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SAFHE newsletter 2.1

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Safhe newsletter 2.1

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER 4 June 2014 Dear SAFHE members, In this newsletter find:  SAFHE 2015, first announcement  Update on IUSS. It may also interest you to read:  SAFHE representation in various SANS committees,  SAFHE at ICRC “Healthcare in Danger” workshop  Durban to host UIA-PHG (International Union of Architects – Public Health Group) in 2014, Please remember to submit articles for the website. Check it out at Regards, Peta de Jager Thozamile Sydney Mafu - 6th March 1959 to 21st May 2014 We regret to inform you of the passing of Sydney Mafu. Thozamile Sydney Mafu passed away on the 21 May 2014, after suffering a stroke three and a half weeks earlier. He was admitted to ICU after the stroke where he remained until his passing. Sydney regained consciousness after the stroke but after a brief improvement his condition deteriorated. At the time of his passing Sydney was a senior Member of B.N.M. cc, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Health Planners, where he had for the last six years consulted on a range of Health Facility Projects. During his time at BNM Sydney also lectured at Wits University as part of their “Health Management Post Graduate Program” at the Health Science Faculty. From 2000 to 2008 Sydney was the Deputy Director, Health Facilities Planning at the Department of Health, Eastern Cape where he was responsible for implementing many successful projects which included Holy Cross Hospital, Livingstone Hospital, Uitenhage Provincial Hospital, Victoria Hospital and St Lucys Hospital to name just a few. Sydney was a key member of the development of “Eastern Cape Hospital Design Guide” which has become a much referred to document across the breadth of South Africa. Whilst still at the Department of Health Sydney completed a year of study in the UK at London’s South Bank University, completing a Masters of Science: Planning Buildings for Health. Sydney obtained a distinction on his Dissertation “Design Framework for a Sustainable Rural Community Hospital in South Africa.” During his early career and prior to his involvement in Health Planning with Eastern Cape Department of Health, he had gained a depth of knowledge, which would serve him well during his later years. At Cecelia Makiwane Hospital he completed his Diploma in Midwifery and at Goldfields Nursing School he achieved a Diploma in General Nursing. Thozamile Sydney Mafu championed excellence in health planning, he was always ready to share his knowledge or enter into a rigorous debate. He also had a way of getting things done. Sydney always said “push the wheelbarrow forward”… which he meant that the task should be taken forward and some progress made. Hamba Kahle my friend. Signed; Andy Hart. Fellow Member of BNM Architects, Quantity Surveyors & Health Planners
  2. 2. SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF HOSPITAL ENGINEERING SUID AFRIKAANSE FEDERASIE VAN HOSPITAALINGENIEURSWESE NEWSLETTER 4 June 2014 2 Health infrastructure norms gazetted in part The Minister of Health has Gazetted the Health Infrastructure Norms and Standards Guidelines in relation to Building Engineering Services, Infrastructure Design for Waste Management in Healthcare Facilities and Emergency Centers (37348, 17 February 2014). These are guidelines are for public reference information and for application by Provincial Departments of Health in public sector health facilities. The approved guidelines will be applicable to the planning, design and implementation of all new building projects. Any deviations from the voluntary standards should be motivated during the Infrastructure Delivery Management Systems (IDMS) gateway approval process. The guidelines do not necessitate the alteration and upgrading of existing healthcare facilities. In addition, Professional service provider instructions are to be adapted to require mandatory measurement in locations and according to building elements on all building projects not yet documented for tender purposes. See for more information. SAFHE / CEASA 2015 – 11TH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION First announcement has been issued that the 11th SAFHE CEASA