e-Learning project initiation template


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A best practice template for conducting a Project Initiation meeting.

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e-Learning project initiation template

  1. 1. Client, project, project initiation
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Introductions (5 minutes) – Review of agenda – Roles – Ground rules 2 Project definition (25 minutes) – Background – Audience – Objectives and key messages – Expectations and constraints 3 Project lifecycle (15 minutes) – Instructional design and development process – Controls 4 Timescales and risks (10 minutes) 5 Project team (5 minutes) 6 Review of meeting points and actions (5 minutes)
  3. 3. Roles Name – project lead and instructional designer Name – technical lead Client name – role Client name – role 3
  4. 4. Ground rules One conversation at a time One topic at a time Everyone’ Everyone’s contribution is valued Issues that can’t be resolved today will be ‘parked’ can’ parked’ No interruptions from outside 4
  5. 5. Background Client name’s background and situation name’ Why have you decided to initiate this project now? What is the business need for this project? 5
  6. 6. Audience Who is the key audience? What characterises the typical learner? 6
  7. 7. Objectives and key messages What are the key points you want to make? What topics should the course cover? Learning outcomes – active, behavioural, testable Are there any relevant materials you could provide us with? 7
  8. 8. Expectations and constraints Course duration and tone Technical considerations Stakeholder engagement, expectations and availability Desired end date 8
  9. 9. Review 9
  10. 10. Instructional design and development process Project initiation Project initiation Pre kick-off Kick-off documents (PDD, CC, LMS spec) Instructional design Storyboards (draft Look and feel Content outline Project and final) management and quality Development assurance Interim Video or Pilot and Audio Gold Flash photo LMS release release releases shoots testing Project close Customer feedback Client team post- Internal post- form project review project review 10
  11. 11. Controls Weekly progress meetings/calls Commitment calendar Project definition document Change control procedure 11
  12. 12. Change control * All changes are accepted via the change log * The change log is sent out with each release 12
  13. 13. Timescales and risks Your dates (12 to 16 weeks typical for 1 hour course) Constraints – availability Realistic review and turnaround times How we plan – commitment calendar Risks 13
  14. 14. The commitment calendar Minor content revisions only after this point No revisions after this point This is the final release to your systems 14
  15. 15. A guide to milestones Review Deliverable / milestone Who’s involved? To do list time Project sponsor, project manager, Commitment calendar 1 day Confirm that the feedback dates are viable for all project members. stakeholders, SMEs, technical lead Project sponsor, project manager, Check that the project content and scope are accurate and that all your Project definition document 1 day SMEs, technical lead requirements are included. Check that the proposal fits your branding guidelines, is appropriate for your Look and feel proposal Project manager, branding team 1 day audience and that you like the colours, style and layout. Provide feedback in the provided change log on content, the language and tone Draft storyboard used, structure, flow and style of the storyboard. Project manager, SMEs 3 days (1 unit) Have you arranged a face to face meeting with Saffron to review the final storyboards? Give feedback in the provided change log on content, the language and tone used, Project sponsor, project manager, Final storyboards (all units) 1 week structure, flow and style of the storyboard. This is the crucial point for agreeing the SMEs, stakeholders textual content of the course. Revised commitment calendar (if Check and confirm future feedback dates are viable for all project members. Project manager 1 day required) Have you found a pilot group of end users? Confirm that you are happy with the style and functionality of the Flash build. Give feedback in the provided change log on functionality, usability and correspondence Interim release Project manager, stakeholders 1 week to the storyboards. Have you contacted the pilot group to arrange pilot testing and the LMS team to arrange testing? Collate feedback from pilot group and add to change log. Test the course on the Project sponsor, project manager, Pilot release and LMS test 1 week LMS. pilot group, technical lead Have you begun the internal communications cycle? Project sponsor, project manager, No further changes can be accepted after pilot feedback without incurring Final change requests 3 days pilot group, technical lead extra costs and impacting on timescales. Confirm that all previously requested changes have been made. Check that the Final check release (with audio) Project manager 1 day audio matches the course content. Gold release / go live Project manager, technical lead 1 day Course released onto the LMS / ready for end users to begin using the course. 15
  16. 16. Project team Project director (Saffron) Project sponsor (Client) Operations director (Saffron) Project manager (Client) Project lead (Saffron) Subject matter experts (Client) Instructional designers (Saffron) Technical lead (Client) Technical lead (Saffron) 16
  17. 17. Review and questions Any questions? Action points 17
  18. 18. Thank you!
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