Social Knowledge: Are we ready for the future?
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Social Knowledge: Are we ready for the future?



John Girard's presentation "Social Knowledge: Are we ready for the future?" as presented to the Semester at Sea Alumni Voyage, 16 January 2012

John Girard's presentation "Social Knowledge: Are we ready for the future?" as presented to the Semester at Sea Alumni Voyage, 16 January 2012



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Social Knowledge: Are we ready for the future? Social Knowledge: Are we ready for the future? Document Transcript

  • Social  Knowledge:     Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?   1   John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Slides  available  at:   The  Knowledge  Edge  –  The  UlHmate  Goal   2   Knowledge: 14 November 2004 Concepts, experience, and Wisdom “With 3,600 stores inthat provideStates and insight the United a framework roughly 100 million customers walking for creating, evaluating Understanding and n throughKnowledge each week,(p. 373). has the doors information Wal-Mart using tio ea Knowledge access to information about a broad slice of Cr Wisdom: ge America . . . The data are gathered item by led ow Information collective and individual item at the checkout aisle, then recorded, The Kn mapped and updated by store, by state, by experiences of applying region . . . By its own account Wal-Mart has knowledge to the solution of Data 460 terabytesproblems (p. 373). 1 terabyte ~ 1,000,000 MB) of data.” ( 750,000 CDs Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     1                                                        
  • The  difference  .  .  .  Data  to  Knowledge   3   October 27, 1917 Q1 - What time is it? Q2 – Where are these people? Q3 – Why is the boy smiling? Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Exchange  and  Transfer  of  Knowledge   4   TACIT n Ext tio ern za a i ial liz Soc ati on EXPLICIT TACIT on Measurement Co ati Leadership mb liz in na a ti Technology Process r on Inte Culture EXPLICIT Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     2                                                        
  • The  impact  of  not  .  .  .  sharing   5   According to Computer Associates . . .   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   A  liPle  TLC  goes  a  long  way!   6   Leadership Measurement • Transparency Leadership • Vision and example Technology • Resources (including time) Process Culture Technology Culture • Help or hinder • Need to Share vs Need to Know • Ease of access • Privacy • Tending toward free • Content Creators and Joiners Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     3                                                         View slide
  • TLC:  Technology   7        “A  social  trend  in  which  people   use  technologies  to  get  the   things  they  need  from  each   other,  rather  than  from   tradiHonal  insHtuHons  like   corporaHons.”   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   The  Social  Technographics™  Ladder   8   Creators   Creators  make  social  content   go.  They  write  blogs  or  upload   Cri%cs  respond  to  content  from   video,  music,  or  text.   others.  They  post  reviews,   Cri%cs   comment  on  blogs,  parHcipate   in  forums,  and  edit  wiki  arHcles.   Collectors  organize  content  for   Collectors   themselves  or  others  using  RSS   feeds,  tags,  and  voHng  sites  like   Joiners  connect  in  social   Joiners   networks  like  MySpace  and   Facebook   Spectators  consume  social   Spectators   content  including  blogs,  user-­‐ generated  video,  podcasts,   Inac%ves  neither  create  nor   forums,  or  reviews   consume  social  content  of  any   Inac%ves   kind   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     4                                                         View slide
  • The  Social  Technographics™  Ladder   US  Adults   9   2007   2010   Creators   US  18-­‐24   US  35-­‐44   US  55+   18%   24%   46%   23%   12%                       Cri%cs   25%   37%   50%   34%   28%                       Collectors   12%   21%   38%   20%   12%                       Joiners   25%   51%   85%   54%   26%                       Spectators   48%   73%   89%   73%   64%                       Inac%ves   44%   18%   3%   17%   30%   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Global  Top  Internet  Sites  (Reach)   hPp://   10   1.  Google      50%   1.  Google   2.  Facebook  43%   2.  Facebook   3.  YouTube    32%   3.  YouTube   4.  Yahoo!    24%   4.  Yahoo!   5.  Wikipedia  15%   5.  Amazon   6.  Blogger    13%   6.  Wikipedia   7.  Baidu    11%   7.  TwiPer   8.  MSN    11%   8.  eBay   9.  TwiPer    11%   9.  Blogger   10.  QQ          7%   10.  Craigslist   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     5                                                        
  • The  Power  of  YouTube   11   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Why                                                      MaPers   12   >350  million   >  800  million   >  400  million   acHve  mobile   acHve  users   login  daily     users   250  million   Average  user   130  friends  is   photos  up  per   connected  to   average   day   80  pages   75%  of  users   70  languages   outside  USA   available     Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     6                                                        
  • According  to  Facebook   13   —  329,240  Facebook  users  live   in  North  Dakota(age  18  or   older)   —  35,120  Facebook  users  live     in  Minot  (18+)   —  1,740  Minot  Facebook  users   Personal  or     are  newlyweds   OrganizaHonal   —  17,620  Minot  Facebook     users  are  21  -­‐  40   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   New  Technology   14   The Newest always is Best … Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     7                                                        
  • The  Right  Technology   15   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   TLC:  Leadership   16   Including Ray Downey, Special Operations Command lost 95 men that day – totaling 1,600 years of experience. (emphasis added) Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     8                                                        
  • Something  to  consider  .  .  .   17   “. . . there are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns — there are things that we do not know we dont know.” Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Runner  Up   18   "I  think  that  gay  marriage  is   something  that  should  be   between  a  man  and  a  woman."     Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     9                                                        
  • Knowns  and  Unknowns   19   Unknown Unknown Knowns Unknowns HP   Known Known Knowns Unknowns Comp  Intell   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Unknown  unknowns   20   Somewhere on the West Coast Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     10                                                        
  • Open  Leadership   21   Share  constantly   Respect  that  your   to  build  trust.   customers  and   Nurture  curiosity   employees  have   and  humility.   power.   Hold  openness   Forgive  failure.   accountable.­‐rules/   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Openness  Audit   22­‐audit   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     11                                                        
  • TLC:  Culture   23   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Tribal  Leadership   24   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     12                                                        
  • TwiPer  RevoluHon   25   See  Sonia  Ben  Jaafer:   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   The  GeneraHon  Game   26   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     13                                                        
  • GeneraHon  Z   27   Are  we  ready  for  them?   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Are  You  Ready?   28   hPp://   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     14                                                        
  • Recent  ArHcle   29   hPp://   Social  Knowledge:    Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?  ©  2012,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Social  Knowledge:     Are  we  ready  for  the  Future?   30   John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     15