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The Interpersonal skills series brochure for the workshop series presented by "Sahar Consulting" that include effective communications. The course is part of the Diversity training management offered by Sahar Andrade" of "Sahar Consulting" www.saharconsulting.com

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Effective communication course brochure

  1. 1. Consulting Sahar Consulting Interpersonal Skills Series DIVERISTY CONSULTING INTE RPE RSO N AL SKIL LS SE RIE S: • EF F EC T IVE C OM M UNI CAT I ONS . • CO M MU NIC AT IN G A C ROS S C UL T U RES , A GE S AN D GEN DER S. • BUIL DIN G B RID GE S A CR OSS T HE CUL T UR AL DIVI DES . • CUL T URAL DIF F ER EN CES CO MP ET E NCE . • INT E RPE RS ONAL REL AT IO NSH IPS. • IMP R OVIN G REL AT IO NSHI PS A T W O RK. Who should attend? Anyone who interacts with others in or out of the workplace Class size: 5– 20 participants Duration of the classes: 4, 8, 12 or 16 hours depending on your organization’s needs. The courses can be mixed and matched. The elements of the classes can be modified or tailor-made to suit your organization Simplifying Communications needs. Why attending the training classes: Bad communications create conflicts which in turn create low morale, absenteeism and high turn-over in organizations; both account for low productivity and loss of revenues and can result in law suits in some cases. It doesn’t only destroy the image and reputation of a company but it also costs them top dollars down the line, when the solution is very simple. Training classes help reverse all these negative effects and promote effective communications Effective Communications Training: • Between Diverse Employees and harmony not only between employees but also with the customers as well. • Across Cultures S a ha r Con sul t in g 2829 N. Glenoaks Blvd #108-368 www.saharconsulting.com Burbank, CA 91504 818 554 4737– Phone Diversity 818 352 0851– Fax consulting Www.saharconsullting.com management
  2. 2. Communications at work for you CO M M UNIC ATI NG YO U R B USI NES S G O ALS, M ISSIO N & V ISIO N EFFE CTIV ELY Communications can be: Communications Process: • Personal: Building relationships and Improving In order to apply effective communications, the Relationships with Good Communication communication steps process should be clarified as: O THER REL ATE D CO U RSE S • Business: Career advancement: Better speaker, • A message: what need to be communicated • Leadership skills in cross cultures better presenter and better leader. • A messenger: the person who has something to • Team building skills Three main forms of communication: communicate and how they encode it • Conflict Resolution • Non Verbal Communication: Body Language – • A receiver: the person who will receive the message 55% and how they decode it • Creative Problem Solving • Oral Communication – or voice communication – • Channel: the means of communication • It is all about R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 38% • Preventing the “ISMs • Written Communication - 7% Practical Ways to Improve Communication Nothing destroys productivity and morale more than • Bridging the gaps: workplace misunderstanding and conflicts arising from • How to Deliver a Message effectively, Listen to 1. Generation the Sender and ways to reduce Interference the inability of employees to communicate with each • Practicing Good Listening 2. Gender other—and today this is happening due to the rapid change in demographics, where there are 5 • Listening Barriers 3. Racial generations in the same workplace, women are • Listening Improvement Tips 4. Cultural getting more into leadership roles, globalization and • Bridging The Communication Gap between ages/ the diversity of the work force. genders and cultures M O DULES : Effective solutions for DIVE RSI TY CO NS ULTI N G PRO VID ES A TO TA L END TO END SO LUT IO N. • Establishing Personal Credibility As a Communicator Your business needs • Conversing One on One: General BRI DG ING T HE G A PS S ERIE S Communication Principles 1– AGE: Understanding what drives each generation is TRAI N T HE T RAI NE R • Giving and Receiving Instructions the first step in bridging this generational divide. When • Listen till you actually hear what is KEY O BJEC TIVE S: employees understand how different personalities and • Participant Observation Phase said • Resolve Conflicts styles can work together in a more harmonious, team- • Co-facilitation Phase • Identify barriers to effective communication • Identify resolvable and irresolvable • Identify assumptions, distortions, and stereotypes centered environment, productivity will increase and • Observation/Supervision Phase conflicts to know when and how to • Independent Training Phase spend time and emotional effort • Gather information through effective morale will improve. communications and build rapport through • On-going Supervision • Communicate Across Gender , age, attentive body language and Cultural Lines • Importance of effective feedback (Positive or • Influence and motivate others by Negative) earning the right to be heard yourself • Learn what is effective listening 2– GENDER: Men are from • Resolve conflicts and turn them to opportunities “Mars” and Women are from • Deal with difficult people “Venus”- Men and Women • Communicate effectively across gender and cultural don’t think alike, decide alike lines or even speak alike. A • Build confidence, loyalty, and trust compromise has to be reached • Gain cooperation from coworkers and customers to achieve harmony. • Apologizing and accepting apologies to restore CONTACT US @: relationships Sahar Consulting • Cement relationships by building rapport and 3– RACIAL/ RELIGIOUS/ CULTURAL: We are all 2829 N. Glenoaks Blvd credibility. • Promote your company and its products or services products of our environments, our communication skills # 108-268 by building loyal customers, and supplier are affected by those factors. These training classes Burbank, CA 91504 relationships. address the stereotypes and the personal bias and bring www.saharconsulting.com • Earn financial rewards as you advance your career through effectively communicating with others them to the surface to deal with. sahar@saharconsulting.com www.linkedin.com/in/saharandrade www.twitter.com/saharconsulting www.facebook.com/saharcnsulting