Biennial conference will be held from 11 - 13 August 2015 at the Sandton International Convention Centre. Exhibitors and paper submissions are invited. For more information see SANS committees – healthcare watch SAFHE member Tobias van Reenen has involved himself in various SANS committees and has submitted the following report on recent developments: SANS 204: Energy Efficiency in Buildings The standard SANS 204: Energy Efficiency in Buildings is currently under review. The changes considered in these revisions include tightening up on the energy consumption and demand allowances per building type to further align this standard with international best practice. The need to provide building sub-classifications has also been recognised and proposals for sub- classifications are requested from interested parties for consideration. Climate Classification: Together with the improved energy efficiency targets, a better climate map (SANS 204 Annexure A) is being developed. This map is envisaged to be in the form of two parts, a summer and winter map. The set of maps will define a standardised effective temperature (SET) experienced in the peak summer and winter conditions. It is suggested that SET would correlate with heating and cooling building energy consumption and Tables 1 and 2 would then be redrafted to reflect the new climatic zones with additive summer and winter maximum values. Subsequent sections describing the CR and R values for various elements of the building envelope will be re-developed to align with the new climate map and the requirements of Tables 1 and 2. Fenestration:
  3. 3. SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF HOSPITAL ENGINEERING SUID AFRIKAANSE FEDERASIE VAN HOSPITAALINGENIEURSWESE NEWSLETTER 4 June 2014 3 The correctness and application of within the standard is being reviewed. The building services working group is reviewing section 4.5 in terms of lighting, hot water generation and HVAC. High Performance HVAC: The HVAC sub performance criteria in SANS204 have been reviewed a suggestion is that the hot gas bypass table should be ‘borrowed’ from ASHARE 90.1. Table 14 (Minimum COP) has therefore been revised to be closer in line with ASHRAE 90.1 and available technologies, with suggestions as to the standardisation using ISO5151/EN for HVAC equipment rating, and standard testing conditions. Consideration was also given to the content of ASHRAE 189.1;2011; High Performance HVAC. Lighting: Table 12 (Lighting energy) has been rewritten in accordance with:  Selection criteria that of the Green Building Council of SA e.g. using 1.5W/m2/100Lux for a four star office building at a norm of 400Lux will yield a 6W/m2. In order to provide a uniformity of 1.2: 1.0 operating with luminaire efficiency of less 0.88 Utilisation factor at maximum room index 70% roof reflection 50% walls and 10% floors a net 8W/m2 is the requirement Mixed Mode Ventilation: The inclusion of guidance for the adoption of natural and mixed mode ventilation has been proposed. This guidance would describe the system selection process and indoor comfort considerations. Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walks: The working group has been given sight of ISO/FDIS 25745 which consists of parts, under the general title Energy performance of lifts, escalators and moving walks: — Part 1: Energy measurement and verification and need to have discussions as to which aspects should be incorporated into SANS 204. This can best happen when other Parts which set out performance aspects are incorporated. Hot water generation: It is proposed that in, the ratio of hot water consumption between summer and winter be defined and that in addition, cognisance of the anticipated mains water temperature variations through the year be included in heating energy computations. An algorithm for mains water temperature has been developed for the RSA climatic regions, based on prior work in the USA and Canada. SANS 10400 XA: An interest group of Energy Modelling and Rational Design Practitioners has been formed and is developing a Rational Design Protocol. A proposal has been presented for a hot water heating energy efficiency performance criteria to be developed for SA. The energy efficiency performance criteria should link to kg CO2 emissions as per the requirements of regulation XA1.
