Using FME for the City of Palo Alto Topobase Implentation


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As presented by Drew Burgasser of CAD Masters
Abstract: The City of Palo department of utilities (CPAU) implemented Autodesk Topobase as part of their Geospatial Design and Management Project. This presentation will demonstate how FME was used to convert data from AutoCAD to Oracle for CPAU.

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Using FME for the City of Palo Alto Topobase Implentation

  1. 1. Using FME for City of Palo AltoAutodesk® TopobaseTM ImplementationDrew Burgasser, P.E.Vice President, CAD Masters, Inc. April 20, 2012
  2. 2. City of Palo Alto Department of Utilities Only City-Owned utility in California that operates its own utilities including electric, fiber optic, natural gas, water, and wastewater Summer 2009 – RFP – Geospatial Design and Management Solution Project (GDMSP)
  3. 3. Autodesk Topobase Autodesk® Flagship GIS Application  Client  Web  Administration AutoCAD® frontend Oracle® Database Backend Fully Customizable
  4. 4. Why FME Desktop? Needed to convert original data to Oracle Spatial (for use with Autodesk Topobase)  AutoCAD dwg  AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data  Oracle  Microsoft® Access  SQL Server Easy to Use Ridiculously Fast Fun
  5. 5. Readers and Writers Readers (used for this project)  Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data  Microsoft Access  Oracle Spatial Object  Oracle Non-spatial Writers  Oracle Spatial Object  Oracle Non-spatial
  6. 6. AutoCAD Map 3D to Oracle Spatial Challenge - All Text and Leaders had to be related to the feature that was being labeled
  7. 7. AutoCAD Map 3D to Oracle Spatial Solution - NeighborFinder Transformer was used to store the parent feature entity handle for each text and leader feature
  8. 8. AutoCAD Map 3D to Oracle Spatial Challenge – Gas Valves had object extended IDs that linked to data in a Microsoft Access MDB. We needed to translate the Access data in addition to the AutoCAD data.
  9. 9. AutoCAD Map 3D to Oracle Spatial Solution 1 – AutoCAD Map 3D Object Data Reader extracted object data and extended entity data attributes
  10. 10. AutoCAD Map 3D to Oracle Spatial Solution 2 – Joiner Transformer allowed us to connect to another DB and retrieve attributes based on the join ID attribute
  11. 11. Topobase Jobs Long Transactions using Oracle Virtual Private Database  Facilitates Approval Process  Undo modifications  Paper trail of feature edits  Job promotion event Challenge - Before adding data in Oracle, we needed to set a job by running an Oracle function select setjob(#) from dual. How do we do this in FME?
  12. 12. Topobase Jobs Solution - We could run a SQL Statement in FME to set the job before translation:
  13. 13. Data Auditing and Cleansing Challenge  Required to do several rounds of data auditing and cleansing.  Did not want to use the live CPAU server.  Wanted to do the work in our office.  Wanted to copy the data over to their Oracle server.  Could not export and import schemas since their database was live.
  14. 14. Data Auditing and Cleansing Solution – Used FME to copy data from one Oracle server or instance to another (over a VPN connection nonetheless!)
  15. 15. Thank You! Questions? For more information:  Drew Burgasser –  CAD Masters, Inc.