Heart Of Venice Accessible Tour


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Disabled travelers have accessible tour options in Venice that avoid bridges and steps. Make your plans now to see all this magnificent city has to offer.

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Heart Of Venice Accessible Tour

  1. 1. Heart of Venice Accessible Tourwww.sagetraveling.com/heart-of-venice-accessible-tour
  2. 2. Between beautiful architecture at St. Marks Piazza, the cupolas at St.Marks Basilica and historical art at Doges Palace, this two and a half tothree-hour wheelchair accessible tour is the best way to discoverVenice, especially if this is your first time here. www.sagetraveling.com
  3. 3. One of the best disabled tours in Venice available, this tour is availableevery day, all year long. www.sagetraveling.com
  4. 4. If you are staying in one of theaccessible hotels in St. Marks neighborhood, a tour guide can meet youin the hotel lobby. Otherwise, your group can meet at Porta della Carta,which is the exit for Doges Palace.You will not have to wait in the long lines of St. Marks Basilica or theDoges Palace during this disabled tour in Venice. www.sagetraveling.com
  5. 5. The attractions featured on this accessible Venice tour, including theDoges Palace and St. Marks Basilica, can be visited in a wheelchair.• The tour will take you through St. Marks Piazza to St. Marks Basilica where you will see centuries old work from some of the greatest Italian and European artists.• There are some accessibility barriers (such as the small step shown below on the left) but your tour guide will ensure that you see everything that you can. www.sagetraveling.com
  6. 6. At Doges Palace, you will learn about the history of the Venetiangovernment and see Doges Throne as well as the lovely courtyard.• As a special treat, you will be able to view the largest painting in the world, Tintorettos Paradise.• You will also see Portraits of the 76 Doges, including the notorious Doge Marin Falier.• Your tour guide will ensure you get around the step at the main entrance (shown below on the left) and are able to use the private elevator (shown below on the right). www.sagetraveling.com
  7. 7. Courtyard At Doges Palace
  8. 8. At first glance, touring Venice may seem like a daunting task fordisabled visitors. However, this accessible tour will help you overcomeyour fears about visiting this extraordinary city.The neighborhoods you will visit on this Venice disabled tour and ourLand & Sea Accessible Wheelchair Tour are flat, have no steps and nocobblestones, and avoid all bridges. www.sagetraveling.com
  9. 9. Tour Highlights in St. Marks Basilica• Mascoli Chapel• Mosaics on ceilings and walls• Crucifix Capital- Baptistery• Genesis cupola- Apocalypse vault• St. John the Evangelist’s cupola• St. Leonard’s cupola www.sagetraveling.com
  10. 10. Tour Highlights in the Doges Palace• History of the Venetian government• Doge’s Palace courtyard- Sansofino’s Mars and Neptune statues• Senate Hall- Hall of the Grand Council• “Lion’s Mouth” postbox• Portraits of the 76 Doges (including the notorious Doge Marin Falier)• Tintorettos Paradise (largest oil painting in the world)• Doges ThroneNote: Armory, Bridge of Sighs, and Prisons are not visited because they have steps to reach them. www.sagetraveling.com
  11. 11. Venice Disabled Tour Details Tour duration: Morning tour is 3 hours long, starting at 9:30am and ending at 12:30pm. The afternoon tour is 2.5 hours long, starting at 1pm and ending at 3:30pm Cost: The cost for the entire group is 260 euro in the morning and 225 euro in the afternoon Days of the week the tour is offered: Every day Meeting place: Accessible hotel lobby or Porta della Carta, which is the exit of Doges Palace Dress code: Covered shoulders and knees Number of people on tour: Up to 6 Entrance tickets: Not included. 1 disabled visitor + 1 companion are often given free admission
  12. 12. Tour Meet-up Location (at Porta della Carta which is the Doge’s Palaceexit): Accessible entrance Entrance to Doge’s to St. Marks’s Square palace (1 step) Exit to Doge’s Palace And Tour Meet-up Point www.sagetraveling.com
  13. 13. We look forward to making your accessible dream vacation a reality! Call Us: 1-888-645-7920 Contact us at info@sagetraveling.comhttp://www.sagetraveling.com/heart-of-venice-accessible-tour
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