Nano Israel 2010

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A talk I gave at the Nano-Israel 2010 conference

A talk I gave at the Nano-Israel 2010 conference

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  • 1. Carbon Nanotube Technology at El-Mul Presentation at Nano Israel 2010, Tel-Aviv Sagi Daren, Project Manager
  • 2.
    • Established 1992, private ownership.
    • Core business: supplier of customized detectors for electron and ion beam tools.
    • 25 employees, 12 in R&D and engineering, 7 PhDs.
    • ISO 9001 certified, clean room production.
    • Located at the Rehovot Science Park, Israel.
    About El-Mul Technologies, Ltd.
  • 3. Nanotechnology at El-Mul
    • 2001, Started developing Carbon Nanotube (CNT) electron emitters .
    • Our CNT emitter are currently under evaluation at beta-site costumers.
    • This development has created a unique know-how in growth, patterning and tailoring of CNT attached-to-surface.
    • 2009, started developing novel electrode materials for energy storage devices.
  • 4. El-Mul’s Nano Electron Emitters
    • Concept : Gating a single, multi-wall CNT, inside a capacitor-like micro cavity.
    • Advantages : Compact, low voltage gating, high brightness, energy efficient, cold electron emission , fast modulation .
    2D Simulation SEM cross-section of device 80 100 120 140 160 V gate [Volts] Current [nA] 0 40 80 120 160 200 Silicon Silicon Oxide Gate +100V. CNT 200nm
  • 5. CNT Emitter Array
    • Scalable technology, using standard semi-conductor processes.
    • Multiple/single CNT patterned, addressable arrays.
    • Potential applications: multi source e-gun, x-ray source
  • 6. CNT Electrode Materials
    • Why CNT?
    • Relatively large surface area (~300m 2 /gr)
    • High lateral conductivity
    • Good chemical stability and compatibility with materials of present energy devices
    • Motivation : improve current-collection efficiency in batteries, super-capacitors and photo cells.
    Current collector Active material Electric current charge CNT on Current collector charge
  • 7. Electrode Materials - Batteries
    • CNT-deposited current collectors + LiB active material
    SEM image of current collector cross section Active material CNT film SE image (topography contrast) BSE image (chemical element contrast)
  • 8. Electrode Materials – Photo Cell (Our) CNT covered electrodes were tested in an electrolytic (aqueous) solution comparing the internal resistance with other material electrodes. Metal connector CNT covered electrode Current collector CNTs Current Light Photo sensitive material - - - - - -
  • 9. Electrode Materials – Photo Cell
    • Results:
    • Superior current collection efficiency
    • No degradation in performance the film
    Carbon Black Carbon Black + Pt CNT Forest Resistance [AU] CNT Forest after cycling in cell
  • 10. Commercial Focus
    • As a product-oriented company we seek:
    • Commercial partners from the Energy-Storage industry.
    • New applications More users for our Nano Electron Source platform.
    50nm Thank you!