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What is Social CRM?

What is Social CRM?



Learn what Social CRM is and how it could be benefiting your business.

Learn what Social CRM is and how it could be benefiting your business.



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    What is Social CRM? What is Social CRM? Presentation Transcript

    • Social CRMChanging the waywe do business.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 1
    • Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 2ContentsWhat is CRM?What is Social Media?What is Social CRM?Why use Social CRM?Moving from traditional CRM to Social CRMSage CRM Social Media Integration
    • What is…CRM?CRM is…more than just a software application. It is abusiness solution for all customer-centricprocesses.It covers every interaction with customersacross the entire business. It improvesinternal business processes, enablescloser management of new and existingcustomer relationships, increasesrevenues, decreases inefficiencies andprovides management with timely andreliable insights to guide decisions.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 3
    • What is…Social Media?Social Media is….the means by which people create, share, discuss,and exchange content and opinions online.Social media includes all forms of „user generated‟content, from communication applications likeFacebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn tocollaborative sites like Wikipedia, blogging toolslike WordPress, image sharing sites like Pinterest,presentation sharing sites like SlideShare andmultimedia services such as YouTube.“Within three to five years social media will besecond only to face-to-face communication as theprimary way of connecting with customers.”Source: IBM Global CEO Studyhttp://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/en/c-suite/ceostudy2012/Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 4
    • What is…Social CRM?Social CRM is“a philosophy and a business strategy,supported by a technology platform,business rules, workflow, processes andsocial characteristics, designed toengage the customer in a collaborativeconversation in order to provide mutuallybeneficial value in a trusted andtransparent business environment.”Social CRM integrates your CRM systemwith key social networks, enabling you todeepen your relationships with customersthrough more meaningful interactions.Source: Paul Greenberg (2009),http://the56group.typepad.com/pgreenblog/Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 5
    • Why use…Social CRMSocial CRM > Changing the way you do Business 6Owner Managers &CEOs“I am an opinionleader with athorough knowledgeof my industry. I wantto raise awareness.”Customer Service“I want to helpcustomers solve theirproblems… I want toshare tips and trickswith customers.”Sales“I want new tools tohelp me identifysales prospects andprogress salesleads.”MarketingProfessionals“I need channels inwhich to place ourcontent, andtherefore buildtraffic… I want toknow what the publicis saying about us.”
    • Moving from…Traditional to Social CRMMany businesses are now realising the fullpotential of social media and how it can beused to enhance their marketingcommunications, sales insights andcustomer service offerings.By integrating Social Media into your CRMsystem, your sales, marketing and customerservice departments can become morecustomer-centric and communicationsfocused.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 7
    • How Social CRM…Can Improve the Sales Process• With instant access to Social Mediachannels from within your CRMsystem, your sales teams are equippedwith more relevant customer informationfrom online conversations, web analyticsand existing CRM history.• CRM solutions like Sage CRM allow youto save the contents of a Twitterconversation as a note in your SageCRM database so you have access to anarchive of online conversations withcustomers and prospects.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 8
    • How Social CRM…Can Improve the Marketing Process• Social CRM can help marketing becomea two-way, collaborative process.Marketing teams can now meetprospects early on in the sales cycle andconnect with them through real-timelistening and monitoring of onlineconversations.• With Sage CRM for Twitter you canquickly and easily start marketingcampaigns to launch products orpromotions and track the response tothese campaigns in your CRM system inreal-time..Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 9
    • How Social CRM…Can Improve Customer Support• By integrating Social CRM into yourcustomer support strategy you canimprove the speed of responding tocustomer complaints and increase thelevel of trust in your brand throughtransparent exposure to the online world.• With Sage CRM for Twitter you can postor reply directly to a customer querytweet from within Sage CRM. Byanswering a tweet from one customer,you may actually be answering a queryfor a number of customers.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 10
    • Sage CRM…Social Media Integration• Sage CRM integrates with key socialmedia applications to enable users toengage with prospects and customers ina collaborative manner in order togenerate leads, foster loyalty, buildcustomer retention and increase revenue.• Sage CRM‟s integration with LinkedInenables you to research prospects andconnect with customers from within yourSage CRM system.• Sage CRM for Twitter enables youto view and manage Twitter feeds all fromwithin Sage CRM.• Sage CRM‟s integration withFacebook enables you to researchprospects and connect with customersfrom within your Sage CRM system.• Sage CRM Business Collaborationpowered by Yammer can drive employeeproductivity and knowledge exchange.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 11
    • Sage CRM…For Twitter• Sage CRM for Twitter enables you topromote new products or offers,communicate with customers andprospects and monitor tweets all fromwithin your Sage CRM screen.• Sage CRM for Twitter enables you totrack and respond to Twittercommunications in real time. You canpost or reply directly to a Tweet fromwithin Sage CRM and view Twitter feedsfor specific companies and in turn savethe contents of those tweets to noteswithin Sage CRM.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 12
    • Sage CRM…For LinkedIn• Sage CRM for LinkedIn enables you todirectly access LinkedIn from yourInteractive Dashboard. From here, youcan build a professional network ofprospects, customers and partners.• LinkedIn can provide you with a wealth ofinformation on existing customers andprospects to help you develop furthersales opportunities.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 13
    • Sage CRM…For Facebook• Sage CRM for Facebook enables you togain customer insights from Facebookand create a complete picture ofcustomer and prospect interactions,without leaving Sage CRM.• Sage CRM for Facebook bringscustomers‟ Facebook profiles inside yourCRM account allowing you to easily viewcompany and individual Facebookdetails.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 14
    • Sage CRM…Business Collaboration• Business collaboration across teamsusing Sage CRM is made possiblethrough social-style collaborationpowered by Yammer.• You can collaborate with Yammer groupsand across records, and discuss andcollaborate on these records. This makesbusiness conversations concerningopportunities, leads and support casesmore social and transparent, providinggreater visibility for all employees.Social CRM > Changing the way you do Business 15
    • 16Find out how you canunlock value in everyconversation with SocialCRM for Sage CRMWatch Video Download Datasheet
    • 17See for yourself thedifference thatSage CRM could maketo your businesswww.sagecrm.comGet Social with Sage CRM &stay up to date