Media A2 What I've Learnt from my Textual Analysis


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Media A2 What I've Learnt from my Textual Analysis

  1. 1. Camera• Camera work, plays a massive role in films in general, but in the shorts I analyzed, the way angle is set, the depth of field laid and what happens on the screen, plays an even bigger one.• On each of the short films I’ve analyzed, the atmospheric feel through the use of camera work gave each of them a very interesting look, the shaky camera on “Autonomy” was used to give the film a Documentary feel, which works well because of the way the film was made.• The way the Depth of field and Aperture was adjusted to suit the atmosphere of the short “What’s Virgin Mean?” made the film interesting, as unlike a short which has no use of depth of field and aperture it has not way to show where the audience has to focus, this will definitely be tried (if possible) during filming.• The way the Camera moved in the opening scene of “Love Hurts” made it clear from the start that it was going to be an eerie and dark sort of film, a slow moving intro will definitely be in the opening stages of my film
  2. 2. Editing• Editing plays a huge part in every film, whether it’s a documentary style film (Blair Witch) or any conventional Cinematographed films out there (Any mainstream film), editing makes the film flow and hooks the audience in.• In the 3 short films I analyzed, the editing I feel that will work the best with my group’s script, is the editing from “Love Hurts”.• The way the film starts of slow, then fast then slows down near the end, I think will work well because of the layout of my script, The poem in the end will work well shot from a Medium Close up Dolly-ing in to a close up to the “mothers’” face, catching the emotions that is portrayed by the actress that will play her, Ultimately (hopefully) leaving the viewers with a spine tingling jolt of terror.
  3. 3. Sound• Sound is a VERY important part of a horror film, The way a door opens by itself is known to be bland and boring but if a “Creaking” sound effect is used over the footage, it will be scarier and more interesting, in my short film, a variety of scary non diegetic music will be used like and unlike “Love Hurts”, Like how it uses non diegetic eerie sound effects as an interest builder and unlike, I have in mind that my film will use a number of sound effects and music to make a better experience for the viewers (all of which has to work of course)
  4. 4. Mise En Scene (Lighting, Props and setting)• For the Films I analyzed, I the use of Lighting props and proper setting really made a difference when making an interesting and well made film.• The use of the lighting as seen in “Love Hurts”, helped make the film’s atmosphere mysterious and frightening, this made the film and interesting from the start to finish.• The audience has dwelt on the fact that this film has spent time on the lighting which shows that this isn’t an amateur attempt in filmmaking as it has an aspect of lighting in the list of the filmmakers to do list.• For props in my film, there isn’t really a wide array of items needed, only a Bible and a Crucifix would suffice, unlike the Film “What’s Virgin Mean?” which needed a whole regiment of kitchen condiments, pots and pans, which made the film setting very believable.
  5. 5. ActingActing will play a huge part in making my film a success, all of the Films I analyzed used good actors, especially “What’s Virgin Mean?” which played a big part to the films success. Acting will have to be one of my films top priority as good acting will be needed to make it believable, as key parts such as the “Priest” and “Mary” because of the amount of screen time they have, they also have to have presence on screen for them to work.
  6. 6. Mise en Scene (Make up and Costume)• Costume is a vital part of the films credibility and believability, so it’s very important that proper costume is used for certain characters(Priest and Mary).• Make up also plays a vital role in films like mine and “Love Hurts”, as the main attraction (the ghosts/possessed) has to look the part and as scariest as possible.