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Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Job Seekers
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Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Job Seekers


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Advanced LinkedIn strategies for Job Seekers- Training offered for FWIB City of Pasadena for Job Seekers
How to use LinkedIn to get a job, with job tips fr job seekers. How to use LinkedIn Contact app, LinkedIn Mention App and the LinkedIn Job app as well as LinkedIn rich media app.
How to build a strong LinkedIn profile

Published in: Education

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  • 1. How to leverage LinkedIn to find your next Job Foothill Workforce Investment Board City of Pasadena Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh Sahar Consulting, LLC
  • 2. Agenda 1. Get Noticed: Enhance your online image 2. Get Connected: Leverage and expand your network 3. Get Opportunities: Find and land your dream job 4. Be Smart 5. Be Found: Think like a recruiter 6. Increase your visibility 7. Be an Insider: Make the most of your connections 8. Be Savvy: Overcome specific challenges
  • 3. To download the workbook, use the following link:
  • 4. Outbound vs. Inbound?
  • 5. What is Social Media? • Social Media is about 2-way conversations to facilitate continuing dialogue and communication with intended audience. It is about building relationships. • Social Media includes: Search engines, social networks, blogs, Vblogs, micro-blogs, message boards, instant messaging (IM), webcasts, email and podcasts • Allows community interaction using web 2.0
  • 6. Social Networks? • Social Networks are online meeting places that allows consumers and influencers to create, share, interact and build content – Examples: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Wikipedia, Flickr, Technorati, Digg, newsvine • Social Networking is like a live cocktail party with no constraint of time or place
  • 7. What Can Social Media Do for Me? Social Networking is a Communications Tool • Extend your brand • Reach audience in a “pull” method • Increases reach out to hiring managers& Recruiters • Community building
  • 8. Psychology behind Job Seekers You may think you are limited…  Lack of resources  Lack of opportunities Think positive – Consider yourself the best candidate for the job you are applying for. (Vision/ goals/ USP)
  • 9. What is Branding A brand is how people around us perceive us, what we transmit as a message to others, without even talking. A Promise Personal branding, is “Self packaging” It’s identifying the unique qualities, marketable skills, and building a reputation that captures the attention of others (Hiring Managers, HR, and Recruiters).
  • 10. Social Media is presence, it is attraction and relationship, it is brand. Call To Action Branding tells a story: USP •What is unique about yourself? •What is relevant to your audience? What is real? •Must be consistent across all touch points •Transparency is key…the network may know more about you than you do
  • 11. LinkedIn • LinkedIn has over 225 million members • LinkedIn is the only professional-based network • 3 million + companies (All industries: Healthcare, IT, Non-profits, 500 Fortune companies) • Average income on LinkedIn is $109,000/year • Decision-makers and CEOs are on LinkedIn • Connections are 1ry, 2ry and 3ry levels • Establish yourself in the groups/ News Feed • Optimize profile • Your NETworth is your NETwork
  • 12. Importance of Network on LI
  • 13. Get Noticed Personal Branding is the most important component of your job search, it can make or break your chances. Enhance your online image ME Many important people including recruiters and due to shortage of budgets are checking candidates online According to a Microsoft study: 70% employers have rejected a job candidate because of information they found out that person online & 85% of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions
  • 14. You are checked before being contacted. Impress recruiters: Be found with a full profile.
  • 15. What Is LinkedIn? Add Sections to Enhance Your Profile
  • 16. Sign in Basic CO page Language Settings Help Ctr Add connections
  • 17. Public Profile
  • 18. LinkedIn Maximize usage of LinkedIn: 1. Fill out profile completely and properly – 100% BONUS: Tagline match it to the job descriptions- E.G.: “International Marketing Director with 15+ years experience in Fortune companies, & Non-Profits increasing revenues by 35% yearly” Do not use unemployed, or appear desperate or whine. Upload your picture Connect with people at least 50 Have 5 skills at least - Endorsements Have summary (2000 characters, “I” statements, CTA) Present and 2 past jobs, and education 2. Personalize profile URL: Use it in signature- wisestamp
  • 19. LinkedIn Maximize usage of LinkedIn: 3. Add contact information: Email, 3 websites- personalize them 4. Use the status updates frequently be a resource 5. Use keywords for SEO 6. Format bullets on a document
  • 20. LinkedIn Maximize usage of LinkedIn: 7. Experience details beyond resume has to be consistent – quantify 8. Add volunteer work especially if out of work for a while 9. Visual examples: Presentations and videos through the rich media App/ Slideshare 10. Add courses, languages, publications etc.
  • 21. LinkedIn Maximize usage of LinkedIn: 11. Recommendations (Ex Managers/ Supervisors) 12. Establish yourself in the groups’ forums 13. Groups to see you are in touch with peers even out of work, follow the news in industry and around show well rounded professional active 14. Share in the groups section (you are allowed to join 50 groups at any one time)
  • 22. LinkedIn Best Practices • Add your USP on the tagline • Optimize your profile with Keywords (5 places) • No Email or website in the tagline • Personalize Invitations when you can • Increase your network but be careful how you invite people- IDKs • Do not import your address book • Add all your email addresses to avoid creating duplicate profiles
