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How to Create and Share INSPIRE-Compliant Data with FME
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How to Create and Share INSPIRE-Compliant Data with FME


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See how to provide INSPIRE-compliant data services using a single tool, FME. We'll demonstrate how to map your schemas to the INSPIRE schema, translate your source data to the INSPIRE data model for …

See how to provide INSPIRE-compliant data services using a single tool, FME. We'll demonstrate how to map your schemas to the INSPIRE schema, translate your source data to the INSPIRE data model for any Annex – including raster and 3D themes - and perform validation. We'll also take a quick look at sharing data via ATOM and WFS download services – no coding or XSLT required. Plus, get a sneak peek of our schema-based INSPIRE GML reader/writer, new in the upcoming release of FME 2014. For assistance with using FME to comply with the INSPIRE mandate, please contact one of our EU-based expert partners:,

Published in: Technology

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  • FME 2014 has filled all the gaps and is now the best tool for creating INSPIRE compliant data
  • 1. Are you using FME today to prepare INSPIRE data? [select one only]No, I’m new to FMEI use FME but not really for INSPIREYes I use FME already for INSPIRE data preparationWhat is INSPIRE?
  • FME is the dominant tool in our industry for schema mappingAutomation. -Lots of schema mapping tools, although domain expert always required
  • Mention multiple feature types can be brought togetherAttributes renamed with transformersAttribute values mappedSchema mapperGeometry and Coordinate system transforms
  • No one comes close to FME’s breadth of format support and INSPIRE GML is no exception.Not just geometry support
  • No longer a template based approachUse FME’s INSPIRE reader to confirm your output is ok
  • 2. What other tools are you using now for INSPIRE data preparation [should be multiple select]Custom coding or xslt processing Other commercial GML Transformation ToolsOpen Source ToolsFME all the way!I’m not really involved in INSPIRE yet
  • See:
  • Based on Fields added – re inspire ids, environmental info etc
  • Application Domain Extensions extend CityGML9.3.2.1. alternative encoding for application schema Buildings3DA CityGML ADE currently is provided for the Core 3D profile (application schema Buildings3D) of the INSPIRE building model. An ADE for the Extended 3D profile (application schema BuildingsExtended3D) is in preparation.
  • 3. What is your jobwhen it comes to INSPIRE [should be multiple select]schema mapping our data into INSPIRE specificationtranslating data into INSPIRE GML format or databaseproviding INSPIRE web servicesManager of INSPIRE compliance at a higher levelI’m not really involved in INSPIRE yet
  • Enhancements in FME Server 2014 allow you to define any kind of WxS Service directly in an FME Workspace. No coding, no web application development. Workspace handles OGC messaging - request processing and response - as well as data stream generation.
  • Also handy:
  • Transcript

