ENTRANCE NSW (02) 4332 7366 aerOBOWls FaCTOry Unit 16 Harcourt Business Park Harcourt Parade ROSEBERY NSW Tel: 1300 13 25 75 Aero Bowls are manufactured by robotic machinery from beginning to end achieving a consistency that other brands simply cannot match. For proof simply take a look on the greens and note the huge varying inconsistency of the line between sets of the same type in other brands. With Aero Bowls you will never see that on the green. Aero Bowls, guarantee the bowler the same line every time and that’s why more world class bowlers use them. Owning a set of accurately made bowls, guaranteed consistent will give you more confidence on the mat than anything else in the game. Whatever the opposition brands offer in terms of price or features NONE can guarantee in writing, as we do, the total consistency and accuracy of Aero Bowls. aero Bowls are available from independent bowls shops throughout australia. Please support your local shop. now australia’s leading brand of bowls. Aero Bowls & ComfitPro launch in the UK! The Aero revoluTion The perfect choice for the Indoor Season Every set of Revolution is guaranteed the same as every other set of Revolution when it leaves our factory. Only Aero can offer this! The Revolution is specifically designed for Indoor bowls Used by Mervyn King, Ellen Falkner and Jeremy Henry who won the World Cup with them Aero make a full range of half and full sizes The draw is an even arc with a gentle yet decisive finish demanded by our professionals The upshot has a hold not seen before on other makes of bowls. The precision of manufacture gives Aero this unique feature. Playing a yard over can be done with exceptional accuracy and minimum weight Aero are bowls for discerning bowlers who demand the very best that modern manufacturing can produce ordering Aero Bowls Select your logo, colour and size from our web site. Delivery, if not in stock at Ellesmere is between 4 to 8 weeks direct from Sydney via courier. Should you experience any issues our Ellesmere Shropshire warehouse will accept returns. Any queries email sharon@aerobowls.com who will deal with your enquiry promptly. Full contact details are on our website. ComFiTPro’s All new CX ulTrAglide BAg For The indoor seAson FlAwlessly mATChed Aero make flawlessly matched sets throughout the entire range and each set of that model is exactly the same. It’s what bowlers have asked for over and over. Total consistency. Aero have sold over 11,000 perfect sets in just 18 months in Aust/nZ. making them the easy market leader! “Our robotic 7-axis lathes, which are at the heart of the Aero manufacturing process, are so precise they are used to manufacture aerospace and F1 racing car parts and, even, components for artificial hearts.” Already more than a dozen world champions and gold medalists now use Aero worldwide. Aero players include Ellen Falkner, David Bolt, Sian Gordon, Wendy King, Willie Wood, Mary Price, Mervyn King, Jeremy Henry to name but a few. In Australia Kelvin Kerkow, Brett Wilkie, Peter Belliss and Val Smith – all world champions – play exclusively with Aero. Aero have three retail shops in Australia to cope with the demand, including the world’s largest bowls outlet on the Queensland Gold Coast. A FirsT in Bowls: Aero manufacture bowls using the most accurately made machinery in existence. so accurate that our machines are used to make other machines. one manufacturer claims to work to a 1000th of a mm. we at Aero don’t. Aero work to a 10,000th of a mm. incredible accuracy that means every set of every one of our 7 different models is exactly the same as any other model of the same type. guaranteed in writing. Made in the same factory as some of the world’s top luggage brands Over 6,000 sold in Australia in a year Available in Blue, Green or Purple The CX bag is in stock at our Ellesmere Shropshire warehouse The CX is manufactured in 840 Denier rip stop weatherproof material. Lightweight Moulded Base for extreme durability Two two bowls bags included free of charge Space for all your bits and pieces Compartment for Cardigan or Jacket inside Space