Problem Solving and Product Delivery with FME in a Survey / Engineering Company


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Presented by Tim Albert, Focus

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  • Lots of Field Time (Does things to people) VideoRecruitment Video – Lighter side of what we do.Survey Field Equipment, AutoCAD, GIS, LiDAR, Imagery, Databases, I have started to turn into the guy that people phone when something seems impossible.“I heard you are the guy that can work miracles”Of course I have to tell them no. But you should see what FME can do.
  • Tracking Historical Project Information.Needs to be Simple, easy to expand and connect other pieces to it.Show demo of Google Earth with Project pointsShow Excel formatLink to PDF, Link to Point fileFuture use of FME Server so Admin staff can convert Excel files to KML documentsExplain how Point files created for historical data – 300,000 files, 65,000 folders (Server located 1,000 km away)
  • Demo of Google Earth Project Tracking KMLShow Garmin TracksSurvey data from JXLsPhoto LocationsOther KML layers included, Parcels, NTS, Trim Grids, GeoBC KMLs etc…37GB of Data (18,000 files)
  • In engineering – DesignTIN surfaces are very specificAny reinterpretation of the TIN surface changes the design, so are not allowedFME able to move it around without changing it, but have to be carefulStill some things can’t do with FME – Contouring, Convert to Raster
  • Land Survey work in Ground unitsMost data is in Grid unitsConversion betweenScale FactorSometimes around specific Ground Control Point
  • One client worked with extensively (VAA)Moved from CAD only environment to GISBut still have same CAD needs plus many other data format needsFME allows us to work in GIS and generate other formats on demand
  • Currently no standard for storing GPS in Video files. Store them separately.Project for access to possible cell tower locationsVideo of RouteGPS of RoutePull apart video frames in Adobe PremiereCreate Key Frame maps in ArcMap from GPS pointsFME figures out the timeing, links up the videoU:\010038570 - Telus Cell Towers\Site 1654
  • Video of RouteGPS of RoutePull apart video frames in Adobe PremiereCreate Key Frame maps in ArcMap from GPS pointsFME figures out the timeing, links up the video still FramesCreates KML of Direction arrows from GPS track headingLinks Photo and You Tube time stamp linkageRuns in Google Earth.U:\010038570 - Telus Cell Towers\Site 1654
  • Explain how FME is used to create Conceptual model from some basic CAD dataShow that 3D PDFs are measurable – FME can’t set units in 3D PDF (would be nice for future)Layers in 3D PDFShow same model in 3D PDF and Sketchup.
  • Deliver Imagery for planning purposesUnmanned Aerial Vehicle data collection (kites, mini helicopters, planes)Capture aerial imagery and use Agrasoft to create 3D modelsAlso DSLR mounts in planes to capture airphotos and stitch together FME creates Google Earth Superoverlays for distribution.
  • Problem Solving and Product Delivery with FME in a Survey / Engineering Company

    1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Problem Solving and Product Delivery in a Survey / Engineering Company Tim Albert GIS Services, Focus
    2. 2. INTRO  Who is Focus – Video 2min  Problem Solving  Project tracking KMLs  Moving TIN Models between software  LiDAR data Reprojection between Grid and Ground  VAA GIS/CAD/Mapguide (iVAULT) syncing  Product Delivery  Video to KML  3D Models – LandXML, Imagery, PDF, Sketchup data  Google Earth KML Mashups – Super Overlays, 3D PDFs
    3. 3. Who is Focus  Geomatics& Engineering Company  Land Survey  Municipal Engineering  Pipeline Engineering  Planning and Land Development  Many different data formats and software tools
    4. 4. Historical Project Tracking  Project Location  Data Collected  KML File
    5. 5. Project Tracking Excel
    6. 6. Large Project Management  Multiple Survey Crews  Remote locations  Nightly Data Uploads from Crews  KML File
    7. 7. TIN Data  Autdesk Civil 3D  ESRI ArcScene  Sketchup  3D PDF
    8. 8. LiDAR Data Reprojection  GRAPHIC – Show Moving between systems
    9. 9. GIS to CAD  Moved CAD datasets into ESRI File Geodatabase  Still need CAD Versions for Consultants  Needed in SHAPE files and SQL Database  MapGuideWebGIS  Mobile GIS – iGIS  Quality Control / Data Validation  (GRAPHIC – Data Flow)  (GRAPHIC – GIS / CAD / WebGIS / iGIS)
    10. 10. Product Delivery
    11. 11. Video to KML  Record Video and GPS at same time  Extract Video Frames (Adobe Premiere)  FME Creates KML showing Points along path and link to Video
    12. 12. WORK FLOW
    13. 13. 3D Models  Conceptual Site Design  Civil Engineering Design
    14. 14. Civil Engineering Design
    15. 15. Google Earth KML Mashups  Google Earth KML Mashups – Super Overlays, 3D PDFs  Generate HTML Web pages
    16. 16. Thank You!  Questions?  For more information:  Tim Albert  Focus 