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Leadership: Overview, Challenges and Opportunities
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Leadership: Overview, Challenges and Opportunities


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John Girard talk "Leadership: Overview, Challenges and Opportunities" at the Land Training Center's Leadership Conference in Khartoum, Sudna

John Girard talk "Leadership: Overview, Challenges and Opportunities" at the Land Training Center's Leadership Conference in Khartoum, Sudna

Published in: Business
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  • 1. ! Leadership:  Overview,  Challenges   and  Opportuni�es   ! 1   John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   ! Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   It  is  all  about  People!   The  Nature  of  Leadership   ! ! 4   3   Sagology  is  dedicated  to  connec�ng  people  with  people  to   facilitate  collabora�on,  learning,  and  knowledge  sharing   through  keynotes,  workshops,  and  consul�ng.   Many  styles  of   leadership  can  be   effec�ve   Goals     sagology  [sāj-­‐ol-­‐uh-­‐jee]       -­‐noun         1.  2.      Influence   the  study  of  organiza�onal  wisdom  in  all  its  forms,  esp.  with  reference  to   technology,  leadership,  culture,  process,  and  measurement   the  study  of  one  venerated  for  experience,  judgment,  and  wisdom.   People   Origin:       2008;    Canadian  English,  from  Middle  English  sage  +  -­‐ology.     Leadership  is  the  ability  to   influence  people  toward  the   a�ainment  of  goals       Sage  [Middle  English,  from  Old  French,  from  Vulgar  La�n  *sapius,  from  La�n  sapere,  to  be  wise;  see  sep-­‐  in  Indo-­‐European  roots.]   -­‐ology  [Middle  English  -­‐logie,  from  Old  French,  from  La�n  -­‐logia,  from  Greek  -­‐logiā  (from  logos,  word,  speech;  see  leg-­‐  in  Indo-­‐ European  roots)  and  from  -­‐logos,  one  who  deals  with  (from  legein,  to  speak;  see  leg-­‐  in  Indo-­‐European  roots).]   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  is  Evolving  …   Leadership   ! ! 5   6   Ø Take  a  moment  to  think  of  a  great  leader   Ø  What  makes  him  or  her  great?   technology,   economic,  labor,   social,  and   cultural  changes   needs  of  the   organiza�on   change   Ø Think  of  a  leader  who  fails  to  meet  your   turbulence  and   uncertainty  of   the  environment   expecta�ons   Ø  What  traits,  characteris�cs,  or  behaviors  led  to  your   percep�on  of  him  or  her?   Ø As  we  discuss  leaders  …  think  of  these  two   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     1                                                                          
  • 2. ! Great  Leaders  …  Around  the  World   ! 7   600+ Students, 75 Faculty & Staff, 50 Family Members, 50 Life Long Learners and … Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Contemporary  Leadership   ! 10   Level  5     Leadership   Servant     Leadership   Turbulent     Times   Authen�c   Leadership   Interac�ve   Leadership   Listen  to  the  en�re  interview  at  h�p://­‐qa-­‐with-­‐archbishop-­‐desmond-­‐tutu/   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Level  5  Leadership   Servant  Leadership   ! 11   ! 12   Ø Fierce  resolve  to  do  what  is  best  for  organiza�on   Ø Ancient  idea   Ø   Lack  of  ego  (humility)   Ø Work  exists  for  the     Ø   Credit  other  people   development  of  the  worker   Ø Servant  leaders  transcend  self-­‐ interest  to  serve  others   Ø Servant  leaders  give  away  power,   ideas,  informa�on,  recogni�on,   credit,  and  money   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     2                                                                          
  • 3. ! Components  of  Authen�c  Leadership   Interac�ve  Leadership   ! 13   ! 14   Interac�ve   leadership   means  that  the   leader  favors  a   consensual  and   collabora�ve   process   Leaders  who  know  and  understand  themselves   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leader  and  Manager  Quali�es   The  Leadership  Grid   ! 15   ! 16   Which  list  describes  the  leader?   What  is  the  difference  between  management  and   leadership?   Leader   Manager   Behavior  Approaches   Where  a     re   Where  are   your     you   Defined  two  leadership  behaviors:   as  a   leaders?   leader?   Task-­‐oriented  behavior   People-­‐oriented  behavior   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Situa�onal  Model  of  Leadership   Transforma�onal  vs  Transac�onal   ! 17   Transac�onal   Con�ngency  Approaches:   • Clarify  tasks   • Ini�ate  structure   • Provide  awards   • Improve  produc�vity   • Hard  working   • Tolerant  and  fair   minded   • Focus  on  management     Extension  of  behavioral  theories     Focus  on  characteris�cs  of   followers     Seek  appropriate  leadership   behavior   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D. ! 18     Transforma�onal   • Innova�ve     • Recognize  follower   needs   • Inspire  followers   • Create  a  be�er  future   • Promote  significant   change   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     3                                                                          
  • 4. ! Styles  of  Followership   Power  and  Influence   ! 19   ! 20   Ø Posi�on  Power   Ø  Legi�mate  Power   Ø  Reward  Power   Ø  Coercive  Power   Organiza�on  does  not  exist  without   followers     Understand  followers:  cri�cal  thinking   versus  dependent  uncri�cal  thinking   Both  leaders   and  followers   use  power  to   get  things   done   Ø Personal  Power   Ø  Expert  Power   Ø  Referent  Power   Ø Other  Sources  of  Power   Ø  Personal  Effort   Ø  Network  of  Rela�onships   Ø  Informa�on   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Interpersonal  Influence  Tac�cs     What  leads  to  success?   ! 21   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   ! 22   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Groups  and  Teams   Five  Common  Dysfunc�ons  of  Teams   ! 23   ! 24   Is  there  a  difference  between  a  group  and  a  team?   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     4                                                                          
  • 5. ! A  Model  of  Styles  to  Handle  Conflict   Five  Stages  of  Team  Development   ! 25   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   ! 26   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Four  Ways  Team  Norms  Develop   Balancing  Conflict  and  Coopera�on   ! 27   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   ! 28   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Listening   Tribal  Leadership   ! 29   ! 30   h�p://­‐is-­‐tribal-­‐leadership/diagnosing-­‐culture   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     5                                                                          
  • 6. ! Tribal  Leadership   Free  Audio  Book   ! ! 31   32   h�p://­‐book   h�p://   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   The  Nature  of  Leadership   Leadership:  Overview,  Challenges   and  Opportuni�es   ! 33   Many  styles  of   leadership  can  be   effec�ve   Goals   ! 34   John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.   Influence   People   Leadership  is  the  ability  to   influence  people  toward  the   a�ainment  of  goals   ! Leadership  Challenges  and  Opportuni�es  ©  2014,  John  P.  Girard,  Ph.D.     6