  4. 4. SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF HOSPITAL ENGINEERING SUID AFRIKAANSE FEDERASIE VAN HOSPITAALINGENIEURSWESE NEWSLETTER 4 June 2014 4 Red Cross – Healthcare in Danger: ensuring safety in health facilities Since 2012, the International Commission of the Red Cross has been collecting information on reported violent incidents affecting healthcare in 23 countries where it has a presence. Results are worrying. Insecurity of and violence against healthcare in armed conflict and other emergencies is widespread and affects individuals, families and communities. In April, SA was represented during a two day symposium hosted by the SA Department of International Relations and Cooperation and the International Commission of the Red Cross in Pretoria to pursue the objectives of The Health Care in Danger project. This meeting was a follow up from a meeting series aimed at improving the security and delivery of effective and impartial healthcare during armed conflict and other emergencies. SAFHE was represented in an expert focus group looking at practical suggestions on how to optimise physical safety, often within the constraints of existing infrastructure and limited resources. UIA – Public Health Group Cape Town and Durban, August 2014 The International Union of Architects (UIA) meets in Durban in early August. There will be a healthcare track hosted by the UIA Public Health Group (PHG) and various activities arranged around the Congress time. Highlights at the Congress will include a track keynote by Rwanda Country Coordinator, Architect and representative of MASS Design Group, Christian Benimana who will be talking about the Itafari ku Itafari project. The PHG Healthcare Otherwhere programme will run as part of the official programme for the UIA Durban Congress as one of the parallel partner programmes to the main event. Healthcare Otherwhere Student Competition finalist entries will be showcased at the PHG stand. Western Cape Provincial Government will host a special pre-conference 3 or 4 day Cape Town tour with very limited seats which include visits to new district hospitals and clinics. In addition there will be a guided tour in Durban to KRITH (KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for TB and HIV) and Warwick Street Junction on Sunday 3rd August. There will be a PHG gala dinner Ammazulu African Palace. Registration for the main event will provide access to the full Congress programme including the PHG track. There is a discounted registration fee of R5500.00 through to 30 June, after which it goes up to R6500.00 - so it pays to register quickly and get the lower rate! Figure 1 KRITH visit planned as part of UIA-PHG activities
  5. 5. SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF HOSPITAL ENGINEERING SUID AFRIKAANSE FEDERASIE VAN HOSPITAALINGENIEURSWESE NEWSLETTER 4 June 2014 5 You can register on . Please assist in planning by indicating your interest in PHG on registering. On the same page further down on the left there is a header "PHG LINKED ACTIVITIES REGISTRATION". You will be able to register on this for the other PHG specific activities we have lined up. PHG enthusiasts are encouraged to book your accommodation through the UIA2014Durban web site at Sica's Guest House to encounter like-minded individuals. For a full write up of what is on offer for the Healthcare Otherwhere PHG seminar in South Africa this July/August go to the PHG website or email Please let me know if you have any questions on the PHG programme. For all queries on the bookings and registration follow the leads on the Congress website. Looking forward to seeing you all in South Africa. POLICY DOCUMENT ON THE PROPOSED AMENDMENTS OF THE STATUTORY REGULATORY FRAMEWORK OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT PROFESSIONS- for public comment We do believe that it might be of interest to all, in particular where construction work is to be carried out for the Departments of Health. The policy document (NOTICE 370 OF 2014) can be downloaded from here: Members are strongly encouraged to review and offer feedback on this policy document. SAFHE prize winners announced The winners of the prize for the best presentations at the SAFHE 2013 Conference were announced recently in Cape Town. Dr Martin Eldick from MTech Industrial Pty(Ltd) was awarded second place for his presentation on the application of heat pumps in hospitals and won a local getaway. First prize winner is Francois Bester for his presentation the benefits over the past 10 years of an environmental management system. Francois will present this paper at the upcoming IFHE Conference which will be hosted in Beunos Aires. Congratulations!
  6. 6. SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF HOSPITAL ENGINEERING SUID AFRIKAANSE FEDERASIE VAN HOSPITAALINGENIEURSWESE NEWSLETTER 4 June 2014 6 Architectural & Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control 14 - 18 July 2014 (Closing date for applications: 01 July 2014) *FREE course offered to professionals in the built environment (architects / engineering practitioners) and healthcare sectors! The CSIR and the Centres for Disease Control, in association with the University of Pretoria, will be presenting an informative and interactive course on “Architectural & Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control” in Pretoria. The course will be presented by a group of local and international technical experts with experience of the topic particularly in resource-constrained settings, and will include lectures, ‘hands-on’ sessions at the University of Pretoria’s laboratories and a site visit to a MDR-TB Hospital. *It will be free to all applicants approved for registration. Interested applicants are requested to submit:  Biographical summary of 200 words  Full CV  Letter of motivation  Letter of support from employer [optional but recommended] *Terms and Conditions: Only 50 places are available and the selection of delegates will be at the sole discretion of the Organising Committee. Only South African citizens and delegates not previously registered are eligible for the free course. Course fees for non-qualifying applicants are available on request. All accommodation, breakfasts and dinners, travel and subsistence costs are to be borne by the applicants [or their employers] and arrangements for these must be handled by the participants themselves. Enquiries and submissions: Elna Venter- Telephone: +27 (0)12 434 2500 /2642 Email: