Telekom malaysia keeping the good data inside with Safetica - By Safetica Benelux


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Telekom malaysia keeping the good data inside with Safetica - By Safetica Benelux

  1. 1. Telekom Malaysia: Keeping the GoodData Inside with Safetica Profile – Telekom Malaysia is the second largest telecommunications provider in South Asia with an annual turnover of $5.5 billion. Problem – Loose data handling processes resulted in stolen data, bribery, and manipulated contracts. Solution – Create a leak-proof office and data loss protection system supported by Safetica software. Benefits – Monitor and control access to sensitive documents without requiring costly hard- ware.Lost data costs money and reputationData loss was costly for Telekom Malaysia. The company, the second largest telecommunicationsprovider in South Asia with an annual turnover of $5.5 billion, discovered that its tender processwas undermined by stolen data.An $85 million contract had been awarded to Alcatel-Lucent as the result of confidential informationfrom a bribed official. This was no one-off incident. The French IT company had admitted multipleinstances of this behavior and was fined $137 million by a United States court for its actions inMalaysia and other countries.The bribery incident led to substantial changes at Telekom Malaysia(TM). “Before the scandal hit,they really had no data handling procedures,” points out Mitthiran Raman, founder of Safeticadistributor Iconic Innovations. “Their tender room was a long table with open files, laptops every-where, no monitoring – even vendors could come in.”Creating a leak-proof officeIn response to government demands that TM improve data handling standards, the company re-sponded with plans for the Telekom Malaysia Tender Evaluation Centre(TMTEC), a locked-downoffice with the latest desktop and data security systems for processing confidential tenders.The future location of TMTEC was a given: It would be sited on the 50th floor of the TM building inKuala Lumpur with a dedicated elevator, controlled access, and individually checked-in employees.
  2. 2. But the data control system was less clear. The tender called for a data loss prevention (DLP) solutionto be installed on nearly 90 employees’ computers, use of encrypted flash drives, and documentstorage on a secure intranet.Nimble approach to problem solvingTM invited its registered suppliers to compete in the tender and received bids from industry leaderssuch as Symantec and IronKey. Safetica participated via its distributor Iconic Innovations and theirpartner firm Privasia Technologies.“We went through every clause and requirement in the RFP (Request For Proposal) and showedthem how Safetica really exceeded their requirements with its 360 degree DLP approach,” remem-bers Mitthiran. “They didn’t know exactly what they wanted, so we thought ‘lets give them morethan just a secure thumbdrive’.”Open communication between Safetica and Iconic Innovations during the bid preparation was criti-cal, points out Jakub Mahdal, CEO of Safetica. “DLP systems are notoriously complex and we weretalking with Mitthiran at all hours. This allowed us to quickly answer questions before they couldbecome an issue.”These fast response times and operational flexibility helped Iconic Innovations implement the projectdespite delays due to changes in Project Timeline. “It was only after we were announced as the bidwinner that they finalized the network architecture and workflows,” adds Mitthiran. “It’s good to besmall and nimble.”Safe data without expensive hardwareWith Safetica, Iconic Innovations was able to beat back competitors offering expensive hardwareor a DLP add-on to an antivirus solution. The winning bid incorporated Safetica software with 86flashdrives, one console in the TMTEC secretariat, and a management server and a databaseserver residing at an external TM data center 30 km away.
  3. 3. The new DLP solution has employees daily checking in at the TMTEC secretariat, with each receiv-ing a computer and an encrypted flashdrive to use as their working space. At the close of the day,the secretariat checks the hardware back in, uploads the documents to a secure server, and shredsthe data on the flashdrives ahead of the next day.Safetica substantially lowered the cost of lost data for TMTEC. “It usually costs around $400 foreach secure thumbdrive, and with 86 of them – someone’s going to lose it. But with Safetica, anyordinary USB flash drive can be encrypted. This was the real deal maker. Even in training, they lostfour of them,” remembers Mitthiran.Moving up the learning curveFor both Iconic Innovations and Safetica Technologies, successfully implementing the DLP systemat the Telekom Malaysia Tender Evaluation Centre was proof that Safetica could compete againstestablished players.“Telekom Malaysia knew they had a big need for data security before we even started,” says Mit-thiran. “From our side, we learned to be bold in proposing new tender conditions to better meetcustomer needs. We fell in love with the problem as we learned what could be done with Safetica– and we did it.”© Copyright 2012 Safetica Technologies s.r.o. All rights reserved. Safetica is a registered trademark of Safetica Technologies s.r.o. For more infor-mation you can contact Safetica Technologies partners, whose list you can find on | Czech Republic | October 12, 2012