for Shoes (up to size 11) Extra tough carry handle and double pull handle Double Stitched seams and Large size non stick Nylon Zippers Aero Bowls and ComfitPro Bags can be ordered online at www.aerobowls.com CX Bag and Aero Revolution in stock at our Ellesmere Shropshire warehouse (subject to prior sale). CX Bags will be delivered to you by courier without delay from Ellesmere. Please email us to find out UK stock availability of the Revolution. Email: info@aerobowls.com for selected stockists. Available in Blue, Purple & green Ellen Falkner wears Saturn Shoes and plays with Groove bowls during the outdoor season and uses her CX bag and Revolution bowls indoors. Dimensions w32cm x h38 x d23 Buy Direct from our website 100% designed & manufactured in Sydney, Australia UK Registered Office Aero Bowls Pty Ltd Baginsky Cohen Building 930 High Road London N12 9RT NOTE: This is not a showroom or warehouse. www.aerobowls.com in QLD sales 2013 in major Australian competition wins 2013 in precision – every bowl in each model is the same in accuracy – bowls turn midway to the jack in value – from $495 for standard logo* in customer guarantees – 21day & 60day policies† range in colours, sizes (incl. half sizes) and logos performance in wind & on the upshot in customisation – every set custom made Kelvin Kerkow’s Aero Bowlsworld Factory Store Choose from over 150 sets and see our full range of bags, shoes and clothing! 1/11 Kortum Drive Burleigh Heads, Queensland Phone: (07) 5535 0110 Email: Rodheaton@aerobowls.com info@aerobowls.com Phone 1300 13 25 75 www.aerobowls.com Kelvin Kerkow oam Julie Keegan’s Aero Bowlsworld 476 Nicklin Way Wurtulla QLD 4575 (07) 54378886 Fred Fern Bowls Centre 2/16 Nile St Woolloongabba QLD 4102 (07) 3391 5222 Owning a set of the most technologically advanced bowls ever manufactured will give you more confidence on the mat than you could imagine. Aero Bowls are quite simply the world’s best bowls. With every set perfectly matched and every set of that model the same – it is hardly surprising that in 2013 Aero have won more major competitions than any other bowl and now are Queensland’s best selling bowls. * EL Large logo add $40, special logo add $50, football club logos add $40 † See website for full details Order by phone: AUS 1300 13 25 75 NZ 0800 826 957 We can advise on model, colours and logos. Or Order on the web: www.aerobowls.com Pay by Credit Card, EFT or Direct Bank Deposit to: ComfitPro BSB 012 003 Acc 252 637 462 What goes into the making of a ComfitPro bowls bag? The CX was designed with one purpose in mind: To transport bowls in a bag that is ultra light, extremely strong, would be easy to wheel, with pockets in all the right places and must look the part. Kelvin KerKow’s Aero Bowls world 1/11 Kortum drive BUrleiGH HeAds Qld (07) 5535 0110 JUlie KeeGAn’s Aero Bowlsworld 476 nicklin way wUrtUllA Qld (07) 54378886 Fred Fern Bowls Centre 2/16 nile st woolloonGABBA Qld 4102 (07) 3391 5222 designed in sydney and made in China using a factory that makes some of the world’s best luggage brands, the CX bag launched just over a year ago is now being used by over 6,000 bowlers making it Australia’s biggest selling bag. the CX is made from rip stop 800 denier weatherproof material each bag has a pair of two bowls bags to hold your bowls space for clothing, all accessories and a mobile phone Unique molded base that never touches the ground eliminating frayed edges large size high quality non stick zippers double stitching using nylon thread Full nylon lining so wet gear can be placed directly into the bag stability by using 4 wheels and a jam proof extendable pull handle Carry handle tested to 35kg no other bowls Bag looks like a CX or is as tough as a CX CoMFitPro Unit 16 Harcourt Business Park Harcourt Parade roseBerY nsw tel: 1300 13 25 75 Dimensions W32 x H38 x D23 The Comfitpro CX bowls bag is quite simply the best bowls bag you’ll find...Guaranteed For more information contact: info@comfitpro.com www.comfitpro.com Company owned or affiliated stores = C (Major Aero Bowls Stockists are listed in blue) C C C C C C C C C C C