ISC and FME Data Translations


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Intergraph Services Company presents on various ways they use FME to translate data for client projects.

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ISC and FME Data Translations

  1. 1. 2010: ISC and FME Data Translations An FME Odyssey Owen Spickard, Intergraph Services Company Senior Image Scientist
  2. 2. Intergraph Services Company (ISC)   ISC provides high-quality and cost-effective mapping, charting, and imagery products for government and commercial customers.   ISC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intergraph Corporation and was established to provide solutions, products and services for our customers.
  3. 3. Services Provided by ISC   Cartography   Database Design and Development   Data Conversion   Map and Chart Production   GIS Implementation   Imagery Analysis and Interpretation   Photogrammetry   Aerial Triangulation   Orthophotography   Feature Extraction   Lidar Post Processing
  4. 4. ISC’s Collection Platform   GeoMedia Professional 6.1   GeoMedia ImageStation Stereo 6.0   GeoMedia Fusion 6.1   GeoMedia Digital Cartographer 6.1   GeoMedia Topographer 6.1   GeoMedia GIToolkit 6.1
  5. 5. ISO Certification   ISC’s quality management system has been approved through the internationally recognized standard for quality in management and processes (ISO 9001:2008).   This certification assures our customers of repeatable processes that result in geospatial data and services of the highest caliber.
  6. 6. ISC is ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  7. 7. ISC and FME   The majority of our customers utilize the ESRI GIS platform and require data deliveries in their native formats.   In order to meet the needs of our customers and ISO requirements, a safe and efficient method to convert our data needed to be developed.   FME provides a stable, safe, and reliable platform to translate our data products to customer required formats.
  8. 8. FME Provides ISC   Data compatibility   Efficiency   Reliability   Consistency   Repeatability
  9. 9. FME Workbench   FME’s workbench gives ISC the ability to work in our native data format and translate to the customer required final data format.   The ability to work in the INGR format allows ISC develop in house tools and workflows that are more efficient.   The flexibility to deliver a multitude of different data formats allows ISC to meet the needs of many different customers.
  10. 10. ISC Daily Uses for FME   Data Preparation   Data Transformation   Data Delivery   Source Preparation   Custom Workbenches for solutions to specific issues   Translation of Customer Feedback
  11. 11. FME Workbench   For some of our products, ISC needs to ingest customer provided source information and convert it into our native INGR format.   Some examples of these formats are:   .xls spreadsheets   ESRI shapefiles   ESRI Personal Geodatabases   Simple text files
  12. 12. XLS to GeoMedia MDB
  13. 13. ESRI SHP to GeoMedia MDB
  14. 14. GeoMedia MDB to ESRI MDB
  15. 15. Internal Translations   ISC also uses FME to accomplish data manipulations and transformations.   The database portion of our collection requires a large amount of attribute population.   FME can take a set of attribution and auto populate the values of specific attributes with specific values.
  16. 16. Schema Mapper   ISC reformats a dataset by renaming, repopulating, and creating new additional attributes via the FME workbench.   Once the attributes are populated, ISC uses the feature type filter transformer to extract the dataset back to separate feature classes.
  17. 17. Schema Mapper
  18. 18. Schema Mapper
  19. 19. Schema Mapper   ISC uses Schema Mapper to fill in attributes in large datasets that will be populated with defined values from a .csv file.   Here are the column name examples from the csv for the Schema Mapper Transformer to read from:   GmpFeclass   GdbFeclass   Codeattr   Codevalue   Codedescattr   Codedescvalue
  20. 20. Custom Workspace Examples   Example #1   Workspace to populate building length and width   Example #2   Workspace to take a database with information and associate this information with a web-based platform (i.e. Google Mash-up)
  21. 21. Area Length and Width
  22. 22. Area Length and Width
  23. 23. Area Length and Width
  24. 24. Area Length and Width
  25. 25. Google Mashup Example
  26. 26. Google Mashup Example
  27. 27. Conclusion   FME allows ISC to fulfill customer requirements   Establishes safe and effective workflows   Efficient and reliable translations   Repeatable and compliant delivery formats
  28. 28. Thank You!   Questions?   For more information:   Owen Spickard:    Intergraph Services Company   P.O. Box 6724 Huntsville, AL 35813   Telephone: 256-730-6739