    • 1. This webinar is being recorded How to Create and Share INSPIRE-Compliant Data with FME January 2014
    • 2. FME – The tool for INSPIRE! FME 2014! The most complete tool for creating, distributing and using INSPIRE compliant data. No coding! No XSLT!
    • 3. Agenda Introduction  Safe Software and FME INSPIRE Challenges:  Consuming INSPIRE Producing INSPIRE:  Schema Transformation  Format and Geometry  Annex II and III  Validation  Web Services  Q&A
    • 4. Who Are We? Don Murray  President and Co-Founder @DonAtSafe Dean Hintz  Senior Product Specialist Ken Bragg  European Services Manager @KenAtSafe #fmewebinar
    • 5. Questions are Encouraged! We will follow-up with unanswered questions Please submit using the GoToWebinar Panel #fmewebinar
    • 6. 95+ exuberant employees @SafeSoftware Partners World-Wide Located in Surrey, British Columbia Thousands of happy customers #fmewebinar
    • 7. What is FME? FME transforms data to use and share. Convert data Transform data Share data Integrate data Validate data And more #fmewebinar
    • 8. Poll: Are you using FME today to prepare INSPIRE data?
    • 9. Consuming INSPIRE data  FME has supported reading INSPIRE GML and web services for some time  Benefit from the diverse array of freely available published data sources  New Data Inspector makes it easy to visualize all types of data: 2D or 3D, vector or raster, non-spatial or complex geometries  See web services webinar from August 2013
    • 10. Schema Mapping Tools for INSPIRE The challenge:  Map and transform your data and attributes into the INSPIRE schema.
    • 11. Schema Mapping Tools for INSPIRE     Feature Type Mapping Attribute Name Mapping Transformers Attribute Value Mapping Transformers Schema Mapper Transformer  Geometry and Coordinate System Transformations
    • 12. Your data to INSPIRE Format     FME can read or write over 300 formats FME has had an INSPIRE reader since 2012 New in FME 2014 is the INSPIRE GML Writer Complete support for complex INSPIRE schema
    • 13. Key points on FME INSPIRE GML Writer  GML writing uses application schema (.xsd’s) - destination model captured from the application schema  map schema directly to destination feature type fields  multiple, complex geometry support  geometry names and traits  voidable attributes in output GML / null support in FME  XMLTemplater no longer needed for GML writing, but useful for other XML generation like metadata
    • 14. Poll: What other tools are you using now for INSPIRE data preparation?
    • 15. FME for Annex II and III Delivery 1. Annex II raster themes such as DEM and orthophoto can be produced to specification with FME 2. Annex III 3D Building themes can be produced with FME
    • 16. Annex II: EU DEM    No INSPIRE specific delivery standard yet Mostly GeoTIFFs links via websites FME Server’s Data Download Service has always been able to support this use case
    • 17. CityGML and Annex III Buildings CityGML has strongly influenced the INSPIRE BU model - based on City GML v2.0 Differences:  INSPIRE names for attributes common to other themes (ids, time)  part can’t have parts  appearances simplified  fields added to support INSPIRE requirements (environmental policy)
    • 18. INSPIRE ADE for CityGML  Application domain extensions (ade’s) extend CityGML with additional fields and feature types  CityGML ADE BuildingsCore3D_ADE.xsd is an alternative encoding for Buildings3D and adds fields needed for INSPIRE (core3d_*)  Produced by teams at TU Munich and University of Bonn  Extended 3D ADE (BuildingsExtended3D) coming soon
    • 19. Validation with FME Does your data meet the specification?  XMLValidator transformer  Many, many other FME validation transformers to check attribute values, geometry etc  Don’t forget to inspect!
    • 20. Poll: What is your job when it comes to INSPIRE ?
    • 21. Use FME Server for INSPIRE Download Web Services (more on this is next webinar)
    • 22. FME Workspace as Web Service Broker GetCapabilities Request FME WxS Workspace Response XML GetFeature Request FME Server Response GML
    • 23. Summary – FME and INSPIRE  Consume INSPIRE – Leverage existing INSPIRE content and services  Schema Transformation – the hard problem that FME makes easier and automates  Publishing INSPIRE – New GML writer, validation and web service support make meeting INSPIRE requirements a breeze no code!  Annex II and III – FME’s flexible, modular approach means you are future proofed as requirements evolve  Web services - workspace as web service broker via FMEServer
    • 24. Save the date Webinar: INSPIRE Webinar #2 FME World Tour 2014 (April – June 2014) FME International User Conference 2014 (20th Anniversary Celebration) • June 10 – 13, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada Recorded Webinars #fmewebinar
    • 25. Get Involved! @SafeSoftware #fmewebinar
    • 26. INSPIRE Resources eaming-XML-with-FME-Server
    • 27. Q&A #fmewebinar
    • 28. Thank You! Find Your Local FME Partner This webinar is being recorded Support (604) 501-9985 ext. 278 Don Murray Ken Bragg Dean Hintz #fmewebinar
    • 29. For assistance with using FME to comply with the INSPIRE mandate, please contact one of our EU-based expert partners: