How effective is the combination of your main product & ancillary texts?


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How effective is the combination of your main product & ancillary texts?

  1. 1. How Effective IsThe Combination Of Your Main Product & Ancillary Texts?
  2. 2. Comparison To Industry StandardI created a tagline for The title is not asmy poster as it is a simple as the ‘Fridayconventional tool used to the 13th’ title as Ilead the audience to the felt that the horrortitle. My tagline theme should beincorporates a rhetorical established throughdevice where I directly the title as titlesaddress the audience as are very who they believe will The font style andhave ‘The Last Laugh’. effects on the fontThis involvement could makes my poster standhave been heightened if I out especially forlisted the website, audiences who will seeFacebook and Twitter the poster in cinemaswebsites on the poster. and will instantlyHowever, as I have distinguish it from aalready created Twitter psychological orand Facebook pages to zombie horror film,market my trailer and for example.ancillary texts, I willuse the social platform The date is also placed at the bottom of theto receive feedback about poster. My film will be releasing on January thehow I could improve my 13th, I decided this date as it was a Friday andproducts. Friday the 13th is notorious for the superstitious beliefs it is tied around. This date will add toThe credits are placed at the horror atmosphere thus making my filmthe bottom of the poster attractive to my target audience who are keenwhich is a convention for horror film viewers.all posters.
  3. 3. The Tagline The ImageThe tagline ‘Welcome To Crystal The low angle long shot image of the maskedLake’ is a jovial warm invitation villain is effective in depicting hiswhich serves to inform the audience power. The mask is hidden by the shadowsthat the film is set near a lake. which makes it frightening for the audienceIt is a direct address to the through the fear of the unknown. The maskaudience members. It is placed at is a conventional paradigm which invitesthe top of the poster and is audience members to view the film in ordervisible through the colour white to find out who is behind it. The deathlywhich makes it stand out. The chainsaw weapon highlights the sadisticaudience recognise that the calm, nature of the villain and it is a weapontranquillity of the lake will be more effective than a gun for instance astainted by the sadistic acts of the it allows personal contact and itvillain. penetrates inside the skin. It conforms to The Extra Strapline Clover’s theory as when the Final Girl usesKnowing that the film is ‘From the this weapon in her final combat with theproducers of ‘The Texas Chainsaw villain, she displays her masculine traits.Massacre’ links it to a line ofsuccessful slasher films. Fans of The trees and mist in the background depict‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ are an isolated and claustrophobic environment.likely to go and watch the film The villain stands in front of them as ifand this conforms to Barthes he owns the area. The villain is certainlypleasure of Text theory where the more familiar with this surrounding inaudience guess what will happen contrast to the victims who have no chanceand seeing this play out gives to hide. The tall trees depict a sense ofthem the pleasure. Also there is entrapment as they appear like bars, thisanother layer of pleasure to be instantly conveys to the audience that mosthad when the unexpected happens of the action will take place in this placeand seeing as this is a remake, and the victims will make attempts to fleethere must be something which the area, alive. The lake and woods make amarks it out from the others. good horror setting and the tranquil nature of the natural world is subverted to witness disturbing brutal murders. The Franchise The DateFriday the 13th is The date is at the The Title The Creditspart of a big very bottom of the The red font connotes blood, death and passion There is information aboutfranchise and page and it is ironic establishing the slasher subgenre and making itaudience members the producers and people that this slasher film stand out from the dark background. The brokenwho have seen involved in making the is set to release a effect coupled with a classic font styleprevious film will film. The production logo day before Valentines reflects how it is a remake of a classic filmwant to see how makes loyal audience day. It subverts the with a difference. Friday the 13th is a datethis edition is members want to go and seegoing to be notion of love and considered to be bad luck and the target the film solely becausedifferent. A unity and presents a audience are certain to be aware of this. Thus, they know that it is bigfranchise film film all about the the title immediately attracts the audiences budget and high quality. opposite. attention and conveys the horror theme.
  4. 4. The Tagline The Extra StraplineI chose to use the tagline ‘Who Knowing that the film is ‘From theWill Have...’ as it is featured in producers of Scream’ links it to amy trailer too, this creates a line of successful slasher films. Fanscontinuity between my main product of ‘Scream’ are likely to go and watchand ancillary text. It is a direct the film and loyal audience members ofaddress to the audience members. I the producer are given an incentive todecided to place it at the top of watch the film. The purpose of thisthe poster as it is visible extra strapline was to add weight.through the colour white which Associating ‘The Last Laugh’ to a filmmakes it stand out. The audience like ‘Scream’, raises expectations ofrecognise that the film will be the audiences who expect a highbased on someone avenging for quality, big budget, successful film. Isomething and there will be a chose to use plain white font as Icombat between the villain and the didn’t want to divert the attentionprotagonist. To see who survives from the main image and a leading factor in inviting Moreover, the font on the tone cards isthe audience to watch the film. also white and I wanted to continue theThis conforms to Barthes ‘Pleasure illuminating sharp colour theme.of Text’ theory as audiences canguess what will happen inmainstream films and seeing thisplay out is the pleasure they get.Also, there is another layer of The Credits There is information about thepleasure to be had when the producers and people involved in makingunexpected occurs. This is the film. The production logo makesrelevant to our film where when loyal audience members want to go andthe villain is unmasked, the see the film solely because they knowaudience will be shocked as it that it is big budget and high quality.will not be someone who they hadexpected. The DateThe date is at the very bottom of the page and it is ironic that this slasherfilm is set to release at the start of the new year. I chose to set this dateas it would be the first horror film of the year so audiences are likely towant to watch it. Because 13/01/2012 was a Friday, I have chosen to releasethe film on Friday the 13th as the day is emblematic of horror thus sets aneerie mood. I edited the date so it had the same wind effect as the title,the horror of the film permeates to the date which is why Friday the 13th isan effective date for the release.
  5. 5. The Image The TitleThe slight low angle, medium long shot The red font connotes blood, andimage of the masked villain is effective establishing the slasher subgenrein depicting his power. The white mask is and making it stand out from thetainted with splatters of red which makes dark background. The wind effectit frightening for the audience as the red coupled with a classic font stylerepresents blood thus his brutal nature. reflects how it is a remake of aUsing the Photoshop software, I decided to classic film with a difference.use a red colour theme as it links with The smudged effect on the fontthe slasher genre. Moreover, in our makes it look as if blood has beentrailer, the last sequence shows blood on smeared across the title. We chosethe floor therefore it links with the idea the title ‘The Last Laugh’ as it aof the villain being a savage murderer who metaphor for who will be the lastcommits brutal actions. The mask is a one standing thus the titleconventional paradigm which invites suggests that there will be aaudience members to view the film in order final combat between the villainto find out who is behind it. I decided to and the victim. To see who willuse this image as I wanted to brand my survives: the villain or thetexts with an image of the villain. I used protagonist, makes the audiencea close up image of the villain on my want to go and watch the film tomagazine cover and a close up image of the see if what they have guessed ismask blending with the title in my correct.trailer. I feel that showing the villainis far more effective than showing the Marketingvictims as this generates fear for My poster would be placed inaudiences who want to find out more about cinemas and on bus stops,his sadistic nature. It also leads them to underground stations etc as thisask questions as to why he is wearing a is an effective way to advertisemask? Why cannot he reveal his true my film to the wider audience andidentity? To find out the answer to these my target group who are studentsquestions, audiences are thus forced to go therefore are likely to be usingand watch the film. public transport and going to cinemas. The Image continued.The trees in the background depict an isolated and claustrophobic environment. Thevillain stands in front of them as if he owns the area. The villain is certainlymore familiar with this surrounding in contrast to the victims who have no chanceto hide. The tall trees create a sense of entrapment as they appear sharp, coupledwith the red colour which I added, nature has been tainted with the blood of thevictims. I chose to darken the image to match the dark settings in our trailer andthe black background of my magazine cover. The audience will be able to relate tothe trailer as this location fits in with the scene in the woods in the trailer.
  6. 6. Comparison To IndustryBoth images are Standard The cover line is made to stand out with apositioned in the white font against acentre thus they stand green background. Thisout and invite direct makes the cover lineeye contact with the appear almostreaders. This highlighted conveyingcontributes to the the importance of thehorror theme as the article featureddirect eye contact inside.makes the villain lookpowerful. The banner is placed at the top of the pageI chose a similar where the green andmasthead with the white font choice makeissue number embedded it stand out againstin the ‘M’ as this was the black background.a convention for I decided to useEmpire magazine. I ‘Movies’ Biggest Yearadded an outer glow to Ever’ as it is morethe masthead to make shocking for readersit stand out and and entices them toreinforce the horror purchase the magazinetheme of the magazine to find out what thecover. big deal is about. The film title is placedThe cover lines are placed at the bottom just under the masthead asof the page featuring exclusive previews it is positioned in a placeof the content inside thus providing an where it will stand out. Iincentive for the readers to purchase the have also placed the filmmagazine. title on top of the image.
  7. 7. The Masthead The issue number, price and The Banner date of publication areThe green font colour of the positioned between the “M”banner blends it with the which is a convention forgreen theme of the magazine. Empire magazine. The small fontThe banner provides an means that it is not veryincentive for readers who may noticeable for readers as awish to collect the covers. It result, it is the last thingis positioned at the top of the readers will look at. Thethe page making it visible for “Empire” has a green outer glowreaders. which correlates with the green colour scheme. The Film TitleIt is clear as to what film The Imagethis edition will feature as The extreme close up shot ofit is shown on the front the Joker instantly stands outcover. The juxtaposition in from the other magazine covers“summer” and “scary” mirrors on the shelf. The readers arethe juxtaposition of the “mass attracted to the front covermurdering clown” which conveys through the direct eye contact.that the film will be unique. The red paint on the lips and smeared across the face could be blood which highlights the The Cover Line sadistic nature of the clown. The white face gives him anThe cover line invites the almost ghostly, zombie andreader to take a glimpse of deathlike appearance whichthe articles featured inside creates fear for readers. Theand a “12 page career smile is creepy and uncanny.special” on Eastwood’s careeris likely to make his fanswant to purchase the The Barcodemagazine. The white font The barcode is positioned onstands out against the green the bottom right hand side inbackground making it stand a vertical position. Aout on the cover. barcode is necessary for it to be scanned in the shops. The Extra Cover Line The cross is a conventional tool in Empire magazine covers and here it provides a neat ordering of the extra cover lines. Other films are featured on the front page with short descriptions to engage readers.
  8. 8. The Banner The MastheadThe green font colour of the banner blends The issue number, price and dateit with the green theme of the magazine. of publication are positionedThe banner provides an incentive for between the “M” which is areaders who will want to purchase the convention for Empire magazine.magazine to see why this year is so ‘Big’. The small font means that it isIt is positioned at the top of the page not very noticeable for readers asmaking it visible for readers. I chose a result, it is the last thing the‘Movies’ Biggest Year Ever!’ rather than readers will look at. The “Empire”‘2 Covers To Collect’ as Empire readers has a green outer glow whichare more interested in the content of the correlates with the green colourmagazine which will give them detailed scheme.information about movies. I therefore feltthat this banner will attract my audience. The Image The Film Title The close up shot of the mask instantly stands out from the otherIt is clear as to what film this edition magazine covers on the shelf. Thewill feature as it is shown on the front readers are attracted to the frontcover. The juxtaposition of “laughter” and cover through the direct eye“fatal” mirrors the juxtaposition of the contact. The splatter of bloodsadistic clown which conveys that the film smeared across the face highlightswill be about appearance versus reality. I the sadistic nature of the clown.didn’t want to add the wind effect to the The white face gives him an almosttitle as it appeared quite messy, this is ghostly, zombie and deathlikewhy I decided to keep it simple and just appearance which creates fear foradded a glow. readers. The smile is creepy and The Cover Line uncanny.The cover line invites the reader totake a glimpse of the articles featuredinside and a “12 page career special” onRadcliffe’s career is likely to make hisfans want to purchase the magazine. The The Barcodewhite font stands out against the black The Puff The barcode isbackground making it stand out on the “Essential 2011 positioned on thecover. Preview” parallels bottom right hand side with the white and The Extra Cover Line in a vertical green colour position. A barcode isThe cross is a conventional tool in Empire magazine scheme making it necessary for it to becovers and here it provides a neat ordering of the stand out from the scanned in the shops.extra cover lines if not alluding to the religious cover lines.crucifix symbol to foreshadow death. Other filmsare featured on the front page with shortdescriptions to engage readers.
  9. 9. The Colour Branding The FontI used a red colour palette for the film poster as I decided to use different fonts on theI wanted depict the horror element using a colour poster and magazine cover. This was due tonotorious for blood, gore and, more specifically, the feedback from my target audience as theythe slasher sub-genre. The sharp white font felt that the effect on the poster would notcompliments the red colour where the wind effect be suitable for the magazine cover as it wason the font tears through the font which mirrors quite unclear to read. Moreover, from mythe villain’s destructive nature. I opted for a research into existing magazine covers likegreen, white and black colour palette for the ‘The Dark Knight Empire edition, I could seemagazine cover as I wanted to challenge the that the film title was simple and bold whichstereotypical red colour, and moreover, wanted to made it stand out. I decided not to use thedifferentiate my magazine cover from the poster. same font as the trailer as it was quiteAlthough the green may not appear as a horror simple. I did however use the same whitecolour, I feel that the colour presents the colour as the title and tone cards in thevillain as both intelligent and malicious. The trailer as I liked the bright effect.colour challenges the conventional colour theme The credit font on the poster is different tolike ‘The Dark Knight’ Empire cover. The bright the title font as after researching existinggreen combination is attractive for readers and posters, I found that the purpose of thethe natural green is subverted to present a credits is to inform rather than contributedangerous character. The green theme correlates to to the style of the poster. This is why Ithe woods scene in the trailer too. chose a small plain font for the credits. The ImagesI used images of the villain on both poster and magazine cover as Iwanted to link the two texts together. By using two different shots, amedium long shot and a close up shot, I managed to depict the villainin different forms as in my trailer where the villain is showncommitting different sadistic acts. I placed the image in the centre asfrom my research of existing texts, the ones which attracted myattention were the ones which had the image positioned in the centrewhere direct eye contact was being made: (The Dark Knight EmpireMagazine, Friday the 13th Film poster).
  10. 10. Branding The Audience The Link With My Main Product My film poster, trailer and magazine The poster links to the woods scene in the cover are aimed at the same target trailer therefore the audience can quite audience of 16-24 year olds which is why clearly establish the connection. I decided they are consistent with the level of to use the woods location and a slight low horror depicted. Because my film is rated angle shot of the villain standing in front a ’15’ due to the violence, I feel that of them as I felt that the villain’s stance the poster and magazine cover are made him appear very powerful, which echoes suitable ancillary texts to accompany it. his presentation in my trailer. The close The image of the mask correlates through up shot of the mask ties universally to my all the products which is why I believe trailer as there are many shots of the mask that the audience will instantly during the latter part of the trailer. Here recognise the brand. The mask is the I wanted to heighten the villain’s power motif stamped across all of my products and fearfulness through the constant which is effective in creating a link and portrayal of him. binding the products together. The EffectThe effect of marketing our trailer on social networking websites suchas Facebook, Twitter and YouTube enables us to create a stablefoundation for ensuring that our main product reaches our intendedaudience and the wider public. Due to the links between my main productand ancillary texts, audiences will find it easy to associate one withthe other therefore our brand will be well known on a global scale.