  • 23. What are Keywords? A keyword is the word or phrase that someone using a search engines types in to find your profile, blog, website, etc. Results
  • 24. Drive people to your profile Update your Status on home page these are examples 2- Always mention a headline that people can comment 3- Every 1 month or 6 weeks remind people you are looking for a job 1- Events
  • 25. Get Connected • 70% of jobs are found through networking • Not enough to have the network connections most important to use it and stay active within it STEP 1: Reach out to everyone you know Reach 1st individually to everyone you know: - College - Colleagues - Clients - Friends Do not blast mass messages about job search do it one by one - time consuming but better effective
  • 26. STEP 2: Maximize group affiliations Like:- University Alumni groups - Industry associations - Chamber of commerce • Look at managers’ choice and look what managers chose • Introduce yourself • Search members • Look at jobs tabs • Look at job posts for hiring • Find best groups for you (KW)
  • 27. STEP 3: Reach out to new connections Be Proactive Search for possible connections Use Advanced Search – Personalize invites (Groups / Past job) Advanced Search
  • 28. Personalize Invites • Use invites as a sales pitch- Just a conversation starter, do not ask for a job • Watch number of characters - Check typos • Offer your help Sahar
  • 29. Request Introductions • Use introduction to reach out to people in your network as 2nd or 3rd level connections Introduction to Adam S Hi Anna: I am currently looking for a job in publishing and I‘m interested in meeting authors who might provide me with some advice. I am a big admirer of Adam and noticed that you are connected. Would you be willing to introduce me so I can ask for her guidance? Of course, if you are not comfortable, I will understand. Thanks for considering my request! Sahar
  • 30. Introducing the New LinkedIn Contacts with your most important relationships.
  • 31. New LinkedIn Contacts
  • 32. Start your day with opportunities to say hello - get news about job changes, birthdays, and more.
  • 33. See your recent conversations, meetings, and saved notes directly on your contact’s profile.
  • 34. Start a conversation with MENTIONS on LinkedIn Begin by typing the name of a connection or a company in your status update on the Homepage
  • 35. Be notified in real-time when someone begins a conversation with you Sahar Andrade, MB.BC
  • 36. Integration with Twitter for LinkedIn mentions Sahar Andrade, MB.BC Sahar Andrade, MB.BC @Sahar Consulting
  • 37. New LinkedIn Jobs Experience Simplifying and unifying your job search Credit to LinkedIn Corp.
  • 38. Search job postings to determine keywords Deeper job searches using Advanced Search: find open positions by country, zip code, industry and function Apply for jobs on LinkedIn Job Title (3 words) + Soft skills like communications
  • 39. Hidden Job Markets 1. Create a list of target companies- Target the ones where you have a lot of connections, even if no job is immediately available 2. Follow companies you are interested in 3. Look for their groups if open and join them 4. Look at their company page: - About Us - Careers - Products and services - Insights - Present and Past employees - Where did employees come from
  • 40. Hidden Job Markets 1. Determine specific target position(s) 2. Request introductions to recruiters and others 3. Apply for the jobs 4. Follow up with hiring managers/ recruiters 5. You can do job search by industry or name It is a time consuming strategy but more way more efficient than sending resumes blindly, it is more personalized and recruiters feel better about it
  • 41. Easy access to “Jobs you may be interested in” to help you find opportunities based on your LinkedIn Profile
  • 42. Skills Knowledge Capabilities Another chance to look at more jobs and more keywords
  • 43. New and Improved Jobs Experience: An easier way to find new career opportunities and manage your job search- Look for a way “in” 1st degree connection- get your foot in the door
  • 44. A quicker way to see the latest jobs by surfacing new results from your saved searches Sign up for daily job emails (Job Tab)
  • 45. Search for Jobs Elsewhere & Use LinkedIn For Insider Research Use company pages get as much information as you can, look how you are connected to people in that organization - Look at product & services Know enough about company to explain why you would be a good fit – Look at insights
  • 46. Apply with LinkedIn That is why you need to have a very strong profile
  • 47. • Explain long term unemployment if applicable • Explain other gaps (Pregnancy, Family, parents, Education) • Always remind them of your past expertise and skills • Highlight volunteer work • Any speaking engagements even if free • Participate in LinkedIn groups • Do small favors, connect people, help recruiters, give advice, share your blog etc. • Engage your connections Small Tips: Be SAVVY
  • 48. • All the pictures used in the workbook are copyrighted and are used SOLELY for the purpose of education and learning ONLY not for commercial use • This presentation is the intellectual property of, and is proprietary “Sahar Consulting, LLC” and it is not to be disclosed, in whole or in part, without the express written authorization of “Sahar Consulting, LLC” . It shall not be duplicated or used, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than to be educational material The presentation can’t be used in part of whole in the same program/ similar or different programs • Credit to “LinkedIn Corporations webinars”: Lindsey Pollak DISCLOSURE
  • 49. To download the workbook, use the following link:
  • 50. Q & A