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Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
Physics (waves)
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Physics (waves)


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  • 1. Wave Energy
  • 2.
    • Wave power  is the transport of  energy  by  ocean surface waves , and the capture of that energy to do useful  work .
    • Wave power is distinct from the diurnal flux of  tidal power  and the steady gyre of  ocean currents .
    • In general, larger waves are more powerful but wave power is also determined by wave speed,  wavelength , and water  density .
    • Oscillatory motion  is highest at the surface and diminishes exponentially with depth.
  • 3. Wave Power is used in:-
    • 1. The Fuel  The energy contained in ocean waves can potentially provide an unlimited source of renewable energy. Wave energy is a concentrated form of solar energy. Ocean waves are created by the interaction of wind with the surface of the sea and the UK has wave power levels that are amongst the highest in the world.
  • 4. Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Advantages
          • The energy is free – no fuel needed, no waste produced
          • Not expensive to operate and maintain
          • Can produce a great deal of energy
    • Disadvantages
          • Depends on the waves – sometimes you’ll get loads of energy, sometimes almost nothing
          • Needs a suitable site, where waves are consistently strong
          • Some designs are noisy. But then again, so are waves, so any noise is unlikely to be a problem
          • Must be able to withstand.
  • 5. Oyster  Wave Energy  Converter puts  climate change to good use
  • 6.  
  • 7.
    • The kinetic energy posses by huge waves near the sea-shore can be trapped in a similar manner to generate electricity.
    • The waves are generated by strong winds blowing across the sea.
  • 8. Advantages of Wave Energy
    • Outside the tropics, storms are usually more intense and frequent during winter, which results in wave power levels being higher in that season.
    • Therefore wave energy provides good seasonal load-following for those regions where peak electricity demand is produced by winter heating and lighting requirements. 
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  • 10